The Celestial Law: Moved To The New Account 13 Two Voices

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As all the beasts looked towards the darkness that ate everything, their hearts sank. They all wanted to save the two Dragons, but what could they do? They were bound to the ground just like dead dogs as their eyes filled with resentment, despair, and unwillingness. The two variant Dragons, the future of their race, were now gone. Everything turned to nothing!

After the darkness had engulfed the two Dragons for a while, Zhu Long felt the corner of his eye twitch. The two variant Dragons supposed to be already dead were still alive, though barely. Their bodies had corroded a lot. Their scales melted and evaporated, their flesh turned dark, their vitality sucked almost dry, just a step away from death! It was one step, but they wouldn't take that step.

It was impossible for the two of them to resist Zhu Long's power, and there was someone or something else trying to keep them alive, barely. Zhu Long could feel the aura of the existence protecting them, and he even thought it familiar. But that was it. He couldn't remember where he had felt that before.

If they weren't going to die like this, he just needed to use more power. He wanted to see who was getting in his way at this time. And then, he will deal with them. Zhu Long pointed ones more, gathering even more darkness on his fingertip, launching it towards the already engulfed variant Dragons. As the darkness arrived next to them and was about to swallow everything whole, a light descended from the Heavens, obliterating all darkness.

As he saw the light, only then did Zhu Long remember where he had felt that familiar feeling. As Zhu Long looked towards the sky, he narrowed his eyes. With his eyes turning abyssal-dark ones more, he peered through the light. After staring for a while, he looked away. Zhu Long turned towards the two variant Dragons that were lying on the ground, barely alive, and looked through them, peering open all their secrets.

"Is there even a need to waste effort on these trash snakes? No matter how you protect them, as long as they stay in this lower realm, they will not have any achievements in the future!" Zhu Long spoke as his eyes returned to normal. His words received no reply. After a few moments, a voice came from the Heavens,

"If you take them..."

The voice was a peculiar and genderless voice, with its pitch getting high and low in the few words it said. But, for some reason, all the Beasts felt it was a very soothing voice. The pain they felt was also relieved, as their minds cleared up. They felt a G.o.d had descended on them, coming to be their savior. All of them prayed for freedom from the devil before them.
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"You want me to waste my effort on trash. I don't have that much free time!" Zhu Long replied with disdain. Though it was possible for him to help the two variant Dragons to reach a very high level, he wasn't that free, nor did he do charity work. "Don't tell me you b.a.s.t.a.r.ds conspired against me, sending me to this low realm!" Zhu Long spoke as his eyes narrowed, releasing a dark and destructive aura.

"It was something decided by the Trinity in the Celestial Law! We have nothing to do with it," the voice replied hastily. It didn't want to get involved in this, but it was forced to do this. If it had a free will of its own, it would never go forward and deal with the monster before it. Who didn't know what kind of man standing before it was? He had a short temper, and if he went mad, who could stop him!

Even the Celestial Law had to take a lot of things into consideration and ask for help from a lot of powerhouses merely to send him to this world. That too, on the premise, that the man was very injured and had his Cultivation drop after a great war. Though they said the man never gave face to anyone, there were still people in the Celestial Law who's actions he overlooked. It was the best choice to dump everything over to them, and everything will be alright!

"Why?" Zhu Long asked as he calmed down. If it was Trinity who decided to do this, then there was no reason to make things too difficult for the voice. He could deal with those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds when he returned.

"Why?! I don't know that much, I...I have heard rumors though. They...they said it was because of a prophecy." The voice said with some reservations. This time, the only one who heard its words was Zhu Long. The other Beasts couldn't listen to their conversation anymore. They simply trembled where they were.

"What about these two snakes? Why save them?" Zhu Long asked in his mind. "They aren't snakes though! They are Dragons! True Dragons at that!" The voice replied. "It's the same thing." Zhu Long said with disdain. What difference was there between the two. Dragons just grew legs and wings, everything else was the same. "..." Listening to his words, the voice was speechless. It had nothing to say. In its heart, the voice thought,

'The heck do you mean 'the same thing'? Dragons are one of the greatest races dammit! They are the rulers of all Beasts you know! Yet you compare them to snakes. Isn't that level of arrogance too much even if you are really strong! And even if you are strong, there are still people in the Celestial Law stronger than you, humph!'

But that was only a thought. The voice dared not say it out loud. Just when the voice was about to say something, another voice interjected,

"The Celestial Law discovered them a few years ago. The two Dragons are special as they are one of their kind with a chance to reach Atavism! The Law wants you to look after them and help them reach a high level. If they can reach Atavism, then we will have another trump card for the future! We hope you will not refuse our request. You can even treat them as your steed if you want, but please, help raise their Cultivation! Also, there are a lot of treasures in this world!"

"What treasures? Is there even anything worth my time. No matter how valuable it is, I can always take out something more valuable!" Zhu Long replied. The two voices remained quiet for a moment. After a while, the second voice spoke again, "Your illness will flare up in a few years. There might be a cure in this world, but the chances are low. Yuyan confirmed it!"

As Zhu Long heard about the cure, his pupils constricted. Though he didn't care about the illness, not having it will save a lot of time and effort. If he could get rid of it, that would be great for their future plans!

"Is it necessary to have these two snakes?" Zhu Long asked. He still didn't want to look over the two Dragons. It was too much effort teaching illiterates like them. He would rather look for the cure while he was healing himself. And if he couldn't find one, then he will just give up and deal with the matters in another way.

"It is necessary as we also need them for other matters! Also, they aren't the reason you were sent here, it was another prophecy from Yuyan that made us decide to send you here! It was Yuyan who said you could get rid of your illness if you go to this world. Yuyan also said the cure will find you, you need not find it! Also, there is something that could decide the outcome of the battle in our favor. We knew you wouldn't agree to go to this world, so we had to do it when you were vulnerable." The second voice spoke again.

"What bulls.h.i.+t? If it was that easy, I wouldn't need a prophecy from him. I would have done it myself," Zhu Long said. Though he said that, he still trusted the words. The prophecies made by Yuyan had a staggering 99 percent chance of being true.

"What else is there, speak already! I don't have time for all this!" Zhu Long said. He will deal with them for sure.

"Umm, there's nothing more. Also, don't kill the two Dragons. As for the rest of the world, well, you can do whatever you want!" The voice said as the light disappeared and everything returned to normal.

Zhu Long looked towards the two variant Dragons and smiled, "Hehe, be happy as there are people who wanted to save you. Well, whatever. I will do as they said and use you two as steeds." As Zhu Long finished his words, he lifted his arm, and dark chains appeared on his arm. With a wave of his hand, all the chains went towards the two injured Dragons and wrapped around them, binding them.

As the chains bound them, the two Dragons roared in pain and tried to resist. But it was all in vain as the chains dug into their bodies, Beast Cores, and Sea of Consciousness, turning them into pets that had no freedom!


[[Author note: Yuyan is a t.i.tle, not a woman's name!]]

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The Celestial Law: Moved To The New Account 13 Two Voices

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