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Kara reached Maxwell's house again, not only disappointed that she have failed, but confused, at why Derrick would save her, after she so desperately tried to kill him. Luna came up to her ears hanging.

"You didn't get him?" She asked, seeing no changes to her form.

"No, he outsmarted me"

Maxwell was also standing close by, he laughed at the situation.

"Oh, and i should have told you, Michael gave Derrick Tuyuk training, so every skill or tactic a tuyuk uses to kill or outsmart a wolf, has been grinded into Derrick like a religion"

"You tell us now!?" Kara yelled.

"Whats wrong dear? Hes a human, i told Michael giving Derrick tuyuk training is useless if he doesn't have the physical strength or speed to keep up with a wolf, but then he told me something interesting"

Maxwell came up to them, Kara stood back seeing what a large wolf he was "He didn't train Derrick to hunt werewolves, he altered the training to survive against one"


Seth came out of his jump and fell to the ground, making s.h.i.+va fall aswell.

"What the f.u.c.k just happened!?" She yelled bewildered, seeing they're outside the jail against some mountain side.

"This is how i said i was going to escape" Seth said out of breath "I must say, it's difficult to jump someone else, for a small wolf you really got heavy back there i almost lost you"

"f.u.c.k you! Lost me where?"

"Inside the jump, i don't know where you will appear if i let you go half way"

"Well, you got us out, that's the important thing, what now?"

"Well, i told Silvia to meet me at my hideout on the first moon, so we have to walk there now, i couldn't jump all the way, im mot strong enough yet"

"Pff, p.u.s.s.y"

"There's no need to walk, ill give you a lift..." The two jumped around to the voice, in the Shadow's they saw a white figure, clearly a wolf, but the wrong fur color.

"Who are you!?" Seth yelled.

"Who gives a f.u.c.k who she is! Its a white wolf! Lets get her!"

The white wolf stepped into the moonlight, Seth and s.h.i.+va felt an eery shrill up their spines, her eyes blue, but darkened by lifelessness, it was asif no one stood infront of them, a ghost in the flesh.

"Im here to help you, my name is Claire"


"Well" Luna looked at her daughter "I guess you can always try tomorrow night?"

Kara sighed "I hope he didn't figure out who I was"

"He wouldn't have, for now, let me introduce you to my son's" Maxwell said heading into the house, Luna, Kara and Sasha followed him to a large gathering hall, where werewolves were still attending the masquerade ball asif the moon was never there, some danced, some only gathered in groups to socialise. The three white wolves found this very odd, the Browning clan was definitely the weirdest group of wolves they ever saw.

"This is my two son's. My youngest Jason, and My oldest Damien"

Kara and Sasha heard the name Jason, they saw he was almost as big as his brother and father, way bigger than Sasha, who was the biggest wolf of the three females. Somehow their stature as powerful wolves had a different effect on them than when they met Jason at school, that respect came in and not only that, they felt attracted to them. Sasha could see herself with a powerfully imaged wolf like Damien any day. Kara on the other hand realised now that she's a wolf why they don't really find humans attractive, seeing a wolf alpha her age now, was way better than Derrick, regardless of Jason and Derricks relations.h.i.+p.

"So? What do you think ladies?" Maxwell asked. Sasha immediately approached Damien

"Hi, im Sasha" she said smiling, Damien smiled placing his arm around her and they walked off, leaving Jason behind, Kara wiped Jasons bad att.i.tude away and approached him.

"See what i meant by my world?" He said smiling.

"Can you blame me? I was human then"


Claire walked over to them and they stood back.

"What's wrong with you!? You have no aura! You're supposed to be dead!" s.h.i.+va yelled.

"I am here under instruction from Cleopatra to aid you, please follow me" she said and headed down the mountain, they came up to a large twenty four seater sprinter bus, Claire opened the sliding door then got in, she started the bus then looked at the two black wolves still staring at her.

"You dont have to trust me, just use me as an extra pack member, i am ordered to follow your command"

Seth and s.h.i.+va climbed in and closed the sliding door.

"Where to?" Claire asked.

"The h.e.l.lshoogte pa.s.s" Seth said sitting down, the bus had no seats, instead it was customed with couches, making it easier for werewolves to get inside. When they eventually arrived at the cabin, they saw Silvia's M3 standing outside.

"f.u.c.k! the cops found her!" s.h.i.+va said.

"No, Silvia is a cop" Seth chuckled.

They climbed out, Silvia in her wolf form squeezed out of the cabin door, but halted when Claire climbed out.

"Who's this?" She asked.

"Her name is Claire, shes here to help us"

Silvia laughed "Bulls.h.i.+t! Where would a Del Carchetore help us?" She asked feeling uncertain about her, she also felt the lack of life.

"What did Cleopatra say exactly? Why help us?"

Seth asked.

"You seek power, just as she does, and i was senyr here to share in her common cause"

"Well ok then, Silva, have you bagged that bounty?" Seth asked.

"No, i came back here that time, but DPK's pickup was gone, and their bodies. I figured someone must have taken it, but no morgue, or police station has anything"

"That is because they are still alive" Claire said.

"But i shot them in the head!"

"Yes, but they got some special abilities, similar to the sabers"


"If it's finance you need" Claire said holding a bag up she took out of the van "Cleopatra sent me with these items, inside this bag theryes also a credit card with millions on it, untraceable"

Seth started liking this Cleopatra "This is good, now all we need to do is find Kara"

"How do you propose we start?" Silvia asked.

"s.h.i.+va come with me" he led her inside the cabin to the room where Kara was held "This room is painted with Kara's blood, get her scent, then you can tell us in which direction she went"

s.h.i.+va went on all fours and started sniffing the dark spots on the floor, she recognized the smell of Fenrir blood, she stood up and looked at him.

"So she really was here?"

"You doubted me? I feel insulted"

"Just shut up and let me work" s.h.i.+va continued sniffing, the scent went out to the pa.s.s, there on the pa.s.s s.h.i.+va could tell Kara was taken into the direction of Pniel "That way"

"Lets go" Seth said walking down to the cabin again, they got in the van and drove out of Cloetesville, then around over the h.e.l.lshoogte pa.s.s towards Pniel. s.h.i.+va had her head out the window, smelling for anything, at the T-junction of the R45 and h.e.l.lshoogte road Claire stopped, s.h.i.+va was out, nose to the ground, sniffing the whole intersection, she couldn't smell the blood or scent of Kara, but the smell of a set of tires that was there on that same spot, came this way.

"Towards Paarl" She said hopping in. They followed this scent all the way through the Huguenot tunnel when s.h.i.+va told Claire to stop. s.h.i.+va was working her nose hard now, she wanted that Kara badly!

"DPK was here with Kara, but then the tyre scents went in diffrent directions"

"Which one had Kara?"

"I dount know, wait!" She was sniffing a spot "Kara was in the one heading to Worcester"

"So, it seems were going to every single town to see if we can pick up a scent?" Silvia growled.

"Got any better ideas!?" Seth asked climbing back in.


Kara opened her eyes, she felt alot diffrent than she did yesterday, it could possibly be due to the moon cycle. She had to get Derrick set up for another try. Geelfink street, her mother's address, was just around the corner from Derrick's house, so she decided to walk there leaving her mother to sleep. She paced as fast as she could, when she got to his house she saw his garage wasn't open, and rang the intercom repeatedly, untill he came staggering out, still in the pants he wore last night, with a dirty oily s.h.i.+rt over his chest. Half asleep he got to the gate.

"Kara? It's good to see you"

He doesn't know, she made up a story quickly.

"Where did you go last night?' She asked pretending to be angry.

"Uh, i dont really remember, all I remember is you in that pretty dress" He said rubbing his face, she smiled inwardly, saved by his condition.

"Well i came back to the table and saw you were gone?"

"Im sorry Kara, how can i make ot up to you?"

"Come have dinner at our house tonight"

He smiled "Ok sure"

She held a hand open "You gonna let me in for a drink or what?"

He opened the gates and they both walked up to the house, Derrick turned to her after looking at the ground for a while, then asked her
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"So, can i ask you something?"

Kara went cold, he does know.


"So, imagine to yourself you stay in this forest, and, you have to walk to school every day. Now one day, you get chased by this white wolf..."

Her heart pounded listening to him.

"You manage to escape once, but every day this wolf chases you, and eventually the wolf doesn't attempt to kill you anymore, instead it toys around with you, and you yourself start playing back, you become friends with it" He poured them both soda, and handed her the gla.s.s. "Now one day, your regular run with this white wolf gets interrupted, by this very large, black wolf, and the white wolf gets attacked" Derrick's eyes focused on her.

"What would you do?"

Kara felt a realness about this story, but what does he mean about the black wolf? Could he be talking about himself?

"I really don't know" she said.

Derrick chuckled "Ha, forget it, its just a dream i had"

She took a sip of her soda "How did it end? I take it you were the one who befriended the white wolf?"

"Yes, i attempted to save it, but, then something horrible happened"

"Did the white wolf die?"

"No, the black wolf bit me during our steuggle, but then i became an even bigger wolf, and killed both the black wolf, and the white one"

Kara started feeling uncomfortable, this felt like a bad omen to her.

"Thats a really wierd dream" She said and quickly finished her soda.

"I need to get back, my mother doesn't know im here" She said smiling. He returned the smile.

"What time must i be there?"

"Say, five? O and bring your swimwear" She winked leaving.

Played him like a drum she thought, she decided to tell her mother of the dream Derrick had, she might know if it means something.

Derrick watched the gla.s.s of soda in his hand

"Like she would ever believe me if i told her i got chased by a werewolf... And a rather attractive one" He thought thinking that wolf's body, then he shook his head "You're crazy Derrick"

Kara found luna making coffee and told her about Derrick's dream. Luna listened to her then thought about it.

"Nothig funny about a bad dream Kara, maybe it was because of you chasing him that his mind saw wolves"

Kara still hought it was an omen


Derrick rang the bell to Luna's house, and she herself came to answer.

"Hey? Where did you go last night?"

"Dont really remember" He smiled walking in as the gate opened. Inside he found Sasha lounging on the couch. Kara on the recliner.

"Hey Derrick, i heard you forgot what happened last night?" Sasha asked.

"Yes, im sorry you lot"

"Didn't you say you forget stuff if your adrenaline spikes if you get angry?" Luna asked.

"Yes, but i don't remember getting angry last night"

"Maybe it was that kiss that made you forget?" Sasha slyly said not looking away from the television, Kara went red in her face then looked at her sister "You spied on us!"

Sasha stuck her tounge out "I see youre taking charge little sister"

"You snooze you lose" Kara bit back.

Luna already had the supper dished and handed the plates out breaking up the conversation. They all ate wordless, Derrick was still thinking of last nights ordeal he looked at Kara, her green eyes glanced up at him as she ate. Last night, that thing also had these horrid green eyes... Nah.

"So, you want to swim?" He asked Kara.

"Its hot enough isnt it?"

Derrick smiled "Well I'm in mine already"

"Someone's in a hurry to see Kara in a bikini" Sasha teased Derrick went red in his face, in his attempt to get out of this awkward silence around the table, he landed into an even more awkward situation.

"No, thats not it!"

"O so you don't want to see me in a bikini?" Kara teased aswell.

"No! You know what" He stood up, his meal finished, he decided to go by himself. Derrick walked to the back door but stopped and looked back at them.

"I just want to have fun" He said and took his s.h.i.+rt off, the three women silenced by his muscular figure, couldn't decide if the figure got their attention more than the scars did.

"Bombs away!" He yelled running out and jumping into the pool. Kara flew up and ran to her room, Sasha and Luna remained seated.

Derrick came back up, the water wasn't cold, but not hot either, Kara was right, the day was perfect for a swim, it almost felt like the water washed away his worries. Kara came out wearing a white bikini and his gaze got stuck to her, her body really was in an absolutely great shape, her b.r.e.a.s.t.s full, her legs thick with muscle, not slender and sleek like Sasha's, and she had a slight six pack on her belly. Kara saw him staring at her but remained quiet, she slowly got into the pool with him, shrieking at the cold, the gooseb.u.mps on her skin had Derrick's heart picking up the pace. Only when her body went under water did he twitch blinking, she laughed.

"Are you ok Derrick?"

"Yeah, just alittle dazed thats all"

She smiled swimming around him.

"So this dream you had?"


"Why save the white wolf? I mean, its just a wolf right? An animal?"

He scratched his chin "I don't like it when animals suffer i guess"

Kara thinks that might be the reason he saved her, nothing at all to do with him knowing shes a werewolf.

Luna came out with two of juice.

"Heres your juice, Kara, the strawberry is yours, Derrick i suggest you don't drink it" She said and left.

Derrick frowned at Kara but she shrugged "Woman stuff"


"So, whats with the scars?" She asked taking her juice and handing him his.

"That..." He smiled and drank "Is another secret i keep"

"Oh come on? Tell me?"

He shook his head.

"Ill give you another kiss" She said comming closer.

"Dont try to buy me over like that" He said laughing.

"Im not, what could be so bad? It makes you look, rough"

"And getting them was rough"

She gave a slight puppy dog stare at him, making herself look as cute as she possably can, he threw his head away laughing "Oh no! Not that! Please!"

"Please!" She begged and placed her hands on his shoulders.

"Ok, ok, ill tell you about one, this large one flush across my chest" he said standing up and showing her. With her now this close to his torsoe she felt her face get hot.

"I was in a motor cycle accident, and the bike crashed into my chest during the fall" he said and dropped back into the water.

"The first time in my life i almost died" Derrick said but saw her face was red, and her expression told him she wasn't intrested anymore. Behind her the sun was setting, her eyes was fixed on his, and he felt her intention. She looked so beautiful against the scenery that he almost couldn't help it, he leaned in and kissed her, she closed her arms around his neck and drew herself against him. Derrick's heart was pounding his chest as he felt her bare skin against his. His body was heating up, quickly, something was wrong. Kara felt his body heat and stopped kissing him.

"You ok?" She asked.

"I... I don..."


End chapter

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