Trapped In A Typical Idol Drama Chapter 10

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"Hahaha!" At the other end of the phone, the author laughed proudly without an ounce of shame. "Of course I did this because I'm lazy, ah! I'm not afraid to tell you that I still use this style because I find it super convenient. I think of myself as a genius for developing this method."

Ye Xi briefly paused, miffed about the time she wasted in her adolescence.

She avoided responding to the author's explanation, rather asking, "Alright, what are you calling me for?"

"Nothing, really. I was just trying out this phone number. I thought someone hacked into my phone, because they loved me so much."

"Wait!" Ye Xi suddenly recalled an important question, "Can you see what I'm thinking?"

"Well, everything gets written in text." The female author abruptly stopped speaking, and then screamed, "Oh, my G.o.d! From now on, everything that happens to you will show up in the text. Now that I called you, our conversation will show up in the text as well. When it appears, it will look uncanny, and many people will call me crazy. I'm hanging up now!"

Ye Xi switched her phone off.

d.a.m.n! How shameful!!!

Strangers knowing her every secret thought was comparable to walking naked on the street.

Disregarding her image, Ye Xi squatted down, scooped out a handful of lake water, and splashed it onto her face. The burning heat of shame that she felt on her face cooled down slightly.

She collected herself and sorted out all the information she gained now. From what the female author described, she now knew that the position of female lead switched to her.

Huh? Didn't this mean that the school flower, who shall soon hara.s.s An Mudie, might aim for me instead?

No, Ye Xi should focus on avoiding trouble with these little girls…

Ah…right, the orphanage!

Ye Xi suddenly remembered them. She pulled her mobile phone back out to call the female author, but, the latest call record was yesterday, the call information just now had disappeared.

Oh my! What sort of black technology is this?

Feeling a little upset, Ye Xi she could only wait for the female author to call her once again.

Ye Xi sat back down on her chair, leaned back, and inhaled a long breath. After a moment, she found no further reason to continue sitting there, so she decided to get up and leave. However, just as she stood on her feet, she noticed Wei Shenglan heading towards her from corner of her eyes.

This distressed Ye Xi so much for a moment that she forgot her original intention to leave.

By chance, he shouldn't have overheard my conversation on the phone, just now, right?

Well, even if he happened to overhear that conversation, at most he could only conclude that I was mentally unstable.

As soon as Ye Xi consoled herself with this thought,  strange feeling  transpired her heart. It slightly included both loneliness and ease at the same time.

Wei Shenglan's long legs helped him take just a moment to reach and to stand in front of her.

His eyes appeared so odd when he looks at me. Did I wrong him in any way? He wouldn't beat me up, right…?

Ye Xi subtly stepped back.

Wei Shenglan heard the loneliness and the worry within Ye Xi's heart, but then those abruptly settled down with the help of some indescribable words in her heart.

He had decided to walk through the botanical garden on an impulse. But, now, he really did not know what to say to her. He couldn't possibly tell her that he wields the ability to listen to her heart, right?

Wei Shenglan remembered from this morning that, when she had just transferred to this school, Her face showed some curiosity, but her mind thought about how breezy and how annoyingly her skirt fitted, how cool her surroundings were, and so on. After that, all she thought about consisted of personal concepts for self-entertainment and self-pleasure, akin a lonely girl who lacked knowledge on how to communicate with others and could only talk to herself.

He annually lost control of his ability to read people's hearts several days a year, so he could only pa.s.sively listen to those who were around him. Therefore, he heard many kinds of thoughts from people. Adults filled their hearts full of numbness from exposure to society for many years, while the youth filled their hearts with never-ending desire from not knowing what they wanted.

However, this transfer student, Ye Xi, did not hold either of those. Her heart contained youth and life. Even as she amused herself, her jokes held no malice, and they even sounded reasonable.

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Trapped In A Typical Idol Drama Chapter 10

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