The Celestial Law: Moved To The New Account 8 A World With Gods And Devils

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After spending over two hours, Zhu Long finally calmed the three children. Next, it was time to give them there parting gifts, and then he will leave for the Empire. Zhu Long held the three close to himself, and a bright light shone from his body. Soon, from inside his body, three lights left and burrowed themselves between the brows of the three.

The children didn't know what happened, nor did anyone else in the room did. After a while, the light disappeared, and everything returned to normal. The three children had fallen asleep in his embrace, deep in their sweet dreams. Zhu Long beckoned to their parents and said, "Bring them to their rooms. The three of them will be asleep for a day, at most two. There isn't anything to be worried about."

In truth, it wasn't necessary for Zhu Long to a.s.sure them as they already had absolute trust in him. Ding Wenfeng had already told everyone that Zhu Long would never bring harm to their family, so they need not be worried. Over the few days, they had seen for themselves how Zhu Long treated the children. He loved them as much as they, their parents, did. Instead, all of them were excited for what their children's fate might be.

When the light shone just now, all of them had felt a feeling of reverence and wors.h.i.+p well up in their hearts. Their bodies had trembled, and they seemed to have the illusion that a G.o.d had descended. Ding Wenfeng was about to bow and thank Zhu Long for the grace his grandchildren received, but he was cut off by Zhu Long,

"No need. I will only say this once, so you better listen well. Their future Cultivation will be much faster while their natural talent is much greater than even the Saints in this world. I don't care what feuds you people created in your life, nor do I care about the wars you ants fight. You remember well. You can wage wars, slaughter people, create grievances, do whatever you want; but~ if you dared involve the three children in your mess..., I don't mind destroying a few Kingdoms."

By the time Zhu Long finished his words, the people in the room were flooding in perspiration. What he said was a threat, a naked threat! The thoughts of reaching for higher powers that almost sprouted in Ding Wenfeng's heart got smashed into his heart in an instant. He wasn't a fool; though Zhu Long said he didn't mind destroying a few Kingdoms, what it truly meant was their family.

With the three children having received the grace of someone like Zhu Long, it wouldn't be long before their family rose to prominence, becoming the rulers of a Kingdom of their own. Not only that. They might even have a chance at ruling over a Tier-1 Kingdom, being second only to the Empire. Though Ding Wenfeng was loyal to the Golden Sun Kingdom, even he wanted royal authority and power!

But now, he didn't dare have any dreams of obtaining what he couldn't have. "Honorable Sir, then, are we allowed to let our grandchildren Cultivate," Old Xiao asked respectfully. He had been with Ding Wenfeng for more than 80 years. It was impossible for him not to know what was inside Ding Wenfeng's heart.

Zhu Long looked towards Old Xiao and said with a voice full of disdain and ridicule, "Why else do you think I increased their natural talent? It wasn't for show. It was so they can have high Cultivation achievements in the future. What I told you, in simple words, is that you aren't allowed to use the children for your own selfish motives. They have their freedom, so you better not have any thoughts about making use of their talent, ability, and power as a bargaining chip!"

"Yes, yes, yes! How could we use our children as bargaining chips? Please don't worry, Honorable Sir. We will certainly not let our grandchildren come to any harm," Old Xiao said immediately, trying to end the situation as soon as possible and send this man away. "Worry? It's you who will be worried if you dared go against my words! Also, the children have a special seal in their bodies to protect them. Through it, I will be able to know about them at all times. So, if you have the guts of some G.o.d, you are welcome to try me."

With these words, Zhu Long stood up and walked out of the room, leaving the Manor. As for being able to know about the children's condition at all times, that was a hoax. He wasn't free enough to stalk children's lives at all times, no, even for a moment. He only said it to make Ding Wenfeng and his family a bit fearful even when he left this place. As for returning to this place, that was probably impossible. Standing outside the Manor, Zhu Long looked towards the sky and lightly whispered,

"I will find you soon! Wait for me, and we will carve our way back!"

As for who these words were meant to be, only he himself knew. With clear and bright eyes, Zhu Long looked towards the east. Ding Wenfeng had already provided him with a map, and Zhu Long had already memorized the map. He was going to go to the Empire directly. Though it wasn't going to be as good as the place he was from, heck, it wouldn't even be comparable to the dust of that place, it was still better than the Golden Sun Kingdom.

As for the wars and infights of the Golden Sun Kingdom and their neighboring countries, they had nothing to do with Zhu Long. As long as no one came to seek death, Zhu Long wasn't free enough to bother with others. It was only a whim that he chose those three little children of all the people in this world.

As he was looking towards the east, Zhu Long disappeared from the location he was standing at. He left the city and left the Golden Sun Kingdom, never to return again. Behind him, as Ding Wenfeng saw Zhu Long just disappear without a trace, he realized that he underestimated the man. The man was probably even stronger than Human Ascendants and Human Lords. Thinking till here, Ding Wenfeng's hurt started to beat wildly as he remembered a legend his teacher had told him about.

"Wenfeng, always remember. There is always a higher mountain, a vaster sky, a colossus ocean, and a more magnificent Heaven then what we know about!" Ding Wenfeng's teacher had said, lying on the roof of his home, looking towards the vast, starry sky,

"Wenfeng, do you see those stars? Each and every one of them can be a world of their own! In the history of the Exalted Empire, there is a legend about the origin of the great Saint who lead the myriad races to a conquest against the Demonic Beasts. No, it is considered to be words from the Saint himself. The Saint said,"

{ Far beyond the skies of this world is a land so vast, one cannot even imagine it's sheer scale. Compared to that place, this continent ruled by these Demonic Beast is akin to an anthill ruled by ants. Before the Lords in that world, let alone these Demonic Beasts, even if we all joined forces, we will still be stomped like ants! Haiz! This place is much better for a man like me! }

Ding Wenfeng's teacher told him these words to let him know that they all were just insignificant ants before the vast world out there. It was to let him know they weren't the only one, to let him know how there might be people who could destroy their world as they knew it in an instant. How be the people in those worlds having a life much crueler than theirs?

Now that Ding Wenfeng thought about it, he was the one who told Zhu Long everything regarding the entire continent! When Zhu Long was listening to his words, he had no expression, but Ding Wenfeng could tell it was because that man truly didn't know about the continent. At that time, Ding Wenfeng had felt strange but didn't ask about it.
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But now when he thought about the matter, it was indeed strange. To top it off, the fact that Zhu Long fell from the sky was already suspicious, no, proof enough that the man might be from those stars his teacher always told him about. 'What if Zhu Long was like the Saint who fell from the sky? What if there was really a much vaster world out there? A world with G.o.ds and Devils! What kind of world would that be?' he thought.

The Celestial Law: Moved To The New Account 8 A World With Gods And Devils

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