Trapped In A Typical Idol Drama Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

An MuDie’s voice was slightly louder than normal, and as a result, almost everyone in the cla.s.s heard it .

At once, the focus was on her again .  

Ye Xi glanced at the protagonists . Unexpectedly, she felt as if her heart was struck by lightning .

‘Oh my G.o.d, isn’t this the usual trend in an idol drama? The school prince reprimands the female protagonist but An Mudie won’t back down on her position . As a result, he tries to make her regret contradicting him by joining with his other lackeys to deal with her . However, due to her strong and unyielding nature, An Mudie would not retreat and bow down to the pressure . In time, the school prince recognizes her simple and frank nature; he soon finds himself falling in love with this simple and unpretentious girl . ’

Ye Xi looked forward to the following plot she envisioned, but the school prince just harrumphed coldly and got up to leave through the back door .


As she stared at his retreating back, Ye Xi felt as if the drama scene was left incomplete . This school prince wasn’t acting according a common sense, ah! What’s going on?!

An Mudie’s mouth hung as she watched him disappear through the back door . She wanted to scold him and ask how could he skip! But since the cla.s.sroom was deathly quiet, she intuitively thought it would be better not to say so .

Ye Xi glanced at An Mudie’s confused expression and retracted her gaze .

This school is really strange; perhaps An MuDie could be regarded as the only normal one attending .

After the school prince departed, there was no napping student to disturb, so the students in cla.s.s no longer bothered to speak in hushed voices .  

All kinds of noises cluttered the air . Ye Xi wasn’t interested in their conversations, but she still overheard that the school prince’s name was Wei Shenglan, while and his three good friends were named Shangguan Xi, Dong Fangyu, and Nangong Hai . All of them had something in common–the fact that they were all handsome and rich second generation boys . In addition, they were also single, so they formed the campus F4 and had plenty of fan girls surrounding them . Also, a part of the school was exclusively theirs and there were consequences should one enter without their permission .

The penalties were so vague that no one knew to what extent they punished .

And what’s up with their names?

It’s all multiple surnames with one similar word! Their surnames all contained water character in it! Did you get the name in buy one get one free event?

When the school bell rang, Ye Xi packed up and made her way to the cafeteria .  

The cafeteria here was not the same as the crowded and unattractive ones she used to have in her previous life . No, this cafeteria was beautifully and aesthetically done in good taste . There were four seats to each table with beige coloring, while the material used for those furnitures were made of authentic wood . The floor itself is dark gray and resistant to dirt . And students who dined here were also dressed in fas.h.i.+onable manner; even the girls who looked nerdy were dressed in fas.h.i.+ons that were above the average person .

This was a true aristocratic school . It smelled of money everywhere .

There were two kinds of meals in the cafeteria: one is self-served while the other is on-the-spot cooking .

Ye Xi wasn’t picky about the food she ate . All she wanted was food that didn’t burn her mouth, so she naturally chose self-serve .

Ye Xi found a place to sit down . Before she could eat a few bites, she heard the students all around her gasp together; it was the kind of sigh you would hear when a handsome or stunning woman walks in the room .

Her eyes turned towards where people was paying attention to, only to see, between the open doors, four beautiful young men walking side by side in a row .

It was really F4, in the fles.h.!.+

Ye Xi couldn’t help laughing .

Trapped In A Typical Idol Drama Chapter 4

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