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Though the Dragons hated the man before them, they could do nothing against him, and only swallow their anger and resentment. It was their first time leaving the forests, so they wanted to explore the entire world right away. A Dragon's curiosity was, after all, no lesser than a cat's, sometimes even more. The two looked all around and used their powers to scan all over the place around them, looking for everything new they could find.

Zhu Long looked towards them with his cold eyes, and said, "What are you two snakes staring at like cats? It's time for us to leave. Don't waste my time. I still have a lot of matters to deal with!" He just wanted to find the cure for his disease as soon as possible and return to the higher world and recover thoroughly, becoming one of the strongest. With his talent and ability, he was sure he would be able to see that person. He already had such high achievements, and he would only reach higher levels in the future.

That wasn't all. Zhu Long was the heir of an ancient being, undefeatable by anyone. That being was one of the strongest in the myriad realms, so it was impossible for their successor to be anyone ordinary. Zhu Long had always had a steady path, a strong and fast Cultivation, and a high talent! He was one of the blessed sons of Heaven. So being arrogant was understandable.

But the Dragons and the other Beasts didn't like his arrogant att.i.tude of being above the world at all! No one would like that. 'What a p.r.i.c.k!' The Dragons thought in their hearts. Just when they were ready to leave the place together with him, disgruntled, a Divine Aura descended from the Heavens. The two Dragons, together with Zhu Long, felt suffocated. Even Zhu Long couldn't bear with the aura that smashed from the Heavens. As he looked all around, he could see that only him and the variant Dragons were affected, everyone else was normal.

The dark chains around the Dragons started to re-appear, and so did the darkness inside him manifest. The shackles binding the variant Dragons started to crack, while a coc.o.o.n of darkness began to engulf Zhu Long. As he focused on his prowess, he felt a deep fear rise in the depths of his heart. It wasn't fear he manifested, but fear manifested by the darkness, the ability he inherited. As he realized this point, Zhu Long looked towards the sky.

This time, his eyes were also filled with a hint of doubt and fear. Something or someone that could arouse dread in the darkness he inherited couldn't be someone ordinary. At this moment, the only thought Zhu Long had was why someone like that would come to a lower world like this! It was as if he met his nemesis, no, it was as if he met his predator.

As the coc.o.o.n engulfed Zhu Long to protect him, the descending aura multiplied in intensity, making that coc.o.o.n distort. Zhu Long couldn't even move anymore. He looked towards the sky and saw a star descending from the Heavens. He knew it wasn't a star, but someone who descended to this world. And whoever it was, that person was certainly not a n.o.body for being able to release such a suffocating aura. It ought to be someone on the level of Guardians in the Celestial Law. A monster of immense might.

Even then, a Guardian couldn't suppress the darkness he had inherited, and could only match Zhu Long evenly if Zhu Long went all out. He wasn't too worried about the new arrival as it was impossible for him to lose at someone's hand. But the issue was the suppression on his prowess of darkness. That was troublesome.

The dark chains surrounding the Dragons started to loosen as they slowly left their flesh, Beast Cores, and Sea of Consciousness. Zhu Long could only watch the Dragons being freed like this. The chains corroded and broke slowly.

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After just half an hour, the chains around the two had been thoroughly destroyed, returning them their freedom. Now, the two Dragons didn't feel the suppression they had felt because of having those shackles nor could they feel the aura that destroyed the chains. It appeared as if that aura was only focused on Zhu Long and his prowess. Looking at the still suppressed Zhu Long, the two Dragons had a smug smile on their faces.

The two felt great. Not only were they now free, the guy was even being suppressed. Right now, Zhu Long was down, and it was a great chance for them to kick him while he was down. They knew it was impossible to harm him, but they could still attack him a few times and have some fun before they ran away. With sly grins and happiness flooded hearts, the two Dragons opened their mouths and launched a ray of energy many times stronger than what the Demonic Beast Lord could.

The two energies mixed and smashed into the still suppressed Zhu Long and tossed him far away. The guy was smashed into a mountain over a 100 miles far. Though he wasn't injured, his fury was rising to Heaven. 'f.u.c.king snakes, just let this pa.s.s and I will see how you two are going to escape? So what if the Law wants you? I will certainly kill the two of you b.a.s.t.a.r.ds! At that time, I will see who dares protect you!!!'

The two Dragons could feel his killing intent and anger. It made the two s.h.i.+ver from head to toe. But still, the two were brave beasts. So what if he was angry, and wanted to kill them? They would certainly take revenge for their suffering even if they had to die afterward. It was better to die with pride than to be humiliated by someone else. The Dragons immediately rushed over to Zhu Long as a plan brewed in their minds.

The two started to kick him all over the place, making him angrier and angrier. It was the epitome of kicking someone when they were down. They kicked him down and then kicked him up, having a lot of fun. Zhu Long could only bear with it as he had no power to resist. It was already hard enough to resist that aura, let alone deal with these ants for now. He will slaughter the two, certainly, once that aura disappeared.

Zhu Long knew the two Dragons were up to no good, but he couldn't do anything against them. He looked towards the two Dragons with eyes filled with maliciousness. Whoever dared step on his prestige must pay with their lives! Gritting his teeth, he said, "Good, good, good! You two b.a.s.t.a.r.ds are good! Just you wait and watch how I am going to deal with you two in the future! I will certainly flay your skin, extract your tendons, and squeeze out your blood! You filthy insects."

With those words, an immense amount of darkness overflowed from his body, covering him completely, turning into a protective cover around him. Though the aura was still distorting it and smas.h.i.+ng him, it wasn't strong enough to completely tear through the darkness. With that, Zhu Long's consciousness faded away into the dark as he went into a state of hibernation.

As for the two Dragons, they wanted to kick the ball of darkness around, but it was corroding everything in its vicinity, so it was better for them not to get too excited and get themselves hurt. That would be a tragedy if they were the ones to get hurt. They had already been released of all shackles and chains he had bound them with, so it was better to leave and go far away.

Even though the two Dragons preferred death over being enslaved and humiliated, they wouldn't just stay here and wait for the b.a.s.t.a.r.d to be alright. They were very curious about the outside world, and they would certainly go and explore it. The continent was very big, they had heard from their father. It was time for them to explore the world and rule over the continent.

As the two Dragons thought till here, they smirked as a bright light engulfed them and their bodies started to shrink, creating a humanoid outline as they soon disappeared into the skies. It was their trump card. Now, even if that guy woke up, he wouldn't be able to find them. They had hidden their ability to transform for a moment like this.

"Free, finally!" the Dragons yelled in their hearts as the disappeared into the ma.s.sive continent. As for Zhu Long, he stayed where he was, now unconscious, recovering the damage done to his inheritance and prowess. He swore to kill whoever caused this trouble, and the two Dragons.


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