Trapped In A Typical Idol Drama Chapter 9

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“Let me ask you a few questions first. ” 

“Why should I answer you? ” 

“Well, in fact, I also feel confused about the situation. I need some information from you in order to confirm my conjecture, which is too unrealistic, so I hold some doubts as well."

“Alright, you may ask your questions."


“What now? ” 

“I forgot what I wanted to ask. ” 

“Then tell me what you know. ” 

“All right."After a moment of silence, the other end began, "I'm a novelist. I wrote a campus novel called The Overlord School Prince Fell in Love with Me." Today, I woke up to find that the novel's protagonist  switched from An Mudie to Ye Xi, and that someone changed the contents in the first chapter. Furthermore, a mysteriously blank number appeared on my phone, labeled Ye Xi, so I called the number to see what happens."

What was that? Not only did I reincarnate, but I reincarnated into a freaking novel? And someone rewrote that freaking novel, elevating me to the heroine status?

No, no! 

G.o.d, you have nothing to do, don't you? 

No, it should be fake. 

This should be the truth though. I already reincarnated, so I shouldn't debunk the possibility of reincarnation into a book.

Ye Xi tugged her hair irritably. 

Outside the botanical garden, someone halted on their way through the lake's vicinity to go buy water.

Wei Shenglan's gaze dropped slightly towards the ground as he leaned against the wall.

A breeze blew in the botanical garden. 

The breeze gently blew through Ye Xi, drying the cold sweat on her body and calming her down. She finally pieced together her memory. Many years ago, campus novels spread across the internet, where she read countless Chinese novels. However, she only remembered one novel, which teemed with dog blood and cliches. She particularly remembered this novel, because the characters in it – except for the female protagonist – all appeared to have names matching in a complete pattern. After she finished the novel, she could not remember who was who at all. 

Ye Xi drew a few deep breaths and finally accepted the fact that she reincarnated into this book she read before. After that, she turned her attention back to the phone and asked, “Are you still there?"

“Yes, this explanation may have shocked you. Drink some cold water to calm yourself down. I'm also drinking cold water to calm myself, and it's working. “

“Tell me about the plot and the character relations.h.i.+ps in The Overlord School Prince Fell in Love with Me. ” 

“I wrote the beginning too long ago, so I forgot all about it. Wait for me while I look for it. I still saved the outline in my computer." 

Although, Ye Xi waited patiently for around ten seconds, she began to feel a little upset.

If this were true, she could only matchmake An Mudie and Wei Shenglan together, changing  her own role back to the supporting role. After all, Ye Xi lived as an old aunt, who already reached  adulthood for many years…!? Even though she herself had yet to fall in love, she hadn't lost her morality and discipline to the point that she would flirt with a high school boy. She did not a.s.sociate herself with those people, who patronized others based on a little success and filled their brains with obscene desires that cause their bodies to exude odors of middle-aged dregs.

Nevertheless, I lived for so long, indulging myself with work and money-earning to the point that I did not have time to fall in love. Why do my eyes fill with tears…

While Ye Xi amused herself with her casual musings, the familiar voice issued from the phone's receiver, "I looked it up. The first thing I must explain is about the villainess and Bing Yiyi, whom I wrote as Wei Shenglan's white moonlight. When I read the new version of the novel, I found that you showed familiarity with the cliche formula, so I'll keep this brief, since you seem knowledgeable about this. 

To put it simply, Ding Xiuxiu is the school beauty, who secretly crushed on the male protagonist. Two sidekicks accompany her: Lin Meimei and Zhang Mengmeng. These two are responsible for helping the school beauty play innocent. Similar to any cliche novel, the plot involves them bullying , the female protagonist. 

In spite of that, with her indomitable resistance, she shall attract the interest from the four school princes, who would have some foolish moments in reaction to the protagonist. Iya, what a shameful thing! Why did I write this before?!!"

Ye Xi momentarily fell silent, then finally questioned, “Why did you name the main characters with either a double surname plus a word, or ABB?” Do you know how carelessly you portray yourself, for you to generate such poorly-designed names for them? The reader's eyes see clearly, you know? “

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Trapped In A Typical Idol Drama Chapter 9

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