Trapped In A Typical Idol Drama Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

Boys, are you aware that you’re all s.h.i.+ning so blaringly like fireflies in the dark? Those ostentatious and arrogant postures, flaunting your handsome little faces with hands in your pockets, and especially your confident expressions–it’s too easy to read you guys . Right now, you’re all too young to realise the pressure you’ve placed upon yourselves . Furthermore, you’ve all been marked as ‘school princes . ’

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Now what about when you get older and find girlfriends for yourselves . What will you answer if they ask you what you did in your school days? Will you admit that you gathered your dumb friends every day in pursuit of popularity, just to become campus idols?’

‘Ah, how shameful!’ Even though it wasn’t her who was standing there, Ye Xi still felt second-hand embarra.s.sment when she saw, ah! As expected, high school is a great time . Wait, will they die cremate themselves from shame afterwards?

Oh no, this image is too much–

Even though Ye Xi was delighted from within her heart, her face was still stiff, as if inflicted with facial paralysis . After years of social struggle alongside the work pressure she faced, she gradually became less talkative in her daily life and displayed even less emotions on the surface . Adding the fact that she had no friends most of the time, Ye Xi had no one to talk to or laugh with about her day to day experiences .  

Suddenly, Ye Xi noticed the youthful and confident Wei Shenglan turn towards the self-serve area with a dark and sour mood .

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“Aahhh, Prince Xi is so handsome! ” 

Obviously, Nang Gonghai looks better!”

“But I think Prince Fangyu is the most handsome…”

“You cults! Wei Shenglan is the best looking of them all!”

Prince… What an embarra.s.sing nickname!

Since Ye Xi had an aunty’s soul inside, she couldn’t help but cringe upon hearing such a childish nickname .

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‘Are they all friends because their names have something to do with water?’ Ye Xi thoughtfully guessed . Suddenly, the most handsome Prince Shenglan glanced at her from within the crowd at this moment .

He looked at me? Ye Xin jumped in surprise . She looked down, feeling guilty about all the bad guesses she made in her heart .

At this time, a loud noise broke through her thoughts . She s.h.i.+fted her focus to the crowd, only to see Wei Shenglan frowning at a girl who stood a meter away from her . That girl was An Mudie .

An MuDie panicked when she looked at the noodles that fell on the boy’s s.h.i.+rt . What an unlucky day for her, she thought . She just came to dinner but unexpectedly b.u.mped into this very bad-tempered person . And as if that’s not enough, she had also dropped noodles on his body .

The atmosphere in the cafeteria gradually quieted down . The crowd of students took pleasure in staring at this girl who brought a disaster upon herself .

At this time, a handsome student wearing a dark uniform stepped forward . He glanced at the noodles on Wei Shenglan’s s.h.i.+rt before turning his attention to the girl . Just when An Mudie was going to apologise, he teased, “Trying to attract someone’s attention like this is so outdated!

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The cafeteria was deathly quiet as his words echoed in everyone’s ears .

An MuDie was stunned into silence, wondering what relation her collision had to do with attracting the person she b.u.mped into .

Ye Xi was also surprised . The one who stepped forward obviously saw the whole thing, and yet he made a fool of someone else!!!

This ‘prince’ was really unconventional .

According to the drama’s routine, An Mudie will certainly retort loudly against this group . The school princes will feel as if their self-esteem was damaged so they will try to retaliate . Then a group of people will bully the girl on their behalf . However, the female protagonist remains strong and unyielding, vowing to herself that she will eliminate all campus bullying and bring the truth to light . She will show that good prevails in this world . In time, the school prince will gradually find himself drawn to this strong woman and the two of them live a happy life with a perfect ending .

Ye Xi secretly nodded to herself, this was the pa.s.sionate collision that adolescent teenagers boys and girls should have .

However, the school prince Shenglan simply retracted his gaze and said, “It doesn’t matter . ”

Then he turned and left .

An MuDie was shocked . It turned out that he only had a little bad temper but was still a good person at heart .

The other three of F4 were shocked as well and chased after him, asking why he had such a good temper today .  

Ye Xi was also shocked: ‘This school prince is simply outrageous! Every time you don’t follow the script, you won’t be able to have a girlfriend, you know?’

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Trapped In A Typical Idol Drama Chapter 5

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