My Unrivalled Princess: I Won't Mess With You 5: For The Points

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That was a feverish kiss from this man, Luo Qianqian almost lost her temper.

The next second, she opened her mouth and bit him.

What the heck? Why was he kissing her?

Meanwhile, Su Liancheng who was worried about his Brother Eighth now returned to check on him...

What came to his sight was the scene where the two nestling in each others arms, how did that happen!

Brother Eighth, what are you... Su Lianchengs eyes were wide opened.

Cough cough, Luo Qianqian heard Su Lianchengs voice, she struggled to push Murong Yun away, she didnt know her lips now were a bit swollen from the kissing, making her look more attractive.

Murong Yun now had completely came to his senses, he frowned and all the blood thirst thoughts were gone. He stood up with grace, like nothing had happened.

Why was he not mad at what just happened, he was even a bit enjoying it?

Shameless Murong Yun! Luo Qianqian, on the other hand, screamed Murong Yuns name due to anger.

The man noticed Luo Qianqians swollen lips, which made her face even brighter...

Murong Yun reached out to Luo Qianqian, and wiped her lips, he said in a slow pace, My apologies, are you all right, Miss. Luo.

Little did Luo Qianqian expect the General Invincible would say something like that.

Luo Qianqian decided to let it go, Murong Yun did not do it on purpose, she would just think she was kissed by a dog.

Hmm, what would Murong Yun do if he knew Luo Qianqian thought him as a dog in her mind.

All right, Ill let this go considering you were poisoned. Luo Qianqian stepped back, still pouting. The fact Prince Eighth was poisoned was no secret, a lot people knew about it, they just did not know what poison it was.

Rumor had it Prince Eighth would do frightening things on full moon nights, and the poison also made him impotent.

Murong Yuns eyes sparkled, he could clearly feel his internal chi which was a mess was now running smoothly, was he all better now?

Su Liancheng also noticed there was something going on here, it normally took his Brother Eighth six hours to get better, how come he already acted normal now?

Could it be... Luo Qianqian?

The two exchanged a look subtly.

Luo Qianqian was determined to leave, Prince Eighth, please get some rest now that you are feeling unwell, I shall leave now. Dont worry, I wont tell a living soul what had happened, and I hope you can keep my secret too.

So cruel, right after the kiss?

Call me Murong Yun. 

Luo Qianqian took a deep breath, and tried to manage the smile on her face, did it really matter?

She corrected herself anyways, Murong Yun.

Hearing what he wanted to here, Murong Yun looked less sullen, and he nodded.

Even Murong Yun himself did not realize he was a different person in front of his princess-to-be, this girl, never failed to surprise him.

With that Luo Qianqian strode away holding the medicine in her hand.

Su Liancheng stared at Luo Qianqians receding figure, and walked to Murong Yun, Brother Eighth, she left just like that?

Shouldnt she be making a scene now, asking Murong Yun to be responsible?

Murong Yun resumed his aura, he would not look at Su Liancheng, let alone talk to him.

Su Liancheng who was used to be treated like this, looked Murong Yun up and down, Brother Eighth, are you all right?

Murong Yuns eyes turned unfathomable and he nodded.

Why it takes you such short time tonight? They looked all over the country for doctors, tried their best to help Brother Eighth, and tonight, Brother Eighth turned better within a blink of an eye!

And he looked like he was glowing, no blood thirst symptom.

Su Liancheng raised a bold theory, Is it because of Luo Qianqian? Who on earth is she?

If that was really the case, Luo Qianqian had to be Prince Eighths princess.

Prince Eighth agreed the betrothal to fool some people, but now it looked like...

Luo Qianqian now was the only woman Prince Eighth would land his eyes on after that day he met her in Prime Ministers Mansion.

Murong Yun did not know.

Was it because of the kiss? Was it the blood? Now he was not even suffering any sequela.

Luo Qianqian, how many secrets do you have in store for me?

To return to Luo Qianqian, now she had sneaked back to her room, and Xiaobais voice came, Master, master, you are rewarded fifty points for you happened to help Prince Eighth.

Bang. Luo Qianqian rolled over and fell off the bed.

But she stood up like nothing had happened, she dusted off her clothes and went to Xiaobai.

Fifty nine points now.


Great! She could live with the fact that Murong Yun just kissed him.

Fifty points! Now she was thinking could she earn points by kissing Murong Yun?

Master, your face has betrayed you, I know whats in your mind, you cant earn points by kissing Prince Eighth, you just happened to help him out. Xiaobai rolled its eye.

Luo Qianqian sneered, All right, all right. There went her one million coins idea.

She was counting on going back to 21st century by earning points.

She missed cakes, lollipops, snacks, cell phones and video games......

All right, time for business.

Xiaobai, Ive got all the herbal medicines here, come help me to refine the potions I need. She could not wait to do something to change her body now.

Xiaobai took over the herbs and started the procedure.

Luo Qianqian returned to her room humming and she lied down cozily, all she could think was how to become rich! She forgot to borrow some money from Prince Eighth when she said goodbye, hmm, they were going to get married, there was nothing wrong she borrowed some money now.

The scene where Murong Yun kissed her kept flas.h.i.+ng across her mind!

She kept telling herelf the only reason she was thinking about it was because that was her first time, that must be it!

Soon Luo Qianqian hypnotized herself to sleep.

My Unrivalled Princess: I Won't Mess With You 5: For The Points

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