The Indomitable Master Of Elixirs 407 Dark Blood Snake 2

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Liu Kai's shout made the young men who were by the lake recover from their daze. Suddenly they all turned their heads and looked at the direction that the green liquid was spurting towards. All of them were instantly anxious for Ji Fengyan!

The young man who was pulled by Ji Fengyan could see the poisonous liquid approaching them very rapidly and was moaning in fright.

"Shut up!" Ji Fengyan scolded him in a low voice.

The young man immediately covered his mouth.

Ji Fengyan quickly changed her direction and the sword underneath her feet made a rapid turn!

The green poisonous liquid that was emitting a disgusting stench missed Ji Fengyan in that instant!

The young man who was carried by Ji Fengyan could almost feel the burning heat that was spreading in the air.

With its attack missing its target, the dark blood snake became even more agitated. It swung its thick tail dissatisfiedly, causing the surrounding trees to be squashed instantly!

The poisonous liquid continued to spurt out from the snake's mouth towards Ji Fengyan in mid air. But with Ji Fengyan's nimble dodging using her sword, she was not stained with the poisonous liquid at all!

The young men who were watching at the side all saw how Ji Fengyan had agilely avoided all the snake's attacks and finally could put their hearts at ease.

The young man fortunate enough to be rescued by Ji Fengyan almost puked from being swung around in the air. However, he could only feel grat.i.tude towards Ji Fengyan and had almost cozied up to her.


When everyone became relieved for a short time, the dark blood snake was already impatient from failing to capture its prey. Its cold eyes suddenly looked at all the young men who were by the lake.

Instantly, the dark blood snake gave up on pursuing Ji Fengyan in mid air and twisted its bulky body towards the lake!

The ten over young men watched as the huge snake charged towards them and all the colour in the faces faded immediately!

Although the dark blood snake had a huge body, its speed was not any slower. When its huge body slid along the ground, it gave out a piercing sound.

"Disperse!" Ji Fengyan stood in midair and could clearly see the situation on land. Seeing the dark blood snake had already started its attack, yet the young men were all still stunned in their positions, she could not help but frown. She lifted her hand to stick a light feather talisman on the back of the young man and threw him towards Liu Kai, who was behind the shrubs. Then, she immediately charged towards the dark blood snake using her sword!

Upon hearing Ji Fengyan's shout, everyone snapped out of their daze. They started to run in all directions with all their might. However, as they had used up too much energy from their previous battle, their speed was obviously not fast enough and they had difficulty in escaping.

As she watched the dark blood snake almost catch up with one of the young man from the white team, Ji Fengyan stepped on her sword and flew towards him to carry him away from the dark blood snake's mouth. Then, she immediately rose higher into the air to escape from the snake's attacking zone!

With its prey escaping before its eyes again, the dark blood snake was so infuriated that it went into a crazed state. Its speed increased by more than double and its thick and muscular tail swept all the young men who were running away in all directions!

Its tail that was thicker than a tree trunk caused the young men to fly away due to its movement. The young men who were swept away could only feel their bones broken and did not even have the energy to crawl up.

After the dark blood snake injured a young man heavily, it did not hurry to engulf him; Instead, it went after the others!

The Indomitable Master Of Elixirs 407 Dark Blood Snake 2

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