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As he looked from high above, Zhu Long could see the ma.s.sive city flooded with people of various races. The giant golden city walls, the murals of ancient saints, legendary weapons, demonic beasts, and the bright sun that floated with a person inside it. It was a grand view. The city guards stood over the wall every 3 meters.

The gate of the city was as grand as the wall. The gates were giant, built with dark-gold, and lined with radiant and expensive jewels, and diamonds. On both sides of the gate stood two t.i.tans holding large golden swords, appearing immensely intimidated, giving off an aura of mythical warriors, suppressing anyone who entered the city.

On top of the gate hung a golden plaque with the words,

"Holy Saint Exalted Empire" written in domineering calligraphy.

The entire city and everything within ten thousand miles around it, all was part of the Empire. Unlike how other Empires worked, Holy Saint Exalted Empire was limited to a single city spanning three hundred miles, with its border extending as far as ten thousand miles. In that entire circ.u.mference, there were no other towns, nor cities. Everything was part of the Empire.

Outside that ten thousand mile radius were the three strongest Tier-1 Kingdoms, standing as the guardians of the Empire. The Empire itself was located at the point where Natural Energies were the most concentrated. Everyone in the city was a Cultivator and only Cultivators above the Nascent Soul Formation Stage were allowed entry unless, of course, the Cultivator was born in the Holy Saint Exalted Empire.

If born inside the Empire, then there weren't any limits for one's Cultivation level. Zhu Long had floated above the Empire for over a few hours now, observing the entire city, getting familiar with the cultures, races, laws, and the standards of living. It wasn't because of fear, nor did he care about their laws, cultures, or standards. He observed them so he could find out a place where these people won't come and disturb him. He wasn't interested in dealing with every single pest.

And the fact that the Empire was filled with Cultivators, there would always be fools coming forward to ask for death. Killing them was easy, but their bulls.h.i.+t was annoying. Zhu Long just wanted to find a quiet place where he could mend the internal injuries he had suffered and calm down his prowess that had been raging inside his Dantian, and his distorting Sea of Consciousness.

Zhu Long once again swept his vision over the entire Empire, turned around and disappeared. The next moment, Zhu Long appeared inside a gigantic forest over a thousand miles away from the Empire's city. The trees in the forest reached as high as 300 meters, with a girth as thick as 70-100 meters. Demonic Beasts at the True Spirit Integration Stage and above inhabited the forest.

It was the Forest of Forbidden Dawn, a place where the light of ground never saw the light of the sun. A place where those below Mortal G.o.d Realm never dared to step foot into. It was a nightmare for those who weren't strong enough. The forest was 10 times larger than the Empire's Imperial City, spanning 3-thousand miles. Zhu Long's figure flashed and a moment later, he appeared over a huge crystal clear lake spanning 400 miles, in the middle of the forest.

The crystal clear lake overflowed with Natural Energies that were condensed into vapors, dimming one's vision, creating a peculiar and beautiful scene. The ancient trees added to the beauty of the lake. Adorning the lake was a small island in its center, rooted there, appearing so calm and prosperous. The Natural Energy Concentration was the highest in that island.

All around the bank of the lake, there were hundreds of Demonic Beasts in prostration towards the island, paying homage and respect. The unbelievable aspect about those Demonic Beasts was there Cultivation, Human Kings, over 100 Human Kings. Just one of them was enough to wreak havoc in the Continent, let alone a hundred of them. They could easily decimate the entire Holy Saint Empire, just like elephants stomp ants on their way.

Behind those Human Kings stood over a thousand Human Lords, followed by Human Ascendants. There were no other Demonic Beasts in this display. Any Demonic Beast in the Mortal G.o.d or below realm just stayed in the forest, watching over their territories. With this army of Demonic Beasts, it was easy to decimate the entire Empire within a single day. Every Kingdom would fall immediately.

Zhu Long had already checked the highest Cultivation in the Empire. And unlike what Ding Wenfeng said, there was still an old monster of Human King Realm hiding in the depths of the Imperial City. His vitality wasn't very strong, so it was apparent that the man could only live for another 1000-2000 years. That too, on the premise of Human Kings having a lifespan of over 15000 years.

This forest was far too strong for this Continent, yet the people lived normally, without any fear of being invaded. It was obvious, after all, there was a barrier surrounding the forest, preventing any Demonic Beast to leave this place. It only allowed humans to enter and leave, and imprisoned the Demonic Beasts.

These Demonic Beastshad lived in this forest for as long as they could remember, and they too had heard about the great war over a million years ago where humans and other races waged war on them and dominated the continent that ones belonged to them. In the hearts of these Demonic Beasts, the other races were their biggest enemies, their natural nemesis.

The hatred they had for the other races was as high as the Heavens, ready to burst and annihilate all other races, have their revenge, and dominate the entire world ones more. They were the only ones worthy of being the rulers of the continent, the true masters of the various races. And soon, they will have their revenge as they will break out of this forest and dominate the world as they know it.

All of them paid their homage and respects to their Lord, the strongest Demonic Beast in the forest. These Demonic Beasts had been biding their time, waiting for their strongest ruler to break through into the legendary realm. Once that happened, all their efforts and the sacrifice they made by giving part of their Cultivation year after year, generation after generation would all be worth it.

As Zhu Long looked towards the island, he could feel six existences even stronger than the Human Kings present here. There were 3 Human Emperors inside, together with 2 Early Human G.o.ds, and 1 Peak Human G.o.d, on the verge of having a breakthrough. Once that Demonic Beast had a breakthrough, it will enter the Saint Transformation Realm, reaching a level of strength enough to leave the barrier around this forest.

But, it wasn't easy to step into the Saint Transformation Realm. There will always be a Heavenly Tribulation before a transformation. Only those who could survive that would have a chance to step into a higher realm, reaching a higher level of existence. Just the fact that a Demonic Beast could reach such a level was a surprise to Zhu Long. In a world like this, with such a weak level of Natural Energies, even the strongest being for the other races was just a Human Lord, with a Human King hiding in seclusion, unknown.

But here, there were so many Human Kings and even Human Emperors and G.o.ds. 'These Demonic Beast sure were diligent when it came to their Cultivation,' as Zhu Long looked towards them, he praised their perseverance in his heart. He had never looked down on Demonic Beasts. As long as the Demonic Beasts reached the Human Ascendant Realm, their level of wisdom would be on the same level as Humans, or even better, in some variants. They weren't any less than Humans.

And those Demonic Beasts that could step into the Saint Transformation Realm even had the ability to transform into humanoid beings. What Zhu Long liked about these Demonic Beasts were their straightforwardness and honesty. Unlike humans, who were sinister and cunning, Demonic Beasts hated schemes and tricks while hiding in the dark. To them, strength was the absolute truth.

Whoever had the mightier fist would be the Lord of all. It was easy to subdue them and gain their obeisance. Though he didn't need it, he could be sure that no one would come and disturb him. On top of that, the island was really beautiful and calming, much better than the flamboyant and noisy city. Even with all these Demonic Beasts present here, there wasn't any noise at all, everything was as still as water.

It was the place to spend the few years he needed to recover completely.
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