Transmigrating Into The Male Lead's Villainess Older Sister Chapter 2 Part1

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Translated by: Riela_Rin
Proofread by: Daed

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The sudden scene shocked everyone.

Siyu was also stunned; she hadn't thought that it would be severe when her illness flared up. It didn't stop with just one mouthful of blood; she couldn't stop coughing. Although she covered her mouth in time, there was still blood trickling down through the gap of her fingers, dying red the petals of the flower prop on the ground.

If she did not personally experience it, Siyu wouldn't believe that someone could cough up blood so excessively. Speaking of which…..didn't the supporting female lead's shooting go smoothly in her manhua? Didn't she even use this opportunity to make a stir in the fas.h.i.+on world, becoming famous overnight? !

On this side, Siyu was astonished by the derailment of the plot. Meanwhile, the standing Yu Ling was severely frightened. She was the person in charge of today's shooting. If any accident happened, she had to bear the full responsibility!

"Quick, stop shooting and call for an ambulance!" In the end, Yu Ling had undergone many difficulties. She quickly calmed down and yelled at the others, " Don't just stand there, quickly carry her to the lounge!"

She had just grumbled about the matter of Siyu's frequent request of taking a break, thinking that the newcomer was pretending to be sick. It wasn't until she saw Siyu spitting blood nonstop that she realized that it was the real deal—please don't let Zhou Siyu have an accident here, ah! Otherwise, once this got out, who knows how the media will spin it!

It's not weird that Yu Ling would think this way.  Any normal person who saw this scene would immediately think that Siyu suffered from an incurable disease and would die soon.

The studio was thrown into chaos. Siyu knelt down on the floor, panting. As she spewed out the blood, her chest didn't feel as stifled anymore.  Siyu raised her head, sweeping her gaze across the bewildered crowd. She saw Yu Ling running towards her and bending over as if she wanted to lift her up.

When she saw Yu Ling, Siyu suddenly remembered that this was still in the middle of shooting. She had signed the contract with 《Feng Shang》. If by any chance she messed it up, she had to compensate it with a large sum of money. Even if she sold herself, it still wouldn't be enough.

Thinking of this, Siyu immediately swallowed the fishy sweetness in her throat. She took a deep breath and said to Yu Ling who wanted to take her away from the studio: " Ling-jie,  this is the last set of photos. Please let me finish it. In any case, the ambulance will need time to arrive here. My body is still able to handle it, there won't be a problem."

She didn't know why her illness suddenly acted up. However, as the original author of the comic, Siyu was very clear about the power of supporting female lead's halo of "not dying until the end". No matter how grave the sickness was, the supporting female lead could always survive with one last breath. Spitting blood only looked scary. So in comparison, the sky-high rest.i.tution payment was more frightening.

Furthermore, if by chance she had to go to the hospital and missed the shooting, then that's truly derailing away from the original plot. Unexpectedly transmigrating into a manhua world, Siyu could only rely on her omniscience as the author. She didn't dare to gamble on the possible outcomes if she changed the story. Therefore, the best course of action was to keep to the original track.

When Yu Ling heard this, she was startled: "You're joking, right?"

Siyu coughed twice more and raised her hand to wipe her bloodstained mouth. She shook her head, her expression serious: "Didn't you say that Mr. Zhang Chao only reserved one day? The work period is so tight and you don't have enough time to look for another model, so just let me finish shooting it. "

As she said this, without waiting for Yu Ling to argue, Siyu lay sideways in the flowers. Twirling a red-stained flower in her hand,  she brought the flower near her lips and kissed it lightly–just as Zhang Chao had instructed her earlier. The red blood on the flower stained her pale lips. That little bit of bright red was quite soul-stirring. Because she had just lost a large amount of blood, at this moment Siyu's face looked ill1. Her figure emitted a frail aura, her eyelashes drooping slightly; the whole body was like a willow that could break at any moment in the strong wind, appearing to have a beautiful dying posture.

Zhang Chao looked at the pose that she made. Feeling inspired, he barked at Yu Lin, "Step aside." Then he fixed his eyes on the camera, continuously pressing down on the shutter and dutifully recording the moment.

"This….." Yu Ling was yelled at by Zhang Chao and subconsciously moved back several steps. When she regained her senses, her anger surged forth. Granted that the model was not reliable, why would the photographer willfully follow her? Now is not the time to do such a thing!

However, Zhang Chao had already entered his working state and was wholly ignorant of Yu Ling's ugly expression as he fiddled busily with his camera.

"Yes, yes…. That's it…… Wonderful…." Zhang Chao licked his lips excitedly and changed consecutively into several shooting angles.

Although he said that he wanted the aesthetic of 'beauty in death', but this itself was a very abstract description. Nonetheless,  this model, whether in the sickly pale appearance or the supposed manner of refined feeling, every aspect was a perfect interpretation. Even the bloodstains on her clothes were adorned just right.

"Now, tilt your head to the left a bit…."

Not only Zhang Chao, even the fl.u.s.tered staff member from before couldn't help but look at the girl under the spotlight. Undoubtedly half an hour ago, she still had stiff limbs and didn't know how to pose. Yet now she had fully integrated into the atmosphere. From the hair on the top of her head to the tip of her toes, she emitted a sick and weak, thin and pallid atmosphere. It was as if she really had arrived at the final moment of her life, igniting herself with the last remaining pa.s.sion.

Siyu obediently posed. Her face was almost stiff from smiling. After a while, she couldn't help but cough again and slightly knit her brows. She looked very pitiful. Zhang Chao rushed to take several more photos.

1: 面如金纸– face like gold paper, not literal. It's used to describe, first, an angry look and, second, to describe nervousness, panic,­­­ and illness. For this context, it's the second one.

T/N: For now I plan for a scheduled update of one chapter a week. Since the chapter is quite long, I'll divide it into two parts. So there will be two post per week (part 1 and 2), every Wednesday and Sunday. UwU Happy reading my readers!

Transmigrating Into The Male Lead's Villainess Older Sister Chapter 2 Part1

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