The K-Pop Dream 72 Good Night Part 2

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Carrying her to the foyer entrance, I enter her pin code, 1311 (her birthday) and make my way to the elevator.

After a little maneuvering I manage to enter into her apartment and switch on the lights.

It's a modern 1LDK and the interior is extremely organized. The place is so clean, I can hardly believe someone even lives here.

Pa.s.sing through the lounge, I push the door open which leads to her bedroom open with the side of my body. Using the time of my elbow to lower the handle.

Surprisingly the room lacks any individuality. The interior is stylized much like the rest of the apartment, modern furnis.h.i.+ng and single toned color scheme of white and black. It reminds one more of an art museum's aesthetic rather than a home.

Making my way over to her queen-sized bed, I lay her down gently as possible and slowly tuck her in. Fixing her hair that's covering her face and taking off her shoes.

She squirms a bit but she doesn't wake.

I offer one final check, to ensure that she is comfortable, and then prepare to leave.

Just as I'm about to turn the lights off, however Won begins coughing violently

*arghu arghu*

Rus.h.i.+ng over, I notice that her expression is a bit off.

Her eyebrows are tightly knitted together and her complexion is paler than before.

Is she having a nightmare? Does it happen often?

I lightly pat her back like a mother would when burping her child.

Luckily this seems to have done the trick as she is soon pacified.

I continue for a while seemingly entering a trance as I let my thoughts wonder.

If even this calm and collected person I know gets hurt. I guess everyone hides something.

I can't but once more be reminded of that woman. Won, why do you remind me of her.

I can't help but remember my mom, or more accurately the only woman who treated me like her own child. That year with her was the happiest of my life. She saved the little kid cowering in fear, with a simple smile.

My reminiscing is cut short before any of the sombre moments are remembered as Won grabs onto my free hand and is holding onto it for dear life.

'What's scaring you so Won?'

With not much thought, I climb onto her bed and lift her up to my chest.

Holding her close, sharing my body heat.

Slowly in this room , a rhythm begins to form between the beating of our hearts, the tapping of her back and our breathing.

Inevitably, my eyelids grow heavy. Down and then back up. Up and then back down.

My surroundings vanish as I drift off to sleep and dream of her again

'It's been a while kiddo.' She says ' I see you, actually got that girl to fall in love you. When are you going to introduce me' She smiles warmly

'Mom' Is the only word I can manage to utter as my mouth is sown shut.

'But on to more serious things. Dylan Park. What did I tell you before? Stop being indicisive. That isn't cool. When your Dad chased after me, he ran like the wind.

What decision are you going to make, are you going to waste this second chance at life?' She proceeds to kiss me on the forehead like she would always do when sending me off to school, as she then hugs me like she did that night. Tight. Unbearably Tight.

Where she got that strength from in that tiny little frame always remained a mystery

A train's siren whistles, and my mom turns in its direction.

'I have to leave now, my boy. But whenever you need me, I'm always there for you' She says pointing to my heart.

My chest aches so much. I try and reach out to stop her but my body is frozen.

Fighting against every instinct that tries to stop me. I scream, I scream but no sound comes out

The words, that I want to say trapped inside of me. Only once her back has entirely vanished and she offers me one last smile. Am I able to move, running after her, chasing after the train and failing.

'Mom, Mom! I ... love you... I miss you! and ... and Goodbye!!' I scream as tears begin flowing uncontrollably

When a blinding wall of light appears and I suddenly awake.

Not fully recalling everything that happened in my dream. The emotion however remains, the feelings of longing, love and despair remain. As a tear rolls down my face on, I wipe it and the evidence of sleep that remains in my eyes.

Grabbing my phone on the bedside table. I check the time, and much like I suspected.

I had stayed over the night.

Looking down, I find Won thankfully still asleep in the same position she had settled in the night before. She looks so beautiful as she lay there with her eyes shut and her hair wild.

Unable to resist the urge, I stroke her hair and watch her slowly stir, wrinkling her nose.

This little action of hers is s.e.xier than you can imagine, it is overwhelmingly so.

I felt like touching her face that was so soft as her cheeks had a little colour to them.

She starts to stir and move her head and arms dragging me closer to her, sighing in delight.

Opening her eyes and rubbing them with her hands, ever so slowly she faces me and after a minute of ogling she says groggily

"If this is a dream, let me get 5 more minutes"

Seems like even Won thinks she is still dreaming. Taking the opportunity, I tease her, "Oh! do you dream of me often?"

"Not really, but every once in a while" She answers before realizing this is not one, pus.h.i.+ng me away from her, "D-Dylan! What are you doing here?"

"(hehe)..... #cliffkun"

The K-Pop Dream 72 Good Night Part 2

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