Beautiful Farming Wife Chapter 29 Find A Good Man And Marry Him

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29 - Find a good man to marry

Luo Manman took a glance and saw that the wood products's style was similar to that of Xiao Yiming's. It seemed that some people were jealous of her after she earned money last time and started to imitate his style.

Selling wood products s was tough, but she couldn't earn that much money. She wouldn't let Xiao Yiming sell it for long anyway.

"My wife, what are you looking at? "Come, let's put the things out."

This time, Xiao Yiming did not pour out all of the goods in one go like last time.

He first placed the basket that he had sold all the eggs in upside down on the ground, then spread out a layer of gunny sack over the basket.

Luo Manman's heart warmed, as all of her casual words, Xiao Yiming remembered them all.

Xiao Yiming changed from the bashful look he had last time and shouted towards the endless stream of people, shouting at the top of his lungs:

"Big Sis and big Sis, come look over here. Big Bro, take a look over here. This is an essential item for the family. Buying it is equivalent to earning it …"

These words were the same as Luo Manman's, adding a few sentences, her voice was low and deep, making people believe him to be lazy.

In just a short amount of time, quite a few young ladies had come to watch.

"Kid, how much are you selling this for?"

"Brother, I want this, can it be cheaper?"

"Pick any one of the three items, and the price will be fair. There will be no cheating at all, they are made purely from natural wood. This is the only one manufactured by the Xiao Clan."

The corner of Xiao Yiming's mouth raised, his face had a bright smile, his words seemed to be full of energy.

"Young man, I recognize you. I bought a wooden bowl from you before, do you remember? "Don't even mention Little Qiao's unique style, it's quite practical. This time, you look a lot more stylish, I still need to buy a few more." The woman smiled and quickly gave him the money.

If Luo Manman didn't think that she was familiar, he would think that she had invited him over.

"Elder sister, did you see that? This is a guest returning. If you use it well, it will be sent back." Those customers no longer bargained and quickly offered him money.

Luo Manman was dumbstruck, but she did not forget to give a thumbs up: "This guy, his handsome face is really pleasing to the eyes."

His brain was very smart. Not only could he learn skills from her, he could also master the technique and use it to his heart's content. This was truly amazing.

It seemed that even if he wasn't by his side in the future, he would still be able to handle it.

"Give me one."

"Young man, I want one too."

"Fine, fine, fine. Wait a moment, everyone is fine." Although Xiao Yiming was busy, he did not panic.

The hawker was about 30 years old. Anxiety was written all over his swarthy face. His eyes turned red when he saw this scene.

Last time his mother came here to set up a stall, she found out about this profitable business and told him to quickly go in and sell some wood products.

He had set up several markets, but had not sold many. There was even someone who asked why he had placed them here. Where was the young couple from last time?

So it was him. He really was a ruthless character.

Seeing that others were busy collecting money, he was already envious. With a flushed face and a thick neck, he started to imitate shouting, "Auntie, all of you are here to take a look! Cheap and practical wood products, three in ten!

With this shout, the customers who were gathered at Xiao Yiming's booth swarmed over to the next booth like a swarm of bees.

Seeing that the situation was turning around, the hawker smiled at Xiao Yiming and bellowed: "Everyone, pick anyone you want."

Luo Manman's face sunk, good boy, is this man trying to steal the business too blatantly?

Was this person going to do business and sell his things at a low price? Was he going to force himself to die, or was he going to force his peers to die?

Just as she was about to put her hands on her hips and investigate, the crowd suddenly discussed, "Eh, why is the color so ugly?"

"Yeah, the edges are very rough too."

"Although it's cheap, the quality is not as good as that of the other houses."

"Let's go, we won't sell him." A swarm of guests returned to Xiao Yiming's booth.

Xiao Yiming cleared his throat and spoke in a high-spirited and timely manner, "Old brand, exclusive, good quality. "Everyone, let's give it a try …"

Seeing that, the hawker was so angry that he directly wrapped up the wood products and left with his tail between his legs.

When Xiao Yiming saw that there were only a few wood products left, he stepped forward and clapped in praise: "So powerful, you really made me look at you in a new light?"

"Hehe, it's all because my wife taught me well."

"I didn't teach you, your learning ability is too strong."

"Is that also a famous teacher with great disciples?"

"Alright, I realized that your words are getting more and more glib. Oh yeah, Yuming, will you be all right if I go out and take a look? "

"Of course I'm fine with it. My wife, don't get lost after walking around everywhere. I'll wait for you where I am."

Luo Manman began to wander around the town while kicking up a jar of whitening mud s in her arms.

Generally, beauties would use pearls to grind them into powder. Since the cost was high, the effect was naturally good. However, her tomato paste were not bad either.

Luo Manman turned around two streets, locking onto a bustling shop. Looking at the shop s old-fas.h.i.+oned decorations and the flamboyant signboard, she could tell that it was definitely the same shop name.

Luo Manman stepped into the room and was immediately welcomed by a worker: "Miss, what do you want, rouge water powder or skin care products?"

Luo Manman looked at the items listed on the shelf and asked, "Are there any pearl powder?"

"Yes, how many girls do you want? This one tael of gold. " Although this girl had a moving temperament, her coa.r.s.e clothes didn't seem like they could be bought, but her att.i.tude was still there.

"Is there anything similar that has similar effects? It's a bit cheaper."

"Some girls, take a look at this. 80 bottles of whitening mud. It will only take 2 months."

Luo Manman opened the jar and a medicinal smell wafted out. Zou Mei asked: "What is the content inside?"

"This …" The shopkeeper who was counting the items on the counter suddenly stopped, raised his head and looked at Luo Manman for a long time, then muttered: "Miss, are you here to buy?"

Luo Manman sized up the shopkeeper. On her square face, she had a pair of eyes br.i.m.m.i.n.g with energy, thick black eyebrows, and a short beard.

"Shopkeeper, I have something that I would like to share with you. May I speak with you?" Luo Manman did not like to beat around the bush and go straight to the point.

"Sure, please come in." The shopkeeper rolled his eyes and invited Luo Manman to the back room.

"May I ask what lady's purpose is?" The manager asked directly.

Luo Manman took out tomato paste s that were hidden in her sleeves, carefully opened the jar, and said:

"This is a whitening mud that I made myself, the effect is very good. It has a very good reputation in our Thirteen Villages, so a large shop like yours will definitely have a very good sales effect. That's why I want to work with you, shopkeeper."

"Oh? That sounds fresh? " The shopkeeper felt that Luo Manman had an extraordinary temperament and simple clothes, but her every move did not resemble an ignorant village woman.

Seeing her speak so politely, he couldn't help but become more serious, and his interest towards the item in her hand grew.

However, his eyes were sharp and guarded.

He carefully pinched a tomato paste from the wooden jar with his finger. With one glance, he could tell that she was someone who understood things, Luo Manman was a little nervous, and did not know if he could succeed in selling the tomato paste for the first time.

The shopkeeper thought for a long time and asked, "It seems to have a skin effect, I wonder how you made it?"

"About this, when we reach an agreement, I will talk about it." Luo Manman spoke with an official tone.

The shopkeeper couldn't help but laugh, and with a hint of ridicule, he said, "Lady, please go back. This thing doesn't have much meaning to our store. "We are the old saying, everything is sold by ourselves, this is all used in the face of a girl, if by chance we use it to our advantage, you and I will not be able to take it on."

The shopkeeper looked to be a good person and his appearance was casual, but his words had instantly reduced the effect that Luo Manman had on him.

"Miss, please go back." The manager waved his hand and ordered them to leave.

Luo Manman came back to reality and shook her head regretfully. This shopkeeper really did not know what was good for him, if he did not cooperate it would be his loss.

"Heh, I hope you won't regret your actions today." Luo Manman did not speak further, he closed the jar and walked out, only to see a well-dressed, middle-aged man with steady steps walking towards him.

When the middle-aged man saw Luo Manman coming out, he asked the shopkeeper who had his eyes held high: "Shopkeeper? What? "Guests have come?"

"Old master, why have you come to the store yourself?" The shopkeeper immediately smiled and went to welcome her. He stopped to look at Luo Manman and asked loudly: "Why are you not leaving, Miss?"

"Wait, what is this girl doing here?"

"Master, this girl wants to cooperate with you."

Seeing the old master's unmoved expression, Luo Manman knew that it would be difficult to break through, but she still wanted to try.

"Can I have a word with you?"

At first, Old Master Qiu didn't want to bother with this kind of village girl, but he was influenced by the confidence on her face. He waved his hand politely and said, "Sure, go inside the village girl and serve tea, shopkeeper."

Seeing the chance, a bright smile appeared on Luo Manman's face, and she said respectfully: "I presume you are the boss, I wonder if I can have a chat with you?"

"Talk to me. This little girl's tone is rather arrogant and confident. This old man would like to see what shocking words can come out of your mouth. Please come in."

"Boss, please." I hope it's someone who knows what's good for him.

The shopkeeper jogged away and quickly carried the tray into the house and served the two cups of tea that he had just brewed.

Very quickly, two cups of tea were placed on the table. Luo Manman picked up the teacup, used the teacup to brush the tea leaves, and saw the jade green leaves inside curling up and down, flying up and down.

Lightly taking a sip, he praised, "The taste is sweet and the spring water is good."

"Does young lady even know the Way of Tea? "Rare?" It couldn't be seen that the girl was dressed in coa.r.s.e clothes, but her every move while drinking the tea was like a refined gold coin. It was truly strange.

"Alright, boss, since you're so busy, I won't beat around the bush. Let's get straight to the point." Luo Manman took out the whitening mud that was hidden in his sleeve and showed it to everyone.

Beautiful Farming Wife Chapter 29 Find A Good Man And Marry Him

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