The Indomitable Master of Elixirs Chapter 561 - Demon Aura Entering the Body (2)

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Chapter 561: Demon Aura Entering the Body (2)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“A deal? Did you think that I would believe in the words of a demon?” Ji Fengyan scoffed, but she felt utterly frustrated.

The demon aura from that piece of demon bone was not completely refined. More accurately, the demon fox had only made use of the special power of the inner core to fuse with it so that it could break free from the seal at the underground palace.

That time, her Master had been severely injured because of the demon aura that had entered his body, showing how dangerous it had been. Ji Fengyan was not harmed previously not because of her luck, and also not because the demons in this world could be refined, instead… it was because of this demon fox’s slyness and power.

It was likely to be a scheme of the demon fox that had allowed Ji Fengyan’s inner core to recover so suddenly, so as to make her mistake it for the demon aura being completely refined… the “recovery” was a farce and Ji Fengyan’s current situation had become even worse!

“Don’t put it this bluntly. Even if it wasn’t you, it would also be someone else. The seal at the underground palace was originally already useless and I would break free from it sooner or later. You should be glad that you have met me. This little thing of you had been very useful to me. Otherwise, did you think all those people would have survived even after the incident at the capital inst.i.tute? The instant that I had broken free from the underground palace, they would have already been my sacrificial offering. Shouldn’t you be proud of saving so many lives?” the demon fox continued to speak bewitchingly.

Ji Fengyan only scoffed and did not care about what the demon fox had said.

“Why should I make a deal with you when you are intending to make use of my inner core?”

The demon fox was not bothered that Ji Fengyan exposed its intentions. Its long tail wagged slightly as it spoke slowly, “because you have no choice. Your inner core had already fused with me the instant that you try to refine me. Unless you destroy your inner core, I won’t leave willingly and you won’t be able to expel me from this thing.”

It was obvious how sly the demon was. The consciousness left on the bones of the demon fox must have sensed how special Ji Fengyan was and purposely let her inner core refine a portion of its demon aura. Otherwise… when the demon aura entered her body, especially when she was very weak, it was likely that Ji Fengyan would have already died in the underground palace.

“Did you think that I don’t dare?” Ji Fengyan looked at the demon fox coldly. “I hate it the most when someone threatens me. Instead of collaborating with such an evil demon like you, I’d might as well destroy it personally.”

In the worst case, she could start over to cultivate again when her inner core was shattered. But it was never her style to be controlled by someone.

The demon fox naturally did not think that Ji Fengyan would reject so decisively. “Don’t you have any hesitation? If such a special thing was destroyed, it would greatly reduce your power, isn’t it? You’re really so brave. It’s just a pity… even if you destroy it, there is no use. I will still be in your soul, or could it be that… you want to commit suicide to get rid of me? You have saved so many people, but you need to know that after you die, I will continue to exist and the surrounding people will all become my sacrificial offering… Oh, no… not just the surrounding people. How could I simply be satisfied if there wasn’t at least millions of people?”

Using a nonchalant tone, yet the demon spoke frighteningly.

That tone was extremely arrogant, but Ji Fengyan was very clear that such a powerful demon that could already have so much power from just a piece of demon bone would not have any difficulty in doing those. Everything that it said was true.

The Indomitable Master of Elixirs Chapter 561 - Demon Aura Entering the Body (2)

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