The Indomitable Master of Elixirs Chapter 698 - An Ambush (3)

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Chapter 698: An Ambush (3)

The demon met Situ Ba’s sinister eyes. The vertical pupils were filled with madness and the intention to kill. They also revealed a trace of almost savage hatred.

The fierce mouth full of fangs hesitantly opened and closed with difficulty as it spat out three fragmented words.

“Si.. tu… Ba…”

Situ Ba’s expression changed slightly. Except for the demons that could take on human form and the Demon King, even the extremely high-level demons could not speak like a human.

What was the origin of this demon!

“You recognize me?” Situ Ba spoke calmly.

The demon’s eyes were filled with hatred and madness.

“Die… kill… die…” The demon forced the fragmented words out of its mouth.

Situ Ba laughed coldly. “You want to kill me? What a pity. There are plenty of demons who would like to kill me but none of them fulfilled their desires. And you… will be the same.”

The moment Situ Ba finished speaking, his figure had already charged towards the demon.

In a moment, the two figures were battling in mid-air!

A terrified Zhan Fei stood at the side. No matter what Situ Ba’s character was like, he could not deny that Situ Ba was currently the strongest fighter among all the Terminators of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon.

After slaughtering so many of the Green Nightmare Army, the demon did not have many chances once Situ Ba became entangled with it.

Zhan Fei snapped out of his trance and immediately organized the archers of the Green Nightmare Army to attack the large demon!

The demon—which was embroiled in a b.l.o.o.d.y battle with Situ Ba—was suddenly hit by hundreds of arrows. Its beautiful wings were pierced, but it only had eyes for Situ Ba. It attacked Situ Ba as if crazed.

Situ Ba made use of the Green Nightmare Army’s support and attacked and retreated in turns. He perfectly countered the demon’s actions.

The demon was very powerful, more powerful than any high-level demon that Situ Ba had ever encountered. But with over ten thousand troops surrounding it, and a powerful Terminator launching a combined attack, it was feeling the strain. Black blood flowed continually from its wounds. Its lightning-fast speed slowed down a little because of its serious injuries.

Situ Ba sought just the right moment and prepared to deal the final blow.

It was as if the demon sensed something. In the instant that Situ Ba stabbed with his sword, it suddenly flapped its broken wings and flew into the darkness.

“General Situ, should we pursue!” Zhan Fei saw that Situ Ba had forced the demon to retreat and immediately came forward to ask.

However, Situ Ba waved his hand.

“There is no need. This demon is rather strange and very powerful. However… it sustained such heavy injuries that it won’t live much longer. Now our goal is to find the Demon King. We need not bother with it.” With that, Situ Ba immediately ordered the Green Nightmare Army to regroup rapidly and continued hurrying towards the Demon King.

The heavily injured demon flapped its wings with great effort and flew towards a safe place in a corner. However, its wings were too badly injured and could not sustain the weight of its body. When it had only flown half-way, it suddenly fell to the ground.

The moment it fell, a troop of men appeared in its line of vision.

Shouts of surprise sounded in its ears.

“General! There is a demon here!”

The moment it heard the sounds, the demon forced itself to stand, ready to fight its opponent to the death,


A cold gleam suddenly flashed before its eyes.

The Indomitable Master of Elixirs Chapter 698 - An Ambush (3)

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