Trapped In A Typical Idol Drama Chapter 11

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Even though Ye Xi concluded that she transmigrated into a novel, Wei Shenglan thought differently. He thought that she felt too lonely, so she made up a story in her heart that let herself act as one of the characters in order to rid herself of her loneliness.

Perhaps because he somewhat resonated with her, Wei Shenglan was very perceptive to the voice from her heart.

"What a coincidence, cla.s.smate Wei Shenglan." Ye Xi took the initiative to say h.e.l.lo and stretch her hand out in greeting. As the saying goes, 'Do not hit a smiling face.'

Wei Shenglan pondered for a long time, before he finally ended up issuing two words: "Make way."

"Ah, oh." This stunned Ye Xi, so she surrendered.

Wei Shenglan sidestepped her, settled into her original seat, and gazed at the lake.

Ye Xi glanced at him, then looked towards the lake again. She guessed that this guy appeared quite odd. He arbitrarily appeared, then stared at her with queer eyes. Directing such such strange eyes at any other normal people would normally unsettle them, Ye Xi included, but suddenly, he turned cold again… Teenagers, they act so arrogant.

As Ye Xi pivoted to leave,

Wei Shenglan heard her distant footsteps. He tilted his head slightly, squinting at the girl's near-silent departure.

He considered that her image, att.i.tude, and ideas resembled less like a mature adult and resembled more like a seven- or eight-year-old child, who enjoyed stealing her mother's high-heel shoes while pretending to act very mature.

But she firmly believed herself to be an old aunt. Sure enough, because she suffered such loneliness, she could only use this strategy to comfort herself from her lack of friends.

A little sympathy grew in his heart.

As Ye Xi exited the botanical garden, she remembered that she lived in the dorm. However, she still didn't know which room she lived in, so she set out to search for the head teacher and, through their help, figured out her dorm room number.

This aristocratic school truly lived up to its reputation. Each student dorm room housed only two beds,  and was furnished in a way that resembled an apartment. It spanned around 20 square meters and came fully furnished, with a separate bathroom and a balcony. This satisfied Ye Xi, who previously lived in a school dorm room housing ten people during her studies. While she looked the room over, she found out that her roommate was absent.

Apart from clothes, she almost didn't need to bring anything along. The bathroom included  various necessities and the bedding completely matched in a set.

Ye Xi helplessly sighed. This aristocratic high school truly fulfilled her expectations.

About half an hour later, her roommate returned.

Her roommate turned out to be An Mudie.  

Rather than marvel at this wonderful surprise fate gifted to her, Ye Xi believed that such an outcome was evident. After all, if someone hadn't elevated Ye Xi's role, they would have conflicted right here. How could a female protagonist live in a room with people aside from living with those villainous women? The female lead should only exist near the male lead, supporting male leads, and villainess characters. Otherwise, no conflicts will arise.

Understanding was one thing, but executing it was another thing. Ye Xi couldn't commit such an act as bullying girls.

Ah, wrong, I don't have the villainess role anymore.

Ah, no wait, I never was a villainous woman.

Ye Xi silently tapped her chin, realizing that she already fell too deep into the story.

"Ye Xi! I didn't think that you would be my roommate.  What a coincidence!" An Mudie displayed her overflowing joy very evidently. She strode over to Ye Xi, shook hands with her, and gave her a bear hug to communicate her joy.

An Mudie was still an innocent and straightforward girl, Ye Xi's mind reasoned. She could not bear to bully her.

"Well, what a coincidence." Ye Xi broke free from An Mudie's powerful hug, sat on the bed near the window to her right, and smile at An Mudie, "Well, only the two of us reside in this dorm room now."

"Wow, this room looks so big and beautiful!" An Mudie surveyed around with bright, sparkling eyes, then touched everything in the room, felt the wall, and lastly tried the bed. She laid down and sighed, "How soft!"

Ye Xi couldn't help laughing at the way An Mudie appeared. Being young must be so nice.

After chatting for a bit, Ye Xi commenced reviewing her lessons from the day, so An Mudie opted not to disturb her and sat quietly to the side.

Ye Xi almost forgot the lessons she learned in high school. Furthermore, she lived her life seriously. As such, now that she must relive as a high school student, she felt compelled to manage her student life well and study seriously.

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Trapped In A Typical Idol Drama Chapter 11

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