Modern Weapon System 27 Pre-Emptive Attack Begin.

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Four squadrons of F-15E equipped with loadout consisted of 18 MK 20 Rockeye cl.u.s.ter bombs or 3 AGM-84 "Harpoon" or 15 AGM-65 "Maverick" was dispatched from the Portsmouth AFB. A squadron of Su-35, F-22, and F-15 was sent from the AFB to provide absolute air superiority on the region. Two squadrons of 10 was sent to the western capital city to do a CAS mission for the ground troops and equipped with 11 AGM-65 mavericks in an ordinary loadout and GAU-8 Avenger "The BRRRRT Cannon."

A bomber squadron consisted of 12 B-1 Lancer bombers were flying to the capital. Four of them were carrying 84 MK 82 bombs, 4 of them were carrying 30 CBU-87 cl.u.s.ter bomb, which carried 200 bomblets per bomb, and 4 of them were retrofitted and carrying 25 GBU-28 heavy bunker-buster bombs.

A division of mechanized infantry was dispatched to the capital city. The mechanized infantry consisted of the "Stryker" and M1A2 "Abrams." The tracks and wheel were rolling in the dark gra.s.sland while being accompanied by several walking soldiers beside it.

The CSG had surrounded every corner and border of the Soulisphate kingdom. Every CSG had the same configuration as the Gerald R Ford's. The USS Harry S Truman surrounded the southern region of the Soulisphate, The USS Ronald Reagan surrounded the eastern region of the Soulisphate, and USS Gerald R Ford went for the Northern region since its home port had been already protected by the Portsmouth AFB. As far as the report goes, they have sunk 14 s.h.i.+ps across the whole ocean with their Tomahawk missiles.

Lance and Dima were standing in front of the runway besides their F-22A. They gazed up to the sky seeing the fighter and the bomber that was flying on top of their head. Once the bomber and the fighter jets pa.s.sed by, come the silence from the wind blowing on the gra.s.s near the runway. Lance held his flight helmet on his right hand, "Somehow, the sound of the gra.s.s makes me calm."

The blips of lights from the runway just add more to the quietness of the night. So soothing yet so chaotic if you think about the armaments that were sent from that base.

"So do I," Dima said as the wind blew, and he entered his fighter jet and turned on the engines.

Lance: "Hugo flight requesting take off."

ATC: "General, you're clear to take off in runway 3."

Lance: "Copy that."

The blast from the Pratt&Whitney F119 engines. .h.i.t the runway. The plane gained velocity and speed.

Lance: "V1, Rotate."

The jets took off from the ground and changed their frequencies to the AWACS frequencies.

AWACS: "This is AWACS Skyeye. Nice to be flying with you, General."

Lance: "Skyeye, how many aerial targets are there in the A.O."

AWACS: "About 25 wyvern and two dragons. The target will be marked on the HUD as TGT."

Lance: "Copy that, Skyeye. Hugo 2, we got a dragon to hunt."

Lance turned on the afterburner on his jet and flew away from the AWACS. On his way to the target, he stumbled across a bomber. The bomb bay was opened and dropping that MK 82 bomb at the infantry below.

The mage and the soldier got bombarded from the bomber. A bunch of explosives could be seen on the ground. MK 82 bomb had about 500 kg of explosives.

"Wow, what fireworks," The jet flew past the bomber. The jets continued its flight towards the flying target.

A Soulisphate Soldier POV

Honestly, I'm glad that we finally have some action to do around this peaceful eastern region. The general told us to attack the green man on the Portsmouth Harbor and recapture the town. This is going to be a quick and smooth attack. Soulisphate was the kingdom that beats the demon lord after all.

I'm going to join the scout unit. The unit consisted of the greatest swordsman and mages of the entire kingdom. My squad consisted of an elf marksman, a dwarf knight, a bear beastkin as a swordsman, and me, myself, a human. Our mission is to infiltrate the Portsmouth and gathered some information and do some sabotage on the side.

We dressed in civilian clothing and dressed like an adventurer to the town. We were amazed by the security of the town, a carriage that as hard as metal, and a lot of green guys holding some kind of metal rods. We stumbled across an abandoned post of the soldier. They had a small metal box that emits pictures like a rainbow because n.o.body was there, we decided to break it with our knives, then suddenly.

"Cyka Blyat, what have you done to my TV?" One of the green men said.

The elf stabbed him in the chest but got surprised by the hidden metal thingy under his chest. Not stopping there, but he also wore a black helmet similar to a sketch I saw the other days and had a tubular rod on his hands.

"INTRUDER!!!!" He screamed and a bunch of other green men surrounding us while aiming their metal rods at us.

The dwarf knight decided to charge at the green man, but a thunder that was summoned from the metal rods put him down. "Open fire!" The man that held the tubular rod spun and blasted the wrath of G.o.d.

The metal road spat fire and metal and killed everyone except for me because I was hiding behind a crate. The soldier walked beside me, but when I looked left, I got stabbed from behind.

"f.u.c.king h.e.l.l, now our TV is gone," one of the Russian soldiers cursed while looking at their broken television.

"At least we got the intruder Capitan," She said.

"Yeah, right," he said as he put his M134 minigun at a nearby desk.


AWACS: "Sending target coordinates and predicted field of movement."

Dima: "Hugo 2 copy."

Lance: "Hugo 1 copy."

The jets were supercruising so they can reach supersonic speed without the need for afterburner. However, the jets hadn't noticed anything yet.

"No joy, bogey dope," Lance said.

"Bearing 3-5-7, 300 km from AWACS, alt.i.tude 2000 meter, could be a bandit," Skyeye said.

"Copy, I got it on the radar, it's a scrub though," Lance said as he looked at the slow-moving airborne target.

"It could be a bandit, sending the target to the IFF," Skyeye said as a rectangular shape thingy appeared on the radar.

Dima peeked at his left side and saw four cruises flying in his left side, "Greyhound spotted, I wonder where are their destination," They overtook the tomahawk missiles.

The radar blips finally entered the effective range of the AIM-120 AMRAAM missile, "Hugo 1, Fox 3," a missile was fired from the aircraft.

"Hugo 2, Fox 3," Dima said as he fired an AMRAAM missile to the wyvern.

"Hugo 1, Second Fox 3," another AMRAAM missile shot to the target.

The 25 blips on their radar were reduced to 22 blips. Soon they finally within the visual range of the target, a flying wyvern with a person on top of it and within the range of their sidewinder. "Fox 2," A sidewinder fired and hit the wyvern right on the wing.
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The dragon fell down, and they suddenly intercepted a low-frequency communication in the radar, "What kind of spell is that? as if G.o.d wraith rained upon us?"

Lance: "Fox 2,"

A missile was fired and hit another wyvern in the process and killing its pilot. Dima's jet flew right over the rider's head, "That's a Satan craft, that's a tool of the Satan. That scream is Satan scream," The unknown shouted as the wyvern tried to retreat. The scream that he/she meant was the roar from the Pratt&Whitney F119 Engines.

Dima: "Finish them."

A burst from 20mm M61 Vulcan rotary cannon was shot and killed eight wyverns in the process. "Retreat, we can't fight Satan by ourselves."

Dima: "Fox 3, Fox 3,"

Dima fired all of his AMRAAM, and in a lucky shot, he was able to shot 10 of the wyvern. There were only three wyverns remeaning. "Not on my watch, Fox 3, Fox 3." Lance shot three of his AMRAAM missiles and left only one missile remeaning on the F-22.

"All target destroyed, good job, RTB. Leave the rest for the other," AWACS said.

"RTB, now," The F-22 made a vertical bank and returned to the Portsmouth AFB.

Modern Weapon System 27 Pre-Emptive Attack Begin.

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