The Celestial Law: Moved To The New Account 14 5 Years

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As the chains bound them, the two Dragons roared in pain and tried to resist. But it was all in vain as the shackles dug into their bodies, Beast Cores, and Sea of Consciousness, turning them into pets that had no freedom!

Soon, their torn and messed up bodies started to regenerate at speed visible to the naked eye. Their flesh healed, wings grew, scales formed, and vitality soared. In just half an hour, the two variant Dragons were as good as new without a single scratch on their bodies. All Demonic Beasts in the vicinity were stunned. It was a miracle never seen before. Something no one could do.

He healed them like it was nothing. The condition that was impossible to recover from disappeared in an instant. It was like magic. All of them wondered just how strong the man before them might be. Healing someone on the verge of death like that wasn't something anyone could do. They also remembered the light and the voice from before. That light had obliterated the darkness produced by this man, and its sound was also very soothing. They believed that light was G.o.d who had stopped this man from his ways.

All the Demonic Beasts including the Demonic Beast Lord bowed and thanked the light in their hearts. It had saved their lives from the monster above them. Now the only thing remaining was if the man was also going to leave or not. They wished for him to leave the very next moment. They didn't want to get involved with the man nor did they want their home to be s.n.a.t.c.hed by him.

All they wanted was to live the rest of their lives in peace. As for going out and invading the world? After this encounter, they lost all heart for that. The next generation can do that stuff. They never wanted to have such thoughts again. The outside world was too cruel. They were great where they were. Who could guarantee there won't be other monsters like him out there?

Once the two variant Dragons had recovered thoroughly, they growled towards the dark chains binding them clawed onto them trying to break them. But all their efforts were in vain as they couldn't even scratch those chains. They could only helplessly stay where they were without having any power in them. The two variant Dragons looked towards Zhu Long with hatred and resentment. In return, the only response they got was a disdainful look and nothing more.

The two Dragons were fuming in their hearts as the red one asked, "What are these chains? Release us from them! I am telling you, you better release the two of us!" The white Dragon also nodded to the red Dragon's words. It also wanted to get rid of the chains.

As the two Dragons were complaining, the chains started to fade away and soon disappeared. The two didn't understand what happened, but who cared about that! Those painful shackles had gone, making them feel much better. The two again stood up proudly. With a smug smile, the red Dragon was about to say something, but Zhu Long cut his words off.

"No need for your bulls.h.i.+t! Those were the chains of enslavement. Right now, the two of you are already bound by them, becoming my pets. There is nothing more, nothing less. If you want to blame someone, blame your tongue. What you got is the result of speaking nonsense when you aren't asked to talk!"

After Zhu Long finished his words, he released all the Beasts from his suppression and said, "My words are still the same as before. This entire forest and everything inside it belongs to me! Whether you stay or not, that's your problem. But if anyone of you dared disturb me while I live here, I will kill you all on the spot!"

Saying that Zhu Long immediately went to the island while the Demonic Beast Lord appeared on the sh.o.r.e of the lake out of nowhere! He couldn't understand what happened. How he transferred to the lake's bank was a mystery to him. He had never heard of any ability like that.

Right after Zhu Long disappeared into the forest, a horrifying wave of Natural Energy started to gather above the lake, concentrating into a liquid state. As the Beasts saw the whirlpool of natural energies and felt the natural energy concentration all over the forest, they were first stunned, but then a wave of happiness rushed through their hearts. Only a fool would want to leave a place like this! With such pure and concentrated Natural Energies in the atmosphere, though most of it were concentrated over the island, they would be able to reach even higher heights.

Zhu Long didn't care about these Beasts. Though the Natural Energies were concentrated here and he would only need half the time now, it was still a long time before he healed himself enough and raised his Cultivation to the Immortal Transformation Realm. At that time, he would be able to tear through s.p.a.ce at will and go wherever he wanted to. He will also deal with those brats at the Celestial Law at that time. Even if he overlooked whatever the Trinity did, it was only because he raised them. If they tried to be smart, they will certainly get their punishment. And this time, they had asked for it.

As Zhu Long arrived in the heart of the island, he waved his hand and an entire mountain split, forming a ravine that got bigger and bigger. As the two sides of the mountains got further apart, the entire island shook and produced waves in the lake. Soon, the ravine had taken the form of a valley. With another wave of Zhu Long's hand, flowers, plants, herbs, gra.s.s, and trees, flew over, rooting themselves into the valley, covering it completely. It created a beautiful scene as the steep sides of the split mountain had also curved downwards, creating two mountains on either side of the valley.

As the entire place was developed, the Demonic Beasts outside were in a trance. By now, they were deeply rooted with fear of Zhu Long. They didn't even have the thought of any resistance. It was impossible, and they knew it. It was better to stay in the forest and never annoy that man. As long as they didn't annoy him, he would not kill them. The two variant Dragons were the most irreconciled. Not only were they almost killed, they even turned into pets.

It was an unacceptable fate, and they even tried to commit suicide by immolating their Beast Cores, but the moment they tried it, their Cores and prowess were immediately sealed. Putting an end to their futile struggle. They couldn't even decide their death anymore. All their freedom was gone into smoke, and pride smashed into the mud. Their honor, did they even have that? The two really wanted to rush over to the man who did all this to them and tear him apart. Only then would they be able to rest their hearts.

As the two were feeling down, the woman walked over to them. The two lowered their heads and let the woman pat them, "My children, forgive mother; mother wasn't able to protect you. It is all our fault for being powerless." Tears welled up in the woman's eyes as she spoke with a trembling voice.

The Demonic Beast Lord could only sigh as he looked towards his children. He was weak and that made his children suffer. He cursed his weakness in his heart. He didn't have any resentment toward Zhu Long. He knew they would have done worse when they invaded the continent. His subjects would have slaughtered the various races like cattle, and enslave the majority of them. At least, the guy wasn't interested in their worthless lives and probably enslaved his children because of that light from before.

As he was having those thoughts, Zhu Long's voice drifted from inside the forest, "Why are you two snakes still not coming here. Get here immediately and start Cultivating, now!" Listening to his words, the two variant Dragons didn't want to go, but the chains reappeared and dragged them into the island. Their mother rushed after them, but the moment she came into the island's vicinity, a barrier knocked her back while her children were dragged in and smashed right outside the valley.
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Zhu Long sat in the center of the valley with his eyes closed as Natural Energies condensed, purified, condensed again, and purified again, and then entered his body. As the looked towards the hateful man before them, the two again heard his voice. But this time, the voice was inside their minds while Zhu Long had no movement, "I will give you five years. Either you two enter the Saint Transformation Realm, or prepare for a life worse than death!" As he said those words, from the ground of the island, ma.s.sive golems in the shape of different Beasts like Dragons, Wolves, Lions, Griffins, and many others rose,

"They will be your sparring partners. All of them are always a level above you. And when you have a breakthrough, they will also break through, two levels at once. When you enter the Human G.o.d Realm, they will be in the Saint Ascension Realm, and when you are in the Saint Transformation Realm, they will be in the Saint King Realm! Don't die on me, you two still have some 'use.'"

His last words were full of sarcasm and ridicule, making the two feel even more hatred. But they could only bury the hatred and anger deep in their hearts and do as he said!



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The Celestial Law: Moved To The New Account 14 5 Years

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