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As all the Demonic Beasts just lay there like beaten dogs, all of them had resentment in their hearts. Why were they also suffering when they didn't even do anything? Wasn't it just an attack? They guy wasn't even hurt! Was it necessary to make the poor they suffer like this? Their hearts were bleeding with injustice!

"Alright, alright, no need to give me that pitiful look! If you wanna blame someone; blame your foolish Lord who wanted a fight to the death!" Zhu Long said lazily, "I am already very merciful by not making a stew and soup out of you. But you all dare give me that resentful look. Are you all tired of living now?"

As the Demonic Beasts heard his words, their breathing hastened as they felt they would vomit blood. They were mighty Beasts that would one day rule the world, yet the man had thoughts of turning them into stew and soup! What bigger disgrace could there be? Were they the same as food before this man? Did they not have any more value than that? Like, he could have said slaves or something, that at least made them appear as if they had some use! But what did he mean by 'stew and soup,' didn't that mean they were as worthless as common animals!

All of them bled in their hearts, while the Demonic Beast Lord was drowned in sorrow. The pitiful guy had just broken through. He should be the strongest being here. He should be receiving the honor, riches, territories, and supremacy. Yet what did he get? A beating! That too, really violent! The other Beasts only felt like vomiting, but this pitiful guy was already bleeding from not only his heart but also his seven orifices!

'Cruel! This man is so ruthless, Ah! I hadn't even said a word to my people! I still need to get out of this G.o.dd.a.m.n forest, ah! Why just why do I have to suffer this kind of fate? What kind of feud I had with this man in my previous life, just who had I offended?'

The poor guy had tears streaming down his face, tears of blood! As Zhu Long looked over all the Beasts, he felt this much was enough. These fools will probably know their place from now on. As long as they behaved well, he would let them do as they pleased. With those thoughts, he retracted his pressure and let them retain their ability and freedom.

"Hmm, you little snakes and whatever better listen well. Starting right now, that island belongs to me, this lake belongs to me, this forest also belongs to me. As for you all~You can stay or you can f.u.c.k off! But if any of you dared to disturb me, hehe, your fate would be even worse than that guy lying over there!" As Zhu Long said all this, he looked towards the Demonic Beast Lord lying down on the island.

All the beasts felt a chill go down their hearts as they saw their Lords appearance and felt pity for him. Poor him, he got the fruit of his own arrogance, poor him! But then they remembered their home had been s.n.a.t.c.hed away by the man in front and felt even worse for themselves. Just when all of the beasts were feeling down and helpless, the red variant Dragon spoke,

"We~ We won't let you take our home! This forest and the island belongs to all of us. We have been living here for years. How can you kick us out of our home? We won't leave!"

"Right, right, we won't leave. You are the one who should leave! Leave! Leave! Leave! We are the inhabitants of this forest! This is our forest, we won't let you have it!" the white variant said.

As the Demonic Beasts heard the words of the variant Dragons, they all praised them in their hearts. The woman, the Demonic Lord, and the two Wyverns, on the other hand, felt their facial muscles twitch as a bad premonition flooded their minds. And it was as expected. The moment the two Dragons words fell, Zhu Long raised his hand and pointed a finger towards them.

"You two sure are ungrateful, eh. I even let you two of the hook and didn't put any pressure on you 'cause you two are close to turning into True Dragons, but you just don't know how to thank someone for their kindness, right! Good, good, good! You want to stay in your home, good! I will let you two brats stay here permanently!" As he finished his words, a darkness that could freeze the heart and chill the soul converged at the tip of his fingertip.

As the various Beast saw it, and the words he spoke before, all of them closed their eyes. They didn't want to see the deaths of the two variant Dragons. The Demonic Beast Lord, the Wyverns, and the woman wanted to rush forward and save the two by sacrificing themselves, but they realized they had no ability to move. It was as if time had frozen. Their hearts, eyes, and faces filled with despair. The woman felt her mind go blank as her eyes turned lifeless. 'My children...'

The Demonic Beast Lord's heart filled with even more regret as he looked towards his children with despair and anxiousness. They were his heirs, the ones who would bring his race to greater heights after him, leading them to conquer the vast continent. But now, all his dreams were going to shatter and turn to dust.

As the two variant Dragons saw the darkness, though they felt their hearts chilled, souls freeze, and fear overtake, they didn't back off. Instead, the two came forward, and stood proudly, accepting their fate. In their hearts, they were thinking, 'It's better to die valiantly, then to live as dogs kicked out of their homes!'

In the very next moment, under the vision of the Demonic Beast Lord, his wife, the two Wyverns, and a few Demonic Beasts, the darkness shot towards the two variant Dragons, engulfing them whole. Everything in the vicinity of the darkness started to corrode and turn to ash. The darkness ate whatever it touched.

Everyone felt Zhu Long was far too cruel. He was a devil beyond retribution who needed to be struck down by the Heavens. Not only did he took over everything that belonged to them, he even killed the only to who tried to resist. They felt immense respect and wors.h.i.+p for the two variant Dragons who sacrificed their lives for the truth and their homes, that too, proudly.

It allowed the Demonic Beasts to remember their purpose. So what if they were weak? So what even if he was G.o.d? So what if they couldn't resist? So what if they will all die today? Today, they all must fight to their deaths! Today, they all must die an honorable death, and not the death of a dog that ran away from a fight! If they couldn't do that, then they didn't deserve to live in this world! They could just commit suicide, no, they should just commit suicide if they accepted a life like that! A life of mediocrity, fear, and regret!

Death was better than a low life like that! All the beasts roared and released all of their auras and killing intent, aiming towards Zhu Long. They were prepared to attack him with their lives and fight to the bitter end even if they had to blow up their Beast Core and annihilate the entire forest! Today, they wouldn't go down without a fight! It was 'now or never!' It was a moment to give their all and take back their honor and pride!

As all the Beasts, including the Demonic Beast Lord, his wife, and the two Wyverns were about to launch their a.s.sault, they felt the sky descend on them, smas.h.i.+ng them into the ground, forming deep pits. All their Cultivation was sealed and their bodies were bound. All resistance disappeared, and all hope vanished, while their honor, and pride turned to smoke worth nothing!

It was a tragedy! It took a moment for all of them to be SUBDUED!


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The Celestial Law: Moved To The New Account 12 Subdued

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