No Matter How Long Time Passes, I Still Love You Chapter 59: A Natural

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Susu's cheeks were still red when she entered Chen Mu's car, "I'm here!" She tried to hide the shyness in her voice, but got caught anyways.

"h.e.l.lo Suns.h.i.+ne, did something happen earlier?" She shook her head in response. He noticed that she had forgotten to buckle her seat belt, so he reached over to do so. With his face barely an inch from hers, she gulped and closed her eyes.

Seeing her eyes shut tight, he smirked as he buckled the seat belt properly and made sure it wasn't too tight on her. When she opened her eyes again, he leaned over and took possession of her mouth with his. Slowly, his lips moved over hers and devoured her lipstick as their lips met over and over again.

"Satisfied?" He chuckled and wiped the smudged parts of her lipstick off the corners of her lips. Her panting breaths made him want to bully her even more, but that would happen when they get back home.

"For now." She whispered after he had started to drive back home. She never answered his question from earlier and he had long forgotten about what he wanted to ask after tasting her delicious lips in the car.

Like always, the couple cooked in the kitchen together and talked about their day with each other. Of course, Susu wouldn't disclose the part with Lily's teachings. 'Heh, would he like it if I did that to him?' She thought as she munched on the vegetables.

After dinner, Chen Mu decided to go take a shower first, while Susu tried to remember the steps that Lily had done in front of her, "Hmmm? How come it feels like I'm missing a part?" As she mumbled, the water in the bathroom had stopped running and soon, the freshly clean boyfriend of hers walked out while drying his hair with a towel.

"Susu, your turn. The bathroom is warm. You should go to shower now." He said with his head lowered as he dried his hair, but received no response. When he looked up, he saw her arms stretched out in the air, "What are you doing? Learning how to play an instrument?"

He walked closer to her to get her attention. Startled by his appearance, she patted her chest and said, "Nothing, just some random moves I was thinking about."

"Like dance moves?" He raised his brow.

"Yup! It's a new dance that I saw online, but I forgot what the steps were. You're done right? I'll go shower now~" She couldn't look at him for more than ten seconds or else she might jump on him again and kiss him non-stop until their lips turn numb. His hair was still wet and just seeing water droplets down his neck made her want to mark that part of his body.

Quickly, she grabbed her clothes from her room and ran to the bathroom. Then, he tried imitating her hands and previous posture, but still couldn't figure out what dance it was that she was trying to learn, "Oh wells, I'll find out somehow."

Susu clipped her hair up after twisting it up loosely. The bathroom was very warm, so she didn't feel cold while undressing. She took a quick shower and got dressed. When she walked out of the bathroom, Chen Mu was holding the blow dryer in his hand and was about to use it. As the cord to the blow dryer untangled, he felt his emotions running all loose as his attention focused at the bathroom door that slowly creaked open.

The steam from her hot shower escaped the room rapidly as she stepped out and set her smooth wavy hair free. As her hair smoothly fell down her back, the over sized sweater that she wore made her bare legs stand out temptingly.

She turned around and saw his affectionate filled gaze watching her. Blinking innocently for a few times, she walked in front of him and waved, "h.e.l.llo? Anyone home? Home to Chen Mu~~"

He quickly snapped out of his thoughts and looked at the girl with rosy cheeks, "Aren't you cold? What happened to your long pants?"

She awkwardly answered, "Ahaha... so the pajamas I had was very old and loose, so I donated them after was.h.i.+ng it. I was supposed to go buy new ones today, but I totally forgot about it. Don't worry, I'm pretty warm after taking that hot shower."

He gulped in response and thought to himself, 'I'm more worried of my self control. Woman, get a hint already! Your boyfriend is also a man!' Her eyes landed on the blow dryer in his hand and then at the water droplets that were spreading wet stains on the shoulder area of his s.h.i.+rt.

"Hey! You always told me to take care of myself, but have you thought of yourself? It's been like fifteen minutes and your hair isn't even dried yet. Come, I'll do it for you." She dragged him over to the couch and plugged the hair dryer into the outlet by the wall.

Following her sweet voice, he already ignored all the words she had just said. He sat down on the couch as he watched her knees settle between his legs and she started the hair blow drying process. 'd.a.m.n it! Her bare legs! I really can't look downwards. Okay, let's just not...look...'

With the blow dryer on her right hand, she ran her fingers from the left hand through the wet locks of his hair and combed it. When it was hard to reach certain areas of his head, she would move closer and her knee would accidentally rub against his crotch area. At this point, his mantras did not work at all. His mind was about to go crazy from her natural behaviors.

She noticed the oddly quiet Chen Mu and turned off the blow dryer when she felt that his hair was at least 90% dried. "Done~" She announced with a wide smile, unplugged the cord and rolled it around the blow dryer. After putting it away, she went in front of him and grabbed the remote to see what shows are available to watch on Netflix.

"Hmmm... this one? Nah, too boring...Ohh, how about a comedy?" She turned around to meet his eyes burning with the flames of his ignited pa.s.sion. Seeing the enticing glimpse of her bare thighs with just an oversized sweater over her body, the last barriers to his self control broke.

Pulling her backwards, he made her fall into his embrace as his left arm securely wrapped around her waist. Her eyes widened from surprise at his sudden boldness. She let out a gasp when his warm lips sent tingles down her spine trailing gentle kisses on her neck.

Feeling his hot breath against her skin and moistening kisses, she let out soft moans and bit her lower lip to suppress them. As his kisses traced to her ear lobe, he huskily whispered, "Don't hold back your voice or I will kiss you everywhere but your lips."

She pouted and looked at him with eyes filled with tears as if she was wronged. Reluctantly, she stopped biting her lips and sighed softly as he continued marking her from behind. A strange, yet pleasurable warmth spread from her lower abdomen to the rest of her body. As if her legs weighed like feathers, her body relaxed and leaned closer to him.

Her over sized sweater wrinkled and slanted off her right shoulder, showing off the pearl-like skin underneath the top. The untainted area that n.o.body has marked was now exposed in front of him. He kissed the tears that escaped her watery eyes. Starting from her forehead, he took his time planting kisses to her nose, cheeks, and finally, the luscious lips that had been waiting for his touch.

Once his lips covered hers, her long eyelashes fluttered at a slower speed, eventually closing her eyes completely and letting the last sense of tension slip away as they shared a long, pa.s.sionate kiss. Following her instincts, her palms felt the hard muscles on his chest and slid up making its way around his nape. Like their first kiss, she faced towards him and explored his mouth at her own pace.

At the same time, he allowed her intrusion and leads her on according to her pace. As their tongue entangled and danced at their own flow, his hands roamed naughtily rubbing the side of her hips. Their lips separated when she gasped for breath, but even then, their eyes maintained contact with each other.

Staring deeply into each other's eyes, joyous smiles broke into silly giggles as they observed each other's facial features. With her right hand, she traced his hairline before combing the few strands of hair that were blocking his face away. Her lips parted slightly, looking extra inviting as her palm traced down to his chest feeling his heart dancing the Tango similar to hers.

She leaned closer and licked his lips, paying the entrance fee before slipping pa.s.s the lips again. This time, her kisses were rough and intense, spiking the stimulation of their collision as she straddled him. Feeling her hips teasing him in a back and forth motion, he rests on his haunches and enjoyed her daring spirit.

No Matter How Long Time Passes, I Still Love You Chapter 59: A Natural

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