The Celestial Law: Moved To The New Account 15 Chains Of Salvation

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As Zhu Long sat in the middle of the valley and looked towards the two flying above him, he was a bit surprised. It had already been five years since he arrived here, and the time limit for the two variant Dragons was already up today. In front of him stood, not two Saint Transformation Realm Dragons, but two Saint King Realm Dragons. Their growth was too fast. Though it wasn't a big deal to reach the Saint King Realm; to step in it in five years without having any treasures, depending only on Natural Energies available around them was only possible through ma.s.sive talent.

It was no wonder the Celestial Law wanted to raise the Dragons and use them as a trump card. Keeping them alive was indeed useful, especially with their transformation after they entered the Saint Transformation Realm. Both variant Dragons now looked even more domineering as their wings spanned over 50-meters each, and their scales were much stronger with intricate patterns drawn on them.

The Red Dragon's scales were now a bright scarlet. Its pupils appeared like a burning sun, crimson. While the snow-white Dragon now appeared like an ice sculpture. Its pupils appeared like two giant gems, blue like the sky. Their sharp claws and deadly fangs were enough to tear through everything that stood in its way. The two Dragons were now closer to their origin.

The strange white symbol that was once on their foreheads now floated above their heads, appearing like a crown of their sovereignty, invoking reverie in all Beasts, including their father, the Demonic Beast Lord. As the two descended into the valley, they roared towards Zhu Long. It was their way to show their hostility and displeasure towards them. After all, they couldn't defeat him so they could only roar towards him.

"Hmm, you two aren't bad, alright! Reaching the Saint King Realm in such a short period of time. It's not bad, no, it's good. You two will be quite useful in the future," Zhu Long said as he looked towards the two Dragons. By now, the two Dragons hated him thoroughly. This b.a.s.t.a.r.d's minions tortured the two every day, giving them a beating until cracks started to appear on their scales. It was excruciating, but the rewards weren't small either.

Just in five years, they had entered a Realm no one else in the world would have entered. It was something to be proud. The Dragons entered the valley and lay on his either side. The Natural Energies were concentrated into a liquid around him, making them recover faster. Zhu Long simply closed his eyes. As for his minions, all of them had already turned to rubble, creating a scene of devastation outside the valley. The Dragons were ruthless indeed and took revenge for every suffering they felt over the years.

Soon, it would be time for him to leave this forest and go out to find that cure they sent him down here to obtain. Once he had the cure in his hand, it would be easier for him to exert his powers in battle, not needing to depend on weapons that cost a great price for him to go all out. He wondered just what that cure would be? He and the Celestial Law had spent years searching for a way to resolve his issue, but they found nothing about it.

Yet now, Yuyan actually prophecy he would find the cure in a low-level world like this. That's was insane if he was asked. Something that couldn't even be found in the higher realms, how could it be found in a world like this? But what could he say? Yuyan's prophecies were always on point. Zhu Long had heard Yuyan was the disciple of an ancient monster who could peer through the secrets of the Heaven and Earth. Yuyan's prophecies were always on point.

He had also heard rumors about Yuyan's master. It was said that man came from a very horrifying place far beyond their level. But he disappeared a long time ago. Yuyan had already lived for millions of years, so it was impossible for others to know about that man unless Yuyan told them about him. It was impossible to get information about that person out of Yuyan's mouth. Only the most ancient members of the Law knew about him. Though he, Zhu Long, had a very high status, it was still impossible for him to know about that person unless that person himself wanted to meet him.

He was very curious about that person, but it was impossible for him to come in contact with someone of that level. He would surely be at a very high level, probably on the same level as the Ancient Deities who ruled over the myriad realms.

After a few days of Cultivation, Zhu Long finally opened his eyes and looked towards the two Dragons sleeping on his either side. The Dragons had a very large appet.i.te for someone of their level, and they almost devoured 30 percent of the Natural Energies he gathered for himself. But it was good. The stronger they became, the higher their chances would be to become a final trump card in the future.

"How long are you two snakes going to sleep for? Wake up already, it's time for us to leave this place!" Zhu Long said to the two Dragons. As they heard his words, the two Dragons woke up and started to roar towards him with aggression. They were mighty Dragons, supreme warriors of the Saint King Realm, yet here they were, being treated like snakes! How infuriating and bad to the ears. This man was just a b.a.s.t.a.r.d. As long as they got a single opportunity, the two will certainly escape.

And if they were even luckier, they would certainly kick him hard when he was down! They couldn't accept the prestige of their great Dragon Race being trampled on like this. They would certainly have their revenge. Right now, the hearts of the two Dragons overflowed with hatred for the man before them and all humans and other races living out there in the world. The two were now waiting for an opportunity to have their revenge and regain their freedom.

As soon as they regained freedom, they would certainly go out and ma.s.sacre the different races on the continent and bring it under the rule of the Demonic Beasts. Only then would they be able to calm the fire burning in their hearts.

Looking at the two Dragons, Zhu Long felt a bit strange in his heart. The two had entered Saint King Realm, yet they could still not take a humanoid form. It was troublesome as the two were already very ma.s.sive, but what could he do. It probably had something to do with their variation and closeness to real Dragons. It might just be that they could never transform into humanoid species. The ancient Dragon race or 'High Dragons' couldn't transform into humanoid forms either. Only the mixed Dragons or other races could do that.

It didn't matter to him even if they couldn't transform. It was the same thing. He will just have them keep flying in the sky instead of bringing them to human settlements. It was impossible for these ma.s.sive beasts to enter those cities, after all. As Zhu Long was having these thoughts, he started to float in the air. All the concentrated Natural Energies dispersed and the forest returned to normal.

As all the Demonic Beasts felt the changes in the atmosphere, they saw the devil who invaded their home 5 years ago rise in the air. Below him, their two great Dragons were resentfully following his lead as chains appeared around their bodies. In another blink, the three of the disappeared and arrived outside the forest. The barrier supposed to prevent the Demonic Beasts from leaving had already been torn apart like a sheet of paper.

The next moment, Zhu Long looked towards the Dragons and said, "You two better be obedient and not cause any trouble for me. If you dare be troublesome, these chains are also very good at punis.h.i.+ng pets! These chains have a name, you know, Chains of Salvation! They don't give any salvation though, only torture and pain. Trust me, you never want that to happen to you!" As they heard his words, the Dragons felt a chill go down their hearts. The dark chains surrounding them appeared even more deadly.

Both Dragons were thinking, 'Bulls.h.i.+t! Just name them Chains of Torture, why name them Salvation when they don't provide any! d.a.m.n you, you G.o.dd.a.m.n monster!' They could only curse him in their heart while their mouths remained shut.

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The Celestial Law: Moved To The New Account 15 Chains Of Salvation

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