The Indomitable Master of Elixirs Chapter 486 - Where Can We Find Hope (2)

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Chapter 486: Where Can We Find Hope (2)

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The inst.i.tute director’s sorcery powers had already been depleted. To keep up the s.h.i.+eld of Light… he was burning his own life force. The director was sacrificing his lifespan to create one final barrier to protect his students.

“Inst.i.tute… inst.i.tute director…” The students stood trembling behind the director as they witnessed his rapidly aging profile.

Choking cries sounded from the crowd. They hated their own helplessness. Even if they gave their all. they would be unable to stop the invading demons.

Having stood hundreds of years, the capital inst.i.tute would be utterly destroyed this very day—and they would all perish with it.

“Don’t cry.” Everyone heard the frail voice of the inst.i.tute director.

All the youths stared at his back profile.

“Children, don’t shed tears in front of the demons. As humans, we must never lower our heads before any other race. This is our pride as human beings.”

The students wiped off their tears and pursed their lips. They would not allow a single moan to reach the ears of the demons.

“You are the best batch of students in the entire history of the capital inst.i.tute. It was an honor for me to fight alongside you all. Let this old bag of bones help you steal a bit more time.” A smile broke out on the director’s wrinkled face.

It’s a pity I wouldn’t be able to see the brilliant future that these kids would have.

If there would be such a day…

They would definitely be the most outstanding people in the entire Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon.

Qin Muyao stood up with much effort. He had been heavily injured. Apart from Ji Fengyan, he had undertaken the most battles among all the students. He already could not lift one of his arms and had to be propped up by Liu Ruse.

The moment Qin Muyao stood up, a beam of light shone from the inst.i.tute director’s body…

Before everyone’s eyes, the director’s body dissolved into a million transparent crystals. The light from those crystals were absorbed into his magic staff, which continued to support the s.h.i.+eld of Light.

Transforming the body into stone.

Using light sorcery to burn his soul as fuel for magic power—this was the final protection the inst.i.tute director was offering his beloved students.

Gloom and despair.

Demons charged at the s.h.i.+eld of Light from all sides.

Through the transparent s.h.i.+eld, the miserable youths looked at the hideously savage demon faces.

In that moment…

A strange calm descended within the martial arts arena. Everyone had wiped away their tears and were trying hard to regulate their breathing. Pairs of eyes burned as they glared steadfastly at those repulsive demons.

Qin Muyao took a deep breath and gazed at the holy crystals which had formed with the inst.i.tute director’s life force. He patted Liu Ruse and sat down.

“Brother…” Liu Ruse’s delicate face was streaked in blood, her hair in disarray.

“Quickly rest.” Qin Muyao narrowed his eyes. “This light will not last much longer. Once the s.h.i.+eld of Light is broken, it will be time for us to bring these demons to h.e.l.l with us.”

Liu Ruse was stunned but subsequently wasted no time in resting.

This was not just the final battle.

This was not just a battle to the death.

Qin Muyao had used the phrase “bring these demons to h.e.l.l with us”.

Under the demon army’s all-encompa.s.sing attack—there was only death before them.

The only difference was just how many demon lives could they take with them!

Every single youth within the martial arts arena held this conviction firmly in their hearts.

The Indomitable Master of Elixirs Chapter 486 - Where Can We Find Hope (2)

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