The Indomitable Master Of Elixirs 456 Collusion 4

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"Zhou Bugui, have you had enough! We clearly knew what was going on in the forest at that time. It was obviously the demons who had wanted to sow discord that tarnished Ji Fengyan's name. What motive do you have for bringing up the past again?!" Liu Kai could not hold it in any longer and pointed at Zhou Bugui's nose to confront him for his unknown intentions.

Zhou Bugui looked at Liu Kai innocently.

"Liu Kai, you really had misunderstood me. Indeed, I had previously had some misunderstanding with you guys, but this matter has serious implications and I can't possibly treat the inst.i.tution's safety as a laughing matter."

Liu Kai sneered as he could not believe Zhou Bugui's excuse. He looked straight at inst.i.tute director and said, "Inst.i.tute director, we all escaped with Ji Fengyan from the demon clan's attack. Without Ji Fengyan, the three of us would not have the ability to survive from the forest. I am willing to guarantee with my life as a stake that Ji Fengyan had nothing to do with the demon clan."

"We are also willing to guarantee on behalf of Ji Fengyan!" two young men from the red team stood up immediately and decided to defend for Ji Fengyan without hesitation.

Following Liu Kai and the two who stood up, those ten other young men who had narrowly escaped with Ji Fengyan also stood out.

"I am also willing to guarantee for Ji Fengyan!"

"Ji Fengyan could definitely not be a demon."

The young men walked out from the crowd one after another. They had gone through life and death with Ji Fengyan and the strength of the comrades.h.i.+p that they had developed was irreplaceable.

Everyone was stunned by the situation before their eyes. They had never thought that Ji Fengyan would be defended by all her peers.

Liu Ruse wanted to be part of them, but she was held back by Qin Muyao.

Qin Muyao shook his head lightly at Liu Ruse.

"This matter has serious implications. The inst.i.tute director would not give in to any possibility of threat just because of the students' protection." Qin Muyao was extraordinarily calm, as if he had seen through everything.

Faced with the ten over young men who stood up for Ji Fengyan, the inst.i.tute director's eyebrows did not soothe and relax.

Liu Kai said anxiously, "Master inst.i.tute director, Fengyan summoned the ancient dragon. Given how arrogant the ancient dragon was, how could it be part of the demon clan?"

The inst.i.tute director froze slightly.

Zhou Bugui laughed coldly and said, "Liu Kai, are you mistaken? No one said that Ji Fengyan was a demon, moreover… even if she had wanted to lay her hands on the school of gold cultivators' people, why did she have to do it herself? Didn't the inst.i.tute director say previously that the one that harmed everyone was the spiritual fox? Those types of demons had the ability to bewitch people. The ancient dragon indeed could not be bothered to befriend the demon clan, but how could it determine whether the person in front of itself was already in collusion with the demon clan?"

Zhou Bugui continued aggressively, causing Liu Kai to be bloodshot from anger, and he was dying to tear apart Zhou Bugui's mouth.

"Zhou Bugui, you are such a wicked person. Why must you frame Fengyan?"

Zhou Bugui chuckled and said, "I have never thought of harming anyone. I was just stating facts, so why do you have to be this anxious? Didn't you believe that Ji Fengyan and the demon clan was unrelated? The inst.i.tute director also did not mention about how he would deal with her. Isn't it just an investigation? Why? Don't tell me that Ji Fengyan won't be willing to accept such a simple investigation?" after Zhou Bugui finished his sentence, he turned to look at Ji Fengyan. In that pair of seemingly calm eyes, there actually hid an evil glare.

The Indomitable Master Of Elixirs 456 Collusion 4

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