The Celestial Law: Moved To The New Account 10 Dragons And Wyverns

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As Zhu Long watched from above, an aura extended from the center of the island, covering all the Demonic Beasts, forcing them on their knees, and then into prostration. All Demonic Beasts had a reverent expression. Finally, their lord was going to have a breakthrough and enter the legendary realm. Soon, they will regain their freedom and roam the continent ones more, as it's sole rulers.

Zhu Long also watched with interest. Though he had seen people from all races including the Demonic Beasts enter the Saint Transformation and above Realms, he still wanted to see if this one could actually survive and enter the Saint Transformation Realm in a world so poor in resources. If he was in his world, then he wouldn't even be interested in something like this as stepping into the Saint Transformation Realm was considered to be very easy.

As he watched everything, he heard the cry of multiple beasts as they flew out of the island. There were 4 beasts flying out, invoking reverie in the beasts surrounding the lake. Looking closely, two of the beasts in the Mortal Emperor Realm were look-alikes, just their colors were different. One was crimson bright, while the other was snow-white. With their wings spanning 20 meters, and the 4 legs, and 5 claws, together with their serpent-like bodies, and the strange white symbol on their foreheads, it didn't take long for Zhu Long to realize the two beasts were variants of the Dragon race.

As for the other 2 beasts that flew out, very different from the two dragons. Though the two of them were also from the Dragon race, they only had 2 legs, a dragons head, a diamond tail, and the two had dark skins. Wyverns, lesser or mixed dragons. They were the va.s.sals of the Dragon Clan in the ancient time until they got fed up with being slaves all their lives and waged a rebellion to regain their freedom from the Dragons. After fighting against them arduously, they Wyverns had finally regained their freedom, at a price so high that other races would never pay it.

What was surprising though, was a human sitting on the head of one of the wyverns. It was a woman, in the early phase of the Human G.o.d Realm. The woman had snow white skin and a beautiful face. Her hair was like a waterfall, falling to her waist, while her eyes appeared to be diamonds that were bright and spotless.

But, instead of a dress that should be worn by any ordinary human woman, the woman atop the wyvern had her body covered with dark-red scales, hiding her twin-peaks, and her sacred cave. Extending from her back were two wings, curled up, and a thick tail pointing upwards.

From the waterfall on her head, two protrusions grew out. They were her horns. Looking at her, Zhu Long felt a bit interested but not too much. That woman was also a variant but of a much higher level compared to the two Dragons from earlier. Being able to take a humanoid form before she even entered the Saint Transformation Realm was a testament to her exceptional talent and a pure bloodline.
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But, 'it was a pity,' Zhu Long thought. Though her talent and bloodline were purer every other beast in this world, her fate had been sealed as she was trapped here. If born into a world with better resources and freedom, her achievements would have been a lot exceptional than this. But pity was pity, there wasn't anything more. He wasn't obliged to help them grow or anything. Though her achievements would be high if she had an opportunity, they wouldn't be high enough to enter his vision.

So, he will just ignore the matter. And if he had to choose between her and the two Dragons, he would choose the two variant Dragons over her, as they were closer to True Dragons while she was closer to Wyverns. And Wyverns never had a high talent when it came to the long run, only Dragons did!

As he was thinking all this, clouds started to gather over the forest as thunders rumbled and crackled. All the Demonic Beasts in the vicinity of the lake looked above and then hurriedly looked down. The fear and reverence they had, increased many folds, as if, they had witnessed a G.o.d. And indeed, their reverence had to increase after they saw the purple lighting rumbling through the pitch-black clouds, flowing like a Dragon.

It was what their Ancestors had left records of, the legendary Heavenly Tribulation. The Heavens wouldn't allow any mortal, whether they be Beasts, Elves, Human, or any other races, to attain immense might without a Tribulation. It wasn't for any reason like the Heavens were jealous of one's talent. It was to test their will and perseverance and see if they were even worthy of the power they were going to achieve. To Heavens, it didn't matter whether the one who was going to break through was good or evil, to it, all that mattered was if that person's heart was firm enough.

If it wasn't, then they need not exist and could just disappear from the world, forgotten into the river of time. As the serpents and dragons soared inside the clouds of tribulation, all the Beasts were getting anxious. "Heavens, please help our lord reach the legendary realm, help our race to regain our place, honor, and prestige!" a crisp and sweet voice left the mouth of the woman atop the Wyvern in the air.

The woman turned to the two Dragons standing at the sh.o.r.e of the lake and said to them, "My children, pray to the Heavens for your father's success! Only then will we Demonic Beasts be able to regain what was stolen from our Ancestors, their pride, and their sovereignty!" It appeared the woman was the Queen of all the Demonic Beasts, wife of the Lord of all these Demonic Beasts, and the two Dragons were her children.

As the two Dragons heard their mothers words, they immediately bowed to the Heavens, praying in their hearts. After all, no matter who, they all feared and wors.h.i.+pped the Heavens, the ruler of all beings and their creator. In the memories, they had inherited from their Ancestors, that G.o.ds, Devils, and all other races were trivial. They appeared and then disappeared in the river of time. Nothing remained constant in the world. All that remained the same, existing from time immemorial were the Heavens.

Eras would change, races would be born and go extinct, new G.o.ds would rise, and much more. But the only one who never fell were the Heavens. Everyone else was just fleeting clouds, not worth mentioning, no matter how strong they were! Those who fear none were still afraid of Heavens. It was almighty and eternal, omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent.

Heavens will need to be feared and revered, while its prestige stayed unadulterated. All these Beasts did a ritual of fidelity to Heavens and none of them dared fly in the air, lest they provoke Heaven's wrath. As Zhu Long saw their actions and respect, he felt strange. Just how high did these people regard the Heavenly Laws, they were literally treating it as their Master. 'Wasn't it just a meager Heavenly Spirit? What was there to be so afraid?'

How would he know he was the only one who dared have these thoughts, completely disregarding Heavens as if they were nothing. There wasn't a second being who would dare act so haughty before the Heavenly Law and the Heavenly Spirits. They were the ones controlling the order of the world, keeping the myriad races in their place, preventing them from overreaching themselves.

As Zhu Long floated in the air, the tribulation had finally gathered completely. It was soon time for it to descend and test the Lord of these Demonic Beasts. Whether he survived or died, it all depended on his will now. Zhu Long watched with interest, while everyone else stared with bated breaths.


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