Trapped In A Typical Idol Drama Chapter 31

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Wei Shenglan moved a bit to the side. Her warm breath by his ear took him by surprise.

Ye Xi sat back down, feeling that giving a greeting was good enough. Her gaze once again traveled over to An Mudie's seat and sharpened.

There were a few people who looked like troublemakers near An Mudie. They were pus.h.i.+ng up next to her and purposely getting close. An Mudie showed her clear dislike of the situation, and continually tried to duck past them and hide, but she was a little drunk. Her limbs were a bit weak and her movements were a bit disorderly.

They actually called over some punks. This was obviously one of the most cla.s.sic tricks in romance novels–calling over punks to taint the innocence of the woman, letting the man misunderstand, then eventually it turns into deep affection.

Although Ye Xi was very eager to see An Mudie and Wei Shenglan go through this and that and eventually reach a happy ending, she really couldn't handle seeing An Mudie get taken advantage of.

Ye Xi got up and walked towards them.

Wei Shenglan stood up as well and followed her.

A few of the troublemakers saw her coming, and their eyes lit up. When they looked a bit further past her, they saw Wei Shenglan, and they knit their brows.

Ding Xiuxiu and the other got scared. They didn't think that they would see Wei Shenglan here. They immediately stood up and wanted to say some explanation, but Wei Shenglan didn't even glance at them. He was focused on the few punks in their vicinity. THey were very unpleasant to the eye.

At this time, the music in the bar changed to some rock and roll with a strong beat. Originally, speech at a normal volume could not be heard in the bar. Now, one had to to straight up yell to be heard.

Ye Xi reached out and wanted to push the punks away, but instead, her wrist was caught. The person who grabbed her was very boorish and uncouth; it could immediately be seen that he was not a good person. The person's hand was very damp and oily, probably because they didn't wash it clean.

Ye Xi was disgusted. Just as she was prepared to throw off the hand, a white and slender arm intervened and grabbed the punk's arm, twisted it, and gripped it in a painful way.

Ye Xie immediately got a few paper towels and wiped her wrist.

The man who was grabbed by Wei Shenglan was angered by him and Ye Xi. He slammed him hands down on the table and stood up. The rest of the gangsters followed. 

Wei Shenglan released the man's arm, took the paper towel Ye Xi used and used it to wipe his own hand.

“You motherf****r!” The lead gangster yelled, the voice rus.h.i.+ng people into action. He grabbed a gla.s.s bottle and slammed it down with a ‘crash' sound on the table. He held it by the neck end, with jagged edges standing out on the other side, before shouting: “Are you guy looking to die!?”

Ye Xi took a step back and ran into Wei Shenglan's body.

Wei Shenglan supported Ye Xi's shoulder, preventing her from falling to the side. 

Ye Xi was stunned, and told herself that she could not have stage fright at this time. The prelude of a fight was the compet.i.tion of one's aura!

Just as she wanted to straighten up, raise her head, and put on an undaunted att.i.tude, she was pulled away by the person behind her.

Ye Xi: …… My dignity, my imposing manner, leaves me just like that, I cry.JPG

Wei Shenglan put on a cold smile and looked toward the gangsters, his gaze extremely disdainful.

At this moment, the originally muddled An Mudie lifted her leg and gave it kick toward the b.u.t.tocks of one of the gangsters. The gangster couldn't avoid the kick. Since there were puddles of spilled liquor on the ground, it was very slippery, and he could avoid falling forward.

Wei Shenglan's reacted very quickly, bringing Ye Xi to the side to dodge. 

Trapped In A Typical Idol Drama Chapter 31

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