Transmigrating Into The Male Lead's Villainess Older Sister Chapter 2 Part2

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Translated by: Riela_Rin
Proofread by: Daed

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Yu Ling, who was originally standing aside, was unknowingly pushed by the surging crowd to the door side. Just as she finally regained her balance, a shout from outside came through: "Make way—-  the stretcher had come—- "

The ambulance has finally arrived!

Watching Siyu get carried away on the stretcher, Yu Ling finally relaxed. Although the shooting could be completed as planned, she had been more worried about Siyu's incident being blamed on the company. Now, this was pretty good. Siyu had been sent to the hospital. In any case, the company was justified.

Because she still had to stay for the aftermath, Yu Ling only sent an a.s.sistant to go with the ambulance. The studio had mostly been emptied. Several people also came out from the other big studio next door; apparently, they heard the commotion outside and came to check on the situation. Yu Ling carelessly looked over, her gaze locking onto the teenager in the lead.

" Ji Lin, why did you come out? Are you all done?" Yu Ling asked as she hastily put on a smile, going over to him.

That teenager seemed like he had come of age not too long ago; he was dressed in punk-style clothes with pieces of metal ornaments hanging all over his body that made a clanging noise as he walked. Even though he wore this kind of non-mainstream style, it couldn't cover up the youth's outstanding disposition. He raised an eyebrow, a slight smile appearing on his handsome face. He looked a little bit unruly, yet he spoke conscientiously: " Ling-jie, I just heard someone calling for an ambulance. What happened?"

Perhaps all women were hardly able to withstand this kind of bad-boy look. Yu Ling lamented in her heart that it was no wonder that Ji Lin had such a large amount of "mother"- and "girlfriend"-type of fans. Her expression softened as she explained: "It's nothing, just a model who came to shoot for the cover page suddenly throwing up blood. The person has already been sent away ."

Yu-Ling wanted to say a few more complaints, but Ji Lin's complexion suddenly became abnormally ugly: "—— Throwing up blood?"

" Y-yeah, everyone was startled……. Hey, wait, where are you going?"  Before Yu Ling could finish her words, she saw Ji Lin rus.h.i.+ng out with a dark expression, vanis.h.i.+ng from her sight in a flash.

Inside the hospital ward.

Siyu was pulled into a thorough check-up. As expected, the hospital couldn't discover the cause of her sickness. In the end, after Siyu's body condition stabilized, they could only prescribe medicine and tell her to recuperate for the time being.

Siyu internally thought that of course they couldn't figure it out. After all, even she as the author, couldn't explain clearly the kind of illness the supporting female lead had. In short, it was an incurable disease she wouldn't die from.

Originally, the hospital proposed that she stay for observation. However, Siyu graciously declined. Thus a.s.sistant Xu who came with her drove her back to her rented apartment and said: "Miss Zhou, the company will help you to pay for the medical expenses first. If you have any questions, just contact me. You just peacefully recuperate. I won't disturb you any longer."

a.s.sistant Xu quickly excused himself and left.

Back at her house, Siyu finally relaxed. Fortunately, the supporting female lead was usually a withdrawn and unsociable person. Furthermore, because of her poor health, she didn't have any social activity. Except for her grandmother, she didn't have any close friends. So she didn't have to worry about being found out by others. 

Most importantly, after finis.h.i.+ng the cover page photo shooting, she was finally considered as being able to muddle through smoothly.

Siyu knew that according to the original plot, Zhou Siyu would enter the entertainment industry as a model and pester the male and female lead incessantly. Yet, merely thinking of today's h.e.l.l-like experience of shooting, she couldn't help but s.h.i.+ver.

…..Please spare her. She was only suited to be a shut-in1. Being a big star and whatnot, she sincerely couldn't do it.

However, the supporting female lead had signed the contract with the talent agency. It may not be that easy for her to break the contract. If she chose to pay the compensation fee…… sure enough, what she needed most right now was money! Whether it was to buy medicine or for regaining freedom, all required her to earn money as soon as possible.

Siyu lowered her head, looking at her slender hand, and suddenly realized: that's right! How could she forget? Her old profession was a manhua artist and she had published a lot of popular manhuas in her previous life. Why not copy those works over?

The more she thought about it, the more feasible it seemed. Siyu eagerly opened her computer, surfing the internet. She was looking for any website or magazine that was suitable for delivering short manhua and the one with the shortest payment settlement period. After all, she urgently needed money. After a careful comparison, Siyu finally decided on a website called "Qu Man".

Searching online, Siyu just discovered that printed books were still popular in this world. There were only a few published manhua on online platforms. This "Qu Man" was the first specialized manhua website in the country. Although it had just been established, Siyu noticed that it was backed by a large and powerful company. It's not difficult to imagine that as long as there were several manhua authors, "Qu Man" would soon be hot. [T/N: AKA popular]

The salary was generous. Because they were in the starting phase, they urgently needed to recruit new authors—— Qu Man was undoubtedly the most suitable place for Siyu.

She didn't rush to register as an author; rather, she first bought the drawing equipment that she needed from online. After she finished ordering, she checked her bank account. When she realized that there wasn't much left, her heart hurt so much,  it was hard to breathe. [T/N: she was so distressed]

Sigh, even though dreams were good, but people need to eat….tomorrow she'll call and ask a.s.sistant Xu when she would be paid.

1: someone who stays at home and rarely go out 

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Transmigrating Into The Male Lead's Villainess Older Sister Chapter 2 Part2

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