Trapped In A Typical Idol Drama Chapter 12

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At ten o'clock, Ye Xi stopped studying to wash up and intended to sleep. When she worked in the past, she usually worked overtime. Therefore, she envied those who were allowed to go to bed early and wake up early. Now that she had the chance, she couldn't sleep.

Not until early morning, the next day, did she finally drift into sleep.

The Real World

Just now, a certain author returned home from eating out for dinner. She opened the web novel's homepage, spotted the update for The Overlord School Prince Fell in Love with Me, and clicked on the link.

After reading the update, she pondered a bit before glancing at the time, which showed the time to be 4 o'clock in the afternoon.

She pulled out her mobile phone and dialed for Ye Xi.

After waiting for a long time, just before she was about to hang up, someone finally answered the phone, complaining, "You must be crazy to call me this early."

The female author smiled and replied, " I had guessed that a ten hour difference existed between our worlds. Now, I confirmed my guess was correct."

The other side reacted quickly, "Is it afternoon over there?"

"Yes, the time is four o'clock in the afternoon." The female author affirmed as she felt her stomach protrude from overeating, before continuing, "If you're done, allow me to gush about my discovery."

"Yes, please talk first."

"I just checked the chapter update, and it doesn't show our conversation recorded into it. That is to say, you may speak freely, without worrying that the narration will reveal your thoughts to the readers while we converse with each other. Poor girl, your free time is only limited to the few minutes in our conversations."

"No worries. My spirit has always been free."

"Hehehehe~ I don't know who feels the most shame here." With a chuckle, the author returned back to the main point, "Well, I received another negative review."

Silence transmitted over the phone.

The author squinted, asking, "Are you reborn again?"

After another moment of silence, the author received an address.

"This is?"

"I used to live in an orphanage, and I hope you can check in on them for me." 

"Alright, but I need to warn you about something. If the novel acc.u.mulates too many negative points, the rating will drop below negative and the publishers may delete the story. If that happens, then your…the world you live in may no longer exist."

Once again, there was silence transmitted from the other side.

All of a sudden, the author remembered that the male lead wielded a power, a golden finger, that allowed him to hear the voice within people's hearts. She momentarily hesitate, curving the corner of her mouth up into a mischievous smile. If Ye Xi did not know about the power, the author will have more fun, and this would work better for Ye Xi, as well. Such a thing as life required always required surprises. Surprises colored the story with more flavor..

"Oh, by the way," the female author returned, after laughing enough in her heart. "Now, the story had progressed to chapter six. The story consists of sixty chapters in the novel. Therefore, I predict that the story will stop narrating your life once the plot reaches sixty chapter. This means that you will have your freedom after sixty chapters, and, even if you imagine an AV playing in your head, no one on this side will find out. Before that, however, if they delete my novel, uh, I guess the world you live in will disappear?"

"What did the negative review say?"

"Let me see…it said, 'Is the current heroine mentally r.e.t.a.r.ded? Why do you treat the original heroine so respectfully? The original heroine will definitely darken behind her!"

"I have my own strategy to handle this. Just remember to help me check on the orphanage's well-being."


Then the phone call ended from the other side.

Ye Xi hung up the phone and rose from her bed. Although she felt unpleasant from the author waking her up so early in the morning, she felt much happier compared to before. This happiness resulted from the news that she finally had a way to learn about the orphanage's well-being. Furthermore, the information that the author provided was also very important. And, although Ye Xi had nothing to say to the author, at least she can ease her thoughts by being on the phone with the author..

The author's estimation also gave her hope to survive for sixty chapters. Ah, I shouldn't think about that. Reader would be able to see that right now.


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Trapped In A Typical Idol Drama Chapter 12

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