Beautiful Farming Wife Chapter 30 Smuggling

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This wooden jar was specially carved by Xiao Yiming, the lid was engraved with exquisite patterns, the exquisite packaging attracted Boss Qiu's attention, and when he opened the lid, a sweet smell wafted out.

"Miss, what's so special about this thing?" Boss Qiu asked.

"Boss, this thing's name is whitening mud, I personally made it. Look at my skin color, it was originally dark and yellow, but after using this skin color, it became a lot whiter and more tender.

Boss Qiu had long noticed Luo Manman's silky and delicate skin and intelligent eyes. What did Luo Manman mean by using this thing to become beautiful?

"The whitening mud recipe sounds fresh, go on …" Boss Qiu s hand, which carried a ring, knocked on the mahogany carved table. He seemed to be listening attentively, yet at the same time, seemed to be paying attention.

"Senior is a knowledgeable person, I want to cooperate with you?" Luo Manman raised his thumb as he spoke.

"How?" Boss Qiu chuckled twice with a profound meaning to his smile.

"I'll give you the formula, four to six percent." Luo Manman, on the other hand, remained calm and collected. She was very confident that her whitening mud would be recognized by the market.

Boss Qiu laughed out loud. "You're quite smart." He took a sip of tea and placed it on the table, not making a sound for a long time. The manager of the house was all staring at him, not knowing what he meant.

Luo Manman laughed: "I would not dare to be conceited in front of senior."

"Alright, stop flattering me. Little girl, looking at your young age, you actually dare to come out and try to trick me. Originally, this old man had a good impression of your actions, but I didn't expect you to be this kind of person."

To tell you the truth, this old man has been doing this for a whole thirty years.

Luo Manman's heart went cold. She didn't think that the other party would dislike her so much, demoted her things to a completely useless place. Since her mind was stuck on the ancient times, she didn't have time to waste on him.

However, she maintained a calm expression and proudly said, "I hope you won't regret it."

"Little girl, you talk quite a bit. This old man has been in business for so many years, yet I have never done anything that I regret?" Boss Qiu stared at Luo Manman, her eyes flickering with a sense of scrutiny, as though she could see through him.

As expected, the older the better, the harder it was for Luo Manman to convince him.

"Then this junior shall take his leave."

"Take care." Boss Qiu stroked his beard once again, an unfathomable smile reappearing on his face.

Luo Manman was not annoyed, if she could succeed casually, then everyone would be rich.

She turned and walked towards the market, continuing to look for her partners, and did not reunite with Xiao Yiming.

The endless stream of people, the noisy street...

"Manager, I don't care what methods you use. If this month's sales don't meet my requirements, then you will just leave."

"Young Master Qian, this little one will do my best." The shopkeeper wiped the sweat on his forehead and said submissively.

Young Master Qian said in a stern voice, "I don't want to hear such polite words. I want to carry the bowl of rice and talk about the real deal."

Luo Manman thought, which family's young master was so fast and decisive, just by hearing these words, she knew that she was a smart businessman.

Out of the corner of his eyes, he caught sight of a person wearing a light blue robe with a fan in his hand. His features were handsome and clear, with a pair of phoenix-like eyes that looked up, and a sense of shrewdness in his eyes.

Luo Manman was afraid that she would be recognized, so she lowered her head and pa.s.sed by him. She also didn't want to have too much interaction with him.

A cool breeze blew past his ears. Qian Jingui turned his head around abruptly, and saw the beautiful figure of Luo Manman as she left in a hurry.

"Whose lady is this? Why does she look so familiar?" Qian Jingui waved her fan and muttered.

"Young master, what are you looking at?"

"It's nothing. Do you remember what I just said?"

When he returned, he saw Xiao Yiming waiting for him at the same place from afar. The sunlight was so bright that it made his face slightly red, and only when he saw Luo Manman did he reveal a happy expression and stride forward to welcome him.

"Manman, where did you go? That long?"

"I was just strolling around. Your things are all sold out. Truly amazing." Luo Manman gave a thumbs up in praise.

Xiao Yiming was ecstatic in his heart, and he gave the snack he had just bought to her: "Look, this is the candied fruits I bought for you, the osmanthus cake. Let's buy whatever my wife wants to eat."

"Hur hur, what a rich feeling." Luo Manman took a bite of the candied fruit.

When the w.a.n.g Ergou got off the oxcart, he walked all the way to the Blossom House excitedly.

On market day, the streets were crowded with people, but the Blossom House was quiet.

The gatekeeping servant was the same as two days ago, but when he saw w.a.n.g Ergou this time, he quickly nodded his head and bowed politely, "Esteemed customer, you're here again."

w.a.n.g Ergou threw a bit of silver at him and said grandly: "Old rules, you understand."

"Good, good, good. Customer, this servant will bring you up."

Peng peng peng, the servant knocked on the door of Yan Niang's room. The wooden door was opened from the inside by someone, revealing the face of a 30-year-old bean curd.

The woman had a pretty face as she yawned and said impatiently, "Dear guest, why is it you again? Why is it always daytime? "Is it that interesting?"

w.a.n.g Ergou saw Yan Niang's expression, his big hands quickly took out a few taels of silver from his pockets, and said: "Come to Yan mama, this is a small token of my appreciation."

Ergou rolled his eyes, planning his lines.

When Yan mama saw the silver, he immediately lost all sleep. He habitually bit his lips and shook the embroidered cloth, revealing a coquettish smile: "Sir, which girl do you want this time?"

He couldn't tell that this village elder was actually quite willing to spend money. After entertaining him properly, he might become a loyal customer of her family in the future.

w.a.n.g Ergou had long prepared an explanation, "Momo, I will be frank, I am not here to buy some girls, I am here to buy girls!"

"Buy a girl? "Hehe, well said. Do you know the price of my land?"

"About that, we want to buy that Hei Ya. I wonder if this mama can see me being so sincere and give you a proper price?" w.a.n.g Ergou's pitch black face was filled with seriousness. He truly wanted to make a family, it was rare to see someone who could close his eyes, he naturally did not want to miss this opportunity.

Oh, you mean Hei Ya? Yan Niang first rolled her eyes and slapped her thigh as she came to a realization.

had not accepted any orders for two days already and was extremely disliked by others. Even the guests found her dark and unruly, and it was rare for anyone to have feelings for her.

"This mama has a good memory. She's Hei Ya." w.a.n.g Ergou's eyes lit up as he smiled.

"Hei Ya, it's fine, it's not much. We can bring him home in fifty taels." Yan mama waved the embroidered handkerchief with an expression that seemed as if she was willing to give in to her interest.

"Fifty silver taels?" w.a.n.g Ergou gritted his teeth as he thought in his heart, do you dare to ask for a higher price?

"About that, mama, why don't you sell Hei Ya to me at a cheaper price?" The w.a.n.g Ergou pulled on Yan Niang's sleeves. He was acting as a servant, moving chairs and pouring tea for Yan Niang.

"Alright, alright, I won't do that. I saw that you were selling it for only fifty taels of silver, so it's no good to lose even a single copper coin. If you have money, come and take it."

w.a.n.g Ergou had already expected this result and took out the three jars of tomato paste s that were hidden in his sleeves: "Good, good, good, this mama is truly straightforward. I, Ergou, sincerely want to buy Hei Ya as my wife.

Yan Niang saw the few delicate wooden jars in his hands and was immediately curious. She took it and opened it, and a delicate fragrance wafted over, "Is this food?"

"Hehe, it's for the face, but it's for the food. This mama's name is whitening mud, after applying it to your face for fifteen minutes every night and was.h.i.+ng it clean, your face will become tender and smooth!"

The energy that w.a.n.g Ergou was talking about moved Yan Niang. She was used to rouge water powder, so she had never used this rare thing before. "Is this thing really that magical?"

"Grandma, how could I dare lie to you? Who in the stonecrop doesn't know that you are a veteran, smart, beautiful and astute person. I, Ergou, still want to buy Hei Ya's clothes, how could I lie to you? If you use it well, if you are happy, you might just gift Hei Ya to me.

"Hehe, you really know how to talk. Alright, alright, alright, I'll accept it. It's rare for you to have this kind of intention."

w.a.n.g Ergou was afraid that the firepower was not enough so he continued to blow water through his lips, "Momo, to tell you the truth, there is a girl in our village who is extremely una.s.suming and ugly. "If the mama uses it effectively and sends a copy to all the girls, then they won't be able to make a fortune out of it in the future."

"Hehe, you are a real person. Alright, since you've spent so much water, I'll give you less silver. Hurry back and raise some money."

After a few days

Nanshan Village

"Xiao Yiming, get out here right now." Early in the morning, as the Xiao Clan was eating breakfast, they heard a sharp voice from outside the door.

"Wife, I'll go take a look." Xiao Yiming recognized the voice and his face instantly stiffened. He placed the tableware down.

Xiao Niang took a bite of the pickled vegetables and replied with a tasteless appet.i.te, "I reckon that the day is today, and the Qiu Family is probably here to collect their debts."

The Xiao Niang sighed and followed him out. Luo Manman naturally did not have the mood to eat, when he opened the door to take a look, he saw the Auntie Qiu aggressively standing on a rock in the courtyard with her hands on her hips.

"Hoh, I can bear it all." Auntie Qiu was loud too. With this shout, the people on the left and right were successfully lured out.

Some villagers were afraid that they would miss the liveliness, so they carried their porridge out and ate while watching.

"Auntie Qiu, isn't it a little early in the morning?" Xiao Yiming's dark face gave off a huge pressure. His face looked scary.

Auntie Qiu shot a glance and her voice weakened, her momentum not diminis.h.i.+ng at all: "I came here today to ask for money, to repay the debt, it's completely natural. Why do you still have logic, who are you putting on airs for? I'm not scared of growing up. "

Luo Manman's gaze was cold, without saying a word, she returned to her room to grab the big jar full of copper coins, "All the money is inside, count on yourself."

Beautiful Farming Wife Chapter 30 Smuggling

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