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The author's phone call ended at 6:08 A.M. and had wiped away any trace of sleepiness from Ye Xi. She dragged herself out of bed to tidy herself. After was.h.i.+ng up, she noticed that An Mudie was still fast asleep, so she quietly exited through the door.

Sunlight pierced through the clouds and flooded the grounds and the trees. Birds sang and the flowers suffused the air with sweet scents.

Ye Xi disliked the sun even though it wasn't hot. As she strolled under the shade of the tree, she reflected on her predicament. She really did not want to rob An Mudie of the female lead position. This position seemed to be too tiring since female leads must experience many hards.h.i.+ps. Take for example what happened to An Mudie at the canteen yesterday; didn't the crowd end up rejecting her?

Ye Xi would rather let An Mudie keep her original position as the female lead.

Although female leads experience many hards.h.i.+ps, they would eventually find their happiness with their male leads as a reward for their earlier misfortunes.

Ye Xi was dead set on destroying her current fate as the female lead. If there's a will, there's always a way.

Her resolve to achieve this goal soared.

Few people showed up in the canteen to eat this morning, so Ye Xi ate her meal quickly and went to her cla.s.sroom to review her notes.

Soon, people trickled in and gradually filled the cla.s.sroom. 

Before he even entered the cla.s.sroom, Wei Shenglan had already heard Ye Xi's voice talking about today's review. It reminded him of her strong aversion to attend school and her unique att.i.tude towards wearing skirts. Now, he actually wondered what clothes she wore today.

As he took his seat, he glimpsed at Yexi, who was buried in her textbook. Today, she wore a white skirt that hung below her knees, revealing her tender white calves. It seems that wearing skirts no longer bothered her.

Ye Xi grew tired of reviewing her notes, so she stopped reading and stretched lazily. As she sat there in a daze, the person sitting in front of her turned towards her, smiled, and introduced himself, "Hi Ye Xi! I'm w.a.n.g Yang."

"h.e.l.lo," Ye Xi returned the smile and thought that this name sounded familiar. This boy must be one of the supporting characters in the story.

w.a.n.g Yang blushed slightly and said, "Let's eat lunch together at noon."

"Oh, alright." Not being able to spin a good excuse at the moment, Ye Xi could only agree.

"That's good. I have your word then!" w.a.n.g Yang replied happily.

Looking at w.a.n.g Yang's back, Wei Shenglan smirked and thought of how w.a.n.g Yang was just trying to hook up with Ye Xi. However, his mood fell as he witnessed Ye Xi think of w.a.n.g Yang as just another side character. On the other hand, her habit of making up stories in her mind was also quite useful. It, at least, helped keep stray cats and dogs from cheating her. [T/N: cats and dogs refer to random people]

An Mudie probably woke up late as she arrived almost at the same time as their homeroom teacher.

The first two lessons were about Math, which Ye Xi understood half-heartedly. Once the teacher ended the cla.s.s, she felt as if her soul had left her body.

'That was so… difficult!'

'Zaza sounds like an educated college student. I should beg her to tutor me the next time she calls.'

Having thought of this idea, Ye Xi instantly relaxed.

Wei Shenglan, who could still read Ye Xi's mind, a.s.sumed that Zaza was just an online friend. After all, lonely people these days find friends through the internet. But aren't internet friends generally unreliable?

He decided to talk to Ye Xi about it when he finds a chance.

During the 20-minute break before the next cla.s.s started, An Mudie chatted with Yexi. While they were talking, An Mudie suddenly felt unwell and excused herself to buy water, saying she was thirsty. Ye Xi, naturally, did not stop her.

Without someone to talk to, Ye Xi could only stare at the board in a daze.

Why did the students in this cla.s.s enjoy talking about the same things they talked about yesterday?

'What would you like to eat for lunch?'

'I won't wear a skirt tomorrow. Although the breeze feels somehow comfortable, it still gets uncomfortable after some time.'

While Ye Xi amused herself with her thoughts, the cla.s.s prepared to move on to the next topic. She glanced towards the direction An Mudie took to buy water. Why hadn't that girl returned yet? She's been out for too long.

Suddenly, realization hit Ye Xi.

Usually, when the female lead disappeared from the male lead's line of sight for more than 20 minutes, she would inevitably encounter something or someone. It could be villainess no.1 or a female cannon fodder. Then, she would encounter ridiculous situations such as being framed, punched, kicked, and whatnot. Afterwards, she would then burst into tears as the 'handsome prince' eventually appears and becomes captivated by the female lead's tearful eyes.

If that's the case, she should not go over there to watch. But…she couldn't be at peace unless she watched the plot unfolded.

Ye Xi glanced in front of the room. Seeing that the teacher had not yet come, she quietly stood up and walked out through the back door.

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Trapped In A Typical Idol Drama Chapter 13

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