The Indomitable Master of Elixirs Chapter 551 - What Is This Crushing? (1)

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Chapter 551: What Is This Crus.h.i.+ng? (1)

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Seeing Ji Fengyan return, Linghe and the rest immediately perked up.

Meanwhile, that bunch of veteran soldiers had been stunned by Ji Fengyan’s G.o.d-like Sword Kinesis Flight. They nearly went mad when they witnessed the sheets of lightning summoned by Ji Fengyan to strike the ma.s.s of demons.

“What… what is going on? General… she…” The stupefied soldiers stammered. If not for the constant danger threatening them on all sides, they would have thought they were dreaming!

Linghe looked up at the valiant and heroic Ji Fengyan, his eyes full of pride.

“See that? This is your General Ji.”

The congregation of soldiers stared mutely as Ji Fengyan carried out her ma.s.sacre from midair. They felt as if all this could not possibly be real.

This was their general?

That 15-year-old teenage general?

Without activating her World-Termination-Armour and without summoning her mount.

Single-handedly annihilating the enemy forces…


Was she even human?

The crowd saw with their own eyes the splendid aura of her evil-vanquis.h.i.+ng sword. Even as she slashed out in mid-air – the powerful force of the blade’s energy carved out deep marks upon the earth. Demons corpses were strewn wherever the blade aura touched. Even the demons with the toughest armours were sliced in two in an instant!

What kind of horrifying combat power was this?

The soldiers dared not imagine.

From this moment on, any contempt or disdain for this youthful General was instantly dispelled. They were nearly kneeling down in adoration for Ji Fengyan.

This was what a Terminator should be like.

The power to destroy the world!

Inciting fear and respect in everyone!

This was not the first time Ji Fengyan was fighting a large demon army. During the battle at the capital inst.i.tute, she had seen with her own eyes how the elite soldiers had handled those demons. With that experience under her belt, Ji Fengyan was naturally much more adept at battling this time round!

Under the Five-Blow-Thunderstruck, the low-level demons were helplessly reduced to nothing. Only a few mid-level demons withstood the lightning with their strong armour.

What really crushed the demons was the fact that…

They totally could not handle Ji Fengyan.

There were no airborne mounts in this surprise demon attack. Consequently, as much as they hated Ji Fengyan and try as they might, those land-bound demons were unable to even get close to her.

Only that ma.s.sive ice frozen beast was continuously firing icicles at Ji Fengyan.

Although the damage caused by the icicles would have been significant, they were completely unable to make contact with Ji Fengyan.

With her inner core mostly healed, Ji Fengyan’s speed and awareness had increased tremendously. Even the fast-moving icicles looked like slow-rolling rocks to her and she could evade them with ease.

Ji Fengyan held her evil-vanquis.h.i.+ng sword in a natural backhand position as she nimbly maneuvered the heavy sword across the sky. Scores of icicles flew right past her without making contact. It was as if she teased that ice frozen beast. Ji Fengyan broke through its continuous attack and steadily shortened the distance between them.

The veteran soldiers watched all that in a daze. Nevertheless, they quickly recovered their senses and instinctively shouted out a warning.

“General, be careful! That’s a level-nine ice frozen beast!”

The Indomitable Master of Elixirs Chapter 551 - What Is This Crushing? (1)

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