Trapped In A Typical Idol Drama Chapter 2

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"Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. My name is Ye Xi."

"Well?" the teacher commented. Her expression seemed to say 'Is that all?'

Ye Xi nodded to affirm that it was so.

The teacher was left speechless.

Ye Xi thought it wasn't suitable for an old aunt act like a high school student. What was the point of introducing herself to a group of children who keep staring like a pack of monkeys? Shame on you! What else do you expect me to do?

"Pick a seat for yourself." The teacher let her off.   

Ye Xi nodded in response and slowly stepped down from the podium. She looked around for place to sit and found an empty spot at the back row. As she walked towards the back, she could hear the blatant discussions of the surrounding students.

Cla.s.smate A: "Is this the penniless new transfer student?"

Cla.s.smate B: "It shouldn't be her right? The dress she's wearing is the latest model of xx brand. How can a poor girl wear something like that?"

Cla.s.smate C: "She's a good-looking girl. There are many ways for her to beg for money."

What's wrong with these students, why are their ideas so dark?

Ye Xi felt that she could hardly take these students seriously. There were two vacancies at the back row. One seat was next to a boy who quietly slept near the window. Another vacancy was next to a student who gossiped while stealing glances at her. 

A sleeping deskmate is better than a gossiping one. It's peaceful without any annoyance.

Ye Xi sat next to the sleeping boy.

Suddenly, the cla.s.sroom went silent.

The students all went quiet.

The teacher paused and simply held the book in his hand.

For a moment, the students were shocked and the air seemed to have heated like boiling water. 

"She, how dare she sit next to the school prince!"

"Who does she think she is?"

"Poor girl, her life won't be any better in the future."

Hey, this sounds like the typical conversation from a typical no-brain idol drama. What's going on?!

And this boy is covering his face while he's sleeping, do you think I can see through? How am I supposed to know he's a School Prince?!

You're all high school students, can't you act normally? A School Prince isn't a strange creature!

Oh wait, no, no, no, someone just said that there was a poor girl who was transferring to this school.

Current Information:

Location: Aristocratic High School

Character 1: A poor civilian girl is despised before she arrives at the school.

Character 2: She sits next to a mysterious student who turns out to be the murderous and arrogant school prince.

Aren't these the settings for a typical idol romance drama that lacked common sense!!

Conclusion: This is a pool of muddy water. Better leave.

Ye Xi made a decision in an instant. Her face remained calm as she casually moved her b.u.t.t over to the next row of seats.

All of a sudden, the students who chattered avidly just now began to settle down. Ye Xi's face remained expressionless as she received the public's open stares. Her eyes were calm and serene, as if she had nothing to do with those around her. 

After a moment of silence, her cla.s.smates commented, saying she would get along with them just fine. Afterwards, everyone turned their attention back to the blackboard and their teacher. 

The atmosphere in the cla.s.s was back on track.  

Ye Xi was a little curious about this legendary male protagonist. She used to lack money in the past and her grades only took her as far as high school. At that time, the school prince was no better than the two dogs in her backyard. So she concentrated solely on her studies without paying attention to the prince and other popular cla.s.smates around her. Now that she here with a school prince who causes those around him to overreact, she was suddenly curious. He must be very handsome.

From time to time, she glanced at the sleeping student under the shadow, but she could only see the back of his head.

At this time, there was another knocking on the cla.s.sroom door. The person who escorted Ye Xi earlier came again with another student.

This time, the student she brought in was a girl wearing a common white T-s.h.i.+rt, denim shorts, and a simple and bright youthfulness.

Trapped In A Typical Idol Drama Chapter 2

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