My Unrivalled Princess: I Won't Mess With You 4: As Luck Would Have It

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Coincidence? Yeah, if you put it that way. His princess-to-be, at such a late hour, fell off from other peoples roof.

She was wearing a nocturnal uniform, she did not look like she was in delicate health like she claimed to be.

Murong Yun soon collected himself and said, I guess it is a coincidence.

His voice was so nice, deep yet charming, Luo Qianqians heart was racing just listening to him.

She scrambled to jumped off from Murong Yuns arms, and straightened her uniform like this was not awkward at all, cough cough!

What should I say? Luo Qianqian thought to herself.

While Su Liancheng, who was standing aside, was now too shocked to close his mouth, Luo... Luo Qianqian, what are you doing here?

Hearing that, Luo Qianqian turned back to look at him, I didnt ask for it, I fell off from the roof.

Su Liancheng would not take that for an answer, Yeah, I figured, but what are you doing at such a late hour, I know, you are here to see Prince Eighth, you cannot wait to marry Prince Eighth!

Su Liancheng looked Luo Qianqian up and down while he teased her, tut tut, this girl had got a figure like a chopstick!

Su Lianchengs teasing actually served as Luo Qianqians excuse, she nodded with delight, Yeah, I am here to see Prince Eighth, none of your business, I reckon.

Ive never met such a thick-skinned woman in my life. Su Liancheng was gagged.

And so was Murong Yun.

She was here, for me?

Luo Qianqian looked around, wait, this was a herbal medical shop!

She was a bit short in cash at the moment, she meant to trade some stuff from her s.p.a.ce for some medicine, now she ran into Prince Eighth, and the most loaded guy in the capital city, this was her lucky day.

Thinking of that, Luo Qianqian kept staring at Su Liancheng like Su Liancheng was made of gold coins, and Su Liancheng found it quite uncomfortable.

He got nervous, he always bragged how he was a play boy and now he got nervous by a girls stare, Why... why are you staring at me?

Murong Yuns eyes turned dark and he said indifferently, I thought you were busy.

Su Liancheng knew his Brother Eighth was talking to him, he looked at his Brother Eighth and he turned to look at Luo Qianqian, Yeah, Im leaving, Im leaving now.

Sigh, his Brother Eighth, who grew up with him, now was asking him to leave for a woman.

On a second thought, this boded well! Brother Eighth had never landed his eyes on a woman before, let alone spending some alone time with a woman, this Luo Qianqian was about to become the first one.

So, so their betrothal was valid?

Seeing Su Liancheng walking to the door, Luo Qianqian tried to stop him, Wait, you cannot leave, who is paying for me?

What she said only made Su Liancheng walk faster, he even used Lightness Skill, soon he was nowhere to see.

Am I that intimidating?

You want to talk to him? Murong Yun, a man of few words, was talking now, for the second time tonight!

Luo Qianqian overlooked this detail, Yeah, kinda.

A touch of dissatisfaction flashed across Murong Yuns eyes, What for?

Luo Qianqian had to turn to this wallet now that Su Liancheng had fled.

Emm, Prince Eighth, can I borrow some money? I need some herbal medicine. Luo Qianqian was being honest, she could not bother to hide anything at this point.

Prince Eighths face turned less clouded, he stood up indifferently, Follow me.

Luo Qianqian did what she was told to.

Soon Prince Eighth got all the herbs Luo Qianqian was looking for, but Luo Qianqian found herself acting unnatural around this man, Why am I so nervous?

Prince Eighth... Luo Qianqian was interrupted by this man, Murong Yun.

Pardon? Luo Qianqian was confused.

Seeing that, Murong Yun explained gently, thats my name.

So, was Prince Eighth asking her to call him by his name, in such a gentle way?

If this scene was spotted by any other person, his jaw would drop! Prince Eighth, also known as General Invincible on the battlefield, was always cold and indifferent, who would expect he could be this gentle?

That was not the point at the moment, she had got what she was looking for, time to go now.

Prince Eighth, I got my medicine now, I might as well leave too. Luo Qianqian mustered up all her courage to say that to him.

Yet there was no reply.

She could not help but raise her head to see what was going on, Prince Eighth broke out in a cold sweat on his forehead, and he was trying to control his facial expression too.

Soon the man slumped into a chair next to him.

What... what was going on?

Xiaobai, being so experienced and knowledgeable, talked to Luo Qianqian in her mind, Master, it looks like he is poisoned.

Poisoned? Luo Qianqian was shocked and soon she started to defend herself, Not me! I didnt poison him.

Xiaobai was speechless, Im not saying its you. He must have been suffering this since he was a kid, it is called Frigid Poison, hard to suppress, full moon triggers paroxysm every month. It is as painful as giving birth to ten babies, Prince Eighth would have died if not for his strong internal chi.

What should we do? I wish I were a doctor. Luo Qianqian tried to talk to Murong Yun, Prince Eighth, are you all right?

Leave! Murong Yun looked at her, Luo Qianqian was shocked at what she was seeing.

His eyes turned scarlet red, killing intent loomed large in the medicine shop and turned this shop a terrible place.

Luo Qianqian was scared, Murong Yun did not look all right, it was not Frigid Poison!

Xiaobais voice rang in Luo Qianqians mind again, Could it be... could it be that low level poison? No! Master you have to leave now, before its too late! Prince Eighth will bite soon!

Wait what? Bite? Vampire?

Murong Yun grabbed Luo Qianqian before she realized it, and he pinned her down!

Luo Qianqian could tell Murong Yun was trying so hard to control himself, yet his trembling body told her he was in great pain.

Murong... Murong Yun? With it the mans lips with herb aroma were on Luo Qianqians lips.

What? Luo Qianqian was dumbfounded.

She was kissed by a vampire? d.a.m.n!

She wished she would give this man a piece of her mind, but she was too weak now.

That was a demanding kiss, Luo Qianqians lips were bleeding.

The smell of blood made Murong Yun came to his senses.

But he kissed Luo Qianqian harder.

My Unrivalled Princess: I Won't Mess With You 4: As Luck Would Have It

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