Scheming Villainess's Counterattack? Chapter 2

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Day Two of Rebirth

Monday, September 3, 2018- Clear then turned rainy

My dear heart is in pain. My little heart is in pain…

That said, for the sake of today- the first time that little s.l.u.t Bai appears- and my first confrontation, I prepared countless days and nights. Very well, although speaking more accurately, I only prepared for three days. But… For today, I specifically bought a dress, a white one! My shoes, white! Bucket hat, white! The goal was to kill little s.l.u.t Bai by catching her unprepared!

However, the me who had not attended school for a long time forgot that school required that we wear the uniform… Orz

Like I said, on the way to school, that brat Nan Shen had an expression that said he had something to say but was holding back. I initially thought that he had finally noticed this great one's charms, but the result was that he was waiting for this! Seeing me stopped outside the school by a member of the discipline committee, that brat nearly cramped up from laughing!

Very well, day one of killing with a white one-piece dress… was a failure.

Just as I was preparing to run back at the speed of light to get changed into my uniform, Bai LianHua's face suddenly appeared, giving me a fright. She was wearing a uniform and said with a smile: “Schoolmate, if you don't mind, could we trade clothes?” She then lowered her voice and sneakily whispered into my ear: “In truth, I need to deliver a speech on behalf of the students and was planning to wear a dress. Unfortunately, I found that my dress was torn by my cat…”

Just as I was about to refuse, a sudden idea came to mind: Is this not a chance granted to me by the heavens to get close to Bai LianHua? Just watch me. If I don't drag out her true colors, my name is not Ao!

I then foolishly traded clothes with her. When I then saw my Nan Shen at the entrance ceremony, he was looking at the little s.l.u.t in a daze… Me: “…” f.u.c.king d.a.m.n, when I wore the dress, why did you not stare this hard! I was unhappy, extremely unhappy. I felt extreme regret. What was I trading clothes with her for?

I was already unhappy, yet that little s.l.u.t still bullied me. After the entrance ceremony concluded, the little s.l.u.t cried crocodile tears and said: “Toot toot, I'm truly sorry. I accidentally b.u.mped into someone just now, dying your dress black.” She then turned around, and I saw an imprint the size of a hand on the back of the one-piece dress that I had spent 300 dollars on.

Me: “…” I wanted to strangle that little s.l.u.t to death! Also, what was with that nauseating “toot toot”?!

But I could not get angry because I still had to play the part of her good friend to expose her true colors for Nan Shen to see. Thus I ignored my aching little heart and said: “It's fine…” My a.s.s! Give me back my 300 dollars!

The little s.l.u.t even looked quite moved, but for me who knew her original personality, I knew that she was just pretending. While apologizing to me, she made a call. 20 minutes later, a cool young man with a bowtie arrived carrying two sets of clothes. The little s.l.u.t handed me the dress and picked up the uniform, saying: “Fortunately, my home is nearby. Let's go to cla.s.s.”

Go to cla.s.s? I had no time to attend cla.s.s. I was looking at the price tag on that dress. It started with a 2. After that 2, there were four… four 0s…

This granny's first instinct was to sell it second hand. Unfortunately, this granny needed to adhere to moral principles, thus I felt even more pained, saying: “These clothes are too expensive. I can't accept them.” In truth, what I thought to myself after that was: Please flippantly refuse! However, the little s.l.u.t just blinked her large eyes then took back the dress. While she was at it, she gave me a good-person card.

“You really are a good person.”

However, I, the good person, only wanted to f.u.c.king cry on the inside…

Scheming Villainess's Counterattack? Chapter 2

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