Trapped In A Typical Idol Drama Chapter 3

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This time, the student she brought in was a girl wearing a common white T-s.h.i.+rt, denim shorts, and a simple and bright youthfulness.

The girl looked a little nervous. She obviously wasn't used to talking under everyone's gaze. However, her voice was loud and clear when she introduced herself: "h.e.l.lo everyone, my name is An Mudie and I am seventeen years old. I love to cook and I hate c.o.c.kroaches. My future goal is to get into college and get a good job. I hope I can get along with everyone!"

This kind of introduction is similar as those used in a blind date.

Ye Xi's eyes were alight with a slight smile. This girl's naivety and dynamic personality was quite lovely.

The students began to whisper among themselves concerning this An Mudie, the 'poor civilian girl.' Obviously hearing their blatant gossiping, An Mudie's face turned red from embarra.s.sment. However, she took a moment to comfort herself in her heart, then raised her head and puffed her chest as she strode forward. The girl found an empty seat right next to the school prince and sat down.

Once the again, the crowd was startled!

"How dare she sit next to the school prince!"

Ye Xi: Who said that? Stand up, I won't shoot you. I've already heard that line just now, okay? It's boring if you keep repeating yourselves like a broken record, okay?

"This commoner is so full of herself!"

Ye Xi: Now who's the one who's really out of their minds! School prince, bah, wrong, how would a newly transferred student know that he's the school prince, fools. And if you like that boy so much, why haven't you reminded him that sleeping on his stomach will cause facial paralysis?!

"Why are all of you being so noisy today!"

Ye Xi, who usually didn't bother to speak, suddenly opened her mouth. After all, there are certain people who have a good temper, that is, as long as you don't touch their bottom line. And Ye Xi isn't someone who's easily bullied.

Ye Xi tapped the table loudly, causing all eyes to focus on her. Only then did she lightly say,  "Someone is sleeping here. All of you are discussing in such loud voices, showing your low-cla.s.sed upbringing. What would you do if he woke up?" When it comes to school prince, these children who don't know what they did wrong, suddenly turned quiet.

Sure enough, everyone seemed to have realized they had done something wrong. So, after shooting a worried look at the school prince, they quieted down.

When the teacher saw that everything was finally silent, he went on with his lecture.

At this time, the school prince raised his head and moved his shoulder.

An Mudie who originally wanted to say h.e.l.lo to the boy beside her, froze when she saw his face. Her words were stuck in her throat and she thought to herself, there was no mistake. This guy, he's so so very handsome...

The school prince turned his head, but his gaze went pa.s.s An MuDie and fell on Ye Xi.

Ye Xi also happened to turn sideways and glanced at him.

His features were exquisite but it's obvious that he's still young. In a few years, if his bone structure grow correctly, even if he only had one tooth to eat, it should not detract his handsomeness. Well, even if they grew crooked, with such exquisite features, he wouldn't turn ugly.

This school prince was worthy of his t.i.tle.

Ye Xi didn't know if it was an illusion or not, but the school prince's gaze seemed to have a hint of disdain towards the other students, as if he didn't give a f*ck about their whisperings.

Huh? Why does his resentment seem fiercer? 

It must be an illusion.

Ye Xi smiled at him as a sign of goodwill, but the school prince still remained expressionless.

Ye Xi: Such a rude child. I'm sure he won't be able to find a girlfriend.

After sighing, Ye Xi no longer bothered trying to get along. She withdrew her gaze and looked up at the blackboard.

An Mudie sat stunned for a long time before saying, "You, h.e.l.lo. My name is An Mudie and I like--"

Before she finished speaking, the school prince interrupted her coldly and said, "Sit somewhere else."

"Ah?" An MuDie did not react for a while, "W-Why?"


He was very handsome but his character is so bad! An MuDie became slightly angry and could not control the volume of her voice: "Why, it's my freedom to choose where I sit!"

Trapped In A Typical Idol Drama Chapter 3

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