My Unrivalled Princess: I Won't Mess With You 3: Such A Coincidence

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It was such a great p.a.w.n shop, got all the items one possibly was looking for.

As for Xiaobai, it was actually a white fox, around two hundred years old now, it had not obtained human form due to lack of cultivation.

It was also gender fluid at the moment.

Foxs gender was fluid before they hit a certain age.

Xiaobai, I know you put great efforts in reviving me. Luo Qianqian squatted down and patted Xiaobai on its belly.

Xiaobai covered its face with its paws, Quit patting me, my master.

While its body language said otherwise... it seemed to be enjoying the patting.

Luo Qianqian let go of it with a smile, she was grateful to Xiaobai, thanks to Xiaobai, she was not all alone in this ancient dynasty.

Not that great efforts, I did spent all your points though. Xiaobai replied in a low voice.

Luo Qianqians eyes were widely open! She greeted her teeth, What? All the points?

Yeah... yeah... Xiaobai totally saw this coming, it knew its master too well, it rolled over on the ground, But you gained 10 points as a first timer in Another World.

10 points? She used to have over several thousand of points! Great, now it was all gone before she had a chance to go any spree!

Xiaobai tried to comfort its master, it coaxed gently Master, just think about it, isnt it totally worthwhile spending your points on a second chance, am I right?

Yeah, Xiaobai had a point.

However, she was still upset about it.

Luo Qianqian finally calmed down, she pulled a poker face, Xiaobai, have you found out who the b.a.s.t.a.r.d that was fighting me to s.n.a.t.c.h you away?

A mysterious b.a.s.t.a.r.d coming from nowhere fighting her for her s.p.a.ce and caused her transmigrated on Luo Qianqian's body.

Xiaobai sighed and shook its head, Not yet, but please rest a.s.sured, my master, Ill keep looking, I wont put you in danger.

All right, my master, now that you are living in this new body, would you like some shopping?

Hearing Xiaobai, Luo Qianqian nodded in agreement, that seemed like a good plan.

This body was so weak, how could she fight her so-called sisters, if she had not pulled a trick on them, she would be the one who was suffering now for sure.

What was more, this body, what was the right word, was like a, a twig, she was not happy about that.

Luo Qianqian now was so carried away that she had forgotten her marriage engagement with Prince Eighth.

Xiaobai, the meds that could transform the body, I want two potions of that.

Xiaobai was confused, Why do you want two potions though? Its master had always been petty, shouldnt she be saving money, why would she want to spend money on two?

Luo Qianqians maid is also a poor girl, I gotta help her out. Luo Qianqian downplayed it.

Hearing that, Xiaobai ran around in the shop and found the right stuff.

Master, this is the recipe for Body Forming Pill, costs one point, as for the ingredients, you can get them in Tianqi and bring them to me, Ill take it from there.

Luo Qianqian nodded, Great, Ill be on it tonight.

To return to Xiaoyue, she was back with food.

Luo Jingxuan told the servants in advance, treat Fourth Lady nicely from now on.

Therefore, that was an easy trip Xiaoyue made to get food.

My lady, Im back. A young maid Xiaoyue was, she wore heart on her sleeve, now she was beaming.

Luo Qianqian just came back from Another World, what met her eyes was Xiaoyue walking into the room in delight.

She was the Fourth Lady in Prime Minister Mansion, yet her room and furnis.h.i.+ng were pretty shabby, a bed, a table, two chairs and a closet, that was it.

No wonder Su Liancheng bantered Luo Jingxuan just now.

Xiaoyue laid the food on the table and stood aside, staring at the food.

Seeing that, Luo Qianqian pulled her to the table, Come join me.

Xiaoyue shook her head, somehow she felt her lady was a changed person, she wouldnt dare to do anything improper.

Ill eat after you eat. Xiaoyue smiled, she looked pitiful even though she was smiling.

This is an order. Luo Qianqian pulled a long face on purpose, anyone who treated her nicely would receive same treatment from her.

Xiaoyue sat next to Luo Qianqian, eyes turning red.

Why are you crying? Luo Qianqian asked, thought maybe she was too hard to deal with.

These are tears of joy, I hope n.o.body bullies us in the future. Xiaoyue stared at Luo Qianqian and said that in an earnest way.

Luo Qianqian smiled and patted Xiaoyue on the head, Good girl Xiaoyue, now have your meal and get some rest, I promise you no one will bully us in the future.


Later that night.

A small figure wandered around in Prime Minister's Mansion.

It took her a long time to find the back exit of the mansion, she was going to climb the wall, however, this body was too weak.

Luo Qianqian had no idea where the herbal medicine shop was, thanks to Xiaobai that she didnt get lost.

She jumped back and forth on the roof, this was like a walk in the park back in the days, but now she was panting.

She flopped when she almost made it to the herbal medicine shop.


She fell from the roof.

Oh, no! Luo Qianqian tried to grab something, but of no avail.

She thought she would fall hard on the ground, but it was not painful at all.

She fell into two arms actually.

Sniff, sniff, such great medicine aroma.

Wait, had she smelt similar medicine aroma before?

Luo Qianqian opened her eyes, what came to her sight was that man!

That gorgeous man! Which was not the point at the moment.

P..P..Prince Eighth, hi, such a coincidence, isnt it... Luo Qianqian stammered, and she tried so hard to crack a smile.

Xiaobai said cheekily in Luo Qianqians mind, Wow wow wow, look at that, looks like master is going to have a romance life.

Shut it, Xiaobai.

She played dumb in the daytime to avoid any attention, and look at where she was now.

How could she explain all this, a lady in Prime Ministers Mansion fell off from someone elses roof and landed in her fiances arms!

Murong Yun raised his eyebrows, Coincidence?

My Unrivalled Princess: I Won't Mess With You 3: Such A Coincidence

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