Trapped In A Typical Idol Drama Chapter 32

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The falling gangster, in his fright, pulled on the guy next to him. The guys being pulled on lost balance, and grabbed onto Ding Xiuxiu who was next to him. Ding Xiuxiu screamed and fell on top of the person who pulled her, who in turn fell on top of and crushed the first gangster's head. 

Wei Shenglan: ……

Ye Xi: …… Human, human meat hamburger?

Wei Shenglan decided that even if he were to die, he would not eat hamburgers ever again.

Ding Xiuxiu looked at the body of the person under her, then raised her head and looked at Wei Shenglan. Her expression turned blank for a moment before she burst out into tears. She cried and shrieked as she crawled back up, and cried as she ran away. Looking at her sad state, it was like a child who had gotten their red envelope money stolen.

Her two followers, after seeing Ding Xiuxiu run away, wordlessly followed her and escaped.

At this time, An Mudie stood up, looked at the human hamburger on the ground, and smiled.

Then she lifted her foot and stepped down the gangster who was just about to get up. She put extra force in behind her foot, and jumped joyfully, jumping outside the counter. She laughed and looked at Ye Xi, then reached out and grabbed her, pulling her while running to leave the bar.

Ye Xi: …… What kind of situation is this?

Wei Shenglan was too lazy to care about the people on the floor. He turned around and strode away, following the girls.

When they got outside, Ye Xi heard what An Mudie was mumbling clearly.

“Lalala~I am a small honey bee~You are a big honey bee~lalalala~”

An Mudie's horrid song attracted the attention of pa.s.serby on the street. 

When Wei Shenglan had almost caught up, he was met with this situation. His footsteps slowed for a bit, then quickly sped up. He went over and pulled Ye Xi away.

The hand held by An Mudie disappeared. She was only dazed a moment before she continued on by herself with the same att.i.tude, laughing and smiling, her footsteps light and bouncy.

Gosh, if An Mudie remembers what she did today after waking up tomorrow, she might be too ashamed to leave the house.

Ye Xi looked at her back view with pity, and also couldn't help but want to pretend that she didn't know this person. Although they were all being looked at, there were certain times for certain things. At this moment, it made people wish to become dust, scattered and invsible in the air. 

Only, this female lead was a little scary. She could actually beat up those punks. Her pureness was too artificial. 

Ye Xin couldn't stop sighing in her heart. She continued following and keeping a lookout as to prevent An Mudie from falling into a ditch.

Only after taking a step did she realize that her hand was being held. She instinctively looked down at the hand holding hers. It was very clean and white, the palm a bit sweaty, but it didn't seem sticky. Just as she thought that, the hand let go.

The temperature lingering by her wrist was dispersed by a gust of wind. Ye Xi thought that it was a little itchy, so she couldn't help but rub at her wrists.

“Walk, go and check on her.” Wei Shenglan lifted his chin up slightly, then walked forward with his long strides.

Hey…such a warm hearted guy.

He must've been attracted by An Mudie's simple and affected actions while drunk.

Very good.

Ye Xi thought that, and then caught up.

Ye Zi and Wei Shenglan were only following after An Mudie, and did not stay too close to her. The main reason for that was because she was too noisy. The secondary reason was that it was too embarra.s.sing.

It was better to be embarra.s.sing by yourself than to be embarra.s.sing as a group. Presumably, An Mudie would be able to understand them

Therefore, the two people disregarded the code of brotherhood and followed from a distance.

The author has something to say:

Nothing is more vexing than playing games. I only want to team up and kill people, win win win! However, teammates always likes to wait until me and my opponent have exhausted each other out, then come over and start killing. 

Sinister, too sinister.

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Trapped In A Typical Idol Drama Chapter 32

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