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After watching the show at the Children's Theatre, all of them returned to the Manor. Zhu Long played around with the children and stayed in his room most of the time. Just like that, a week pa.s.sed.


As Zhu Long sat in his room, he heard a knock on the door. "Enter," as soon as his words fell, the door opened, and Ding Wenfeng entered. Following after Ding Wenfeng was Old Xiao. Ding Wenfeng arrived before Zhu Long and said lightly, "Sir, the King of our Golden Sun Kingdom invites you to the Capital. He would like to have a feast in your honor! You will also be able to travel to the Exalted Empire from the Capital!"

"Oh. I am not interested in that feast. You can have it to yourself. Also, I will leave today so give me a map of the Empire, no need for anything else," Zhu Long said. Listening to his reply and the fact he rejected the invitation, Ding Wenfeng didn't feel good in his heart. After all, it was an invitation from their King. Though the King wasn't anything before this man, he still held a high position. Giving him a bit of face wouldn't be too much right?

But he dared not think more, nor did he dare show any displeasure. The King had already said that it depended on the man if he agreed to the invitation or not. If he did, then good; if he didn't, then what could they do. Weren't they just weaklings? It was already a good deal for them that the man wasn't an enemy, nor was he here to cause them any trouble. If he was an enemy, the King of Golden Sun Kingdom didn't even dare imagine the consequences!

The King trusted Old Xiao and Ding Wenfeng, and so, there wasn't any need to doubt their words. The moment the Golden Parchment was presented before him; he knew it was a serious matter. So he immediately commanded Old Xiao to invite the 'Honorable Sir' over to the Capital for a feast. In the Martial World, it was necessary to maintain a hierarchy. The weaker Cultivators always had to respect the stronger ones.

And those who tried to overreach themselves always had one end, absolute destruction. Even their family lineages might get ruined because of a single moment of negligence. Rarely did any weaker Cultivator tried to be arrogant before someone stronger. And the ones brave enough to do that were almost all dead. They were the ones called the biggest fools in the Martial World.

On top of that, their Golden Sun Kingdom was only a Tier-3 Kingdom, having a few Mortal Kings and the Martial Lords. It was impossible for them to contend against someone who could make Ding Wenfeng feel afraid, while his heart wors.h.i.+p, wanting to pay obeisance with his life. It was better not to get involved with these monsters who had nothing to do with their Kingdoms.

After all, if someone like him got interested in the matter of their Kingdom, then their fates won't be theirs. Their lives won't be in their hearts, and their deaths might not be as natural as they should be. The Golden Sun King had lived a long life and seen a lot of people. He wasn't a fool, nor did he want his fate or his Kingdom's fate to fall into another man's hand. That... would be a tragedy!

After Zhu Long gave his words, Ding Wenfeng didn't say anything else. Just when he was going to excuse himself and leave the room, he heard Zhu Long's words, "Right. Bring the three children over here. I will give them a parting gift." These words made Ding Wenfeng, and Old Xiao's hearts almost burst with happiness. They immediately rushed outside to bring the three children over here.

Both of them were old foxes. How could they not know the so-called 'parting gift' was going to be a Heavenly opportunity for their grandchildren. After all, a man who stood almost at the pinnacle of even the Exalted Empire; how could something that is given by him be of little value. Even a bit of pointer could make a warrior out of a chicken. It was a blessing for their children.

So what if they themselves had low talent, and couldn't advance further. Their grandchildren will certainly have a much better future because of the 'parting gift' they were going to receive. Who knew, their grandchildren might even be able to step into the Mortal G.o.d, or even higher, the legendary Human Ascendant Realm in the future.

If they did, then it would be a boon for generations of their descendants to come. Their names might even go down in history, while their families and descendants prosper for centuries...

After a while, Old Xiao and Ding Wenfeng returned with the three children, followed by the children's parents. As soon as the children saw Zhu Long, they went to him and got on the sofa he was sitting on, clinging to him. In only one week, Zhu Long had become very close to the children, taking them out to play every day. The three children just wanted to cling on to him now and play with him at all times.

But unfortunately, their parents won't allow that as they had to study as well. The little time they got with him, they enjoyed it very much. The one who was closest to Zhu Long was the little girl, ChueChue. As she was the youngest and the most adorable, even her parents didn't like to see her sad, so they allowed her to play a bit longer than the two boys. 'The parents were biased,' the two boys complained every day.

As always, ChueChue was the first one to cling to Zhu Long, hugging him even though her small hands couldn't wrap around his big body. Zhu Long patted her head, also the two boys. "Take a seat wherever you like. Don't crowd around me," Zhu Long said to the adults standing around him. He felt they were annoying. Was there a need to stand so close, that too, in a circle? Not like he was going to run away without giving a parting gift to the children!

"Hmm. ChueChue, Li'l Xun, Li'l Ye; big brother is going to leave this place today. Tell big brother what you want, big brother will get it for you three!" Zhu Long said to them with a light smile, treating them like his own children. That's just how he was. He remembered his childhood, so he always loved children. Though it was impossible for any child to go through the same fate as him, even a little trauma might turn to a ma.s.sive demon in their hearts.

And it wasn't just him being alarmist. Zhu Long had seen people like that, no, he had seen monsters that were birthed like that. It was true that the three children or their family had nothing to do with him, nor was it possible for them to ever become a threat to him. Even if he never got involved with them, there lives will continue, unaffected by anyone else existence or extinction.

But, treating them well wasn't because Zhu Long was a kind Samaritan who loved people and who would sacrifice his life for others, he wasn't. Zhu Long wasn't great nor was he some kind Buddha. He had lived a very long time and seen the world from a lot of perspectives. The reason he treated them well was for his own sake. It was to build up Karma, to break the shackles that bound him, to be free and unfettered.
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After having lived for a very long time, he had built up Karma, a lot of it. But the crux of the issue was, the Karma he had was all from the evil he committed in the past. As for the good he did; he didn't even know if he ever did any good. That's why he wanted to build up Karma. He already treated children well even when he was evil, so it wasn't hard to use that method.

There probably wasn't anyone other than him who understood the matters of Fate, Samsara, Karma, Heaven, and Earth clearly. Today, he will leave behind a seed in the form of a parting gift, and in the far future, he will certainly have his share of the fruit.


As the children heard him say he was leaving, their expressions became ugly as they held onto him tighter. Especially the little girl, she clenched onto his robes with her cute little fingers and bit onto his robe with all her might. With a cute but determined expression, she didn't say anything and only held onto him.

Zhu Long gently opened her clenched teeth and freed his robe, "What am I going to do if our ChueChue hurt her teeth? Come, let go of big brother." "No!" Not only the little girl, even the two boys yelled at the same time. "Big brother, why are you leaving ChueChue? Don't you like ChueChue anymore?" As the little girl said that, her eyes welled up with tears. The other adults didn't dare say anything, they just watched from the sidelines.

"Who says I don't like my ChueChue anymore? Big brother loves ChueChue the most! But big brother has a lot of things to do, so big brother must leave. So, don't cry. Big brother will come to visit you in the future!" Zhu Long said while wiping the tears on her face. Just like the little girl, the two boys also had tears in their eyes. Zhu Long simply sighed. In life, everything must come to an end. He had to leave and the children had to grow and soar in a sky of his own.


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