Modern Weapon System 28 Still Pre-Emptive Attack

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The bomber dropped their load at every soldier cl.u.s.ter and at every fortress they can find. The once renowned kingdom fortress turned into a rubble of bricks and bodies.

Meanwhile, the infantry still pus.h.i.+ng their position against a heavy armored knight which made small arms no longer had the advantage. However, they brought heavy artillery this time.

The 3rd Tank company with Captain Mikhail as its commander. They were doing their last charge across the burned gra.s.sland from the hostile bombing run. The gra.s.sland was full of blood pool and the rest of the walking infantry was in their respective armored vehicles. So everyone was protected.

In the heat of the battle between the mages, knight, rifleman, and tanks, Captain Mikhail in his tank said, "Bombardier 1, this is Joker 1, CAS destroys the knight column and open the way for the 3rd tank platoon."

"Copy that joker, air support inbound," Bombardier 1 in the 10 said.

Not more than a minute later, a first brrrt sound produced a giant firecracker in the vicinity. Then the second brrrt followed those firecrackers and killed every knight in the vicinity. The tank platoon whacked the remnants of their horses and their bodies.

"Target down," The 10 flew pa.s.sed the tank battalion.

"Last push, the city wall is up ahead," Mikhail said as the Gunner shot the 125mm HE rounds to the 20 pounder magic cannon. The cannon shattered in big pieces and killing everyone that was near it.

The whole 12 tanks that were sent by General Andrei ma.s.sacred the remnants of the army that were bombed to the Oblivion. Their big number can't match the firepower of modern weaponry. The army was pushed to the defensive position which was the town of Westfall which was the last line of defense in the kingdom.

The town was surrounded by three inner walls with several part.i.tions on each wall. The wall goes as high as 20 meters and every wall has cannon and mages stationed there.

However, Mikhail's eyes were focused on one weird thing, a little girl on top of the wall and were followed by other mages wearing a witch hat. "What an urod. Sending a mere child on a battlefield, but those who have the RPG has the right to be shot on sight," He commented as he shot the witch with the remote turret on top of the M1A2 Abrams.

"Capitan, The witches are down and we are pus.h.i.+ng forward," Another tank commander said to him.

"Gunner load the cannon with HE Squash head. Destroy that gate!!" Mikhail said as the loader loaded another round to the cannon and the gunner fired it at the city gate.

Only using one sh.e.l.l, the target was obliterated in only one hit. It left a big hole in the gate which was enough for the tank to enter. However, entering the town still possessed another problem, the tank has one weakness and it is an urban environment. The top armor of a tank is thin, but not that thin. However, Captain Mikhail didn't want to take the risk. So he asked his Major, "Sir, could we ask for the infantry to move and cleaned the building?"

"Sure Captain," The major said as the soldiers were disembarking from their APC and they moved to clean the buildings from hostile.

Captain Mikhail stuck his head from out of his tank hatch. He held his HK416 on his hands. The city was full of smoke and in full chaos. The bodies of the dead soldiers were falling down from the city walls.

The infantries kicked some int or someone's else house searching for any mage since they were the one that was capable of damaging the tanks. "GET DOWN!! GET ON THE GROUND NOW!!" the soldier shouted as he kicked the door of a house. The wife screamed as his husband was put down by a barrage of the bullet. However, it was an act of self-defense.

"CLEAR," the soldier shouted as he waved his hands at the window.

The tank company moved deeper into the city and fired some rounds at some building. The buildings crumble into pieces as the tank rounds. .h.i.t it.

"Captain, sent the 1st tank platoon to the inner wall," The major told him.

"Roger that Major, To the first tank platoon, break through the third inner wall and standby for further order," Mikhail said.

The tanks charged to the wall and broke through the soldier barricade. Suddenly, a male mage with a big black robe appeared and summon a huge fireball. So huge that it was almost as big as the city wall itself which was twenty meters tall.

Like a thermobaric projectile, the explosions made an explosive that was relatively safe for an armored vehicle, but very disastrous for the infantry since they were the ones that getting the third-degree burns from the fireball. The buildings around them were crumbling from the blast overpressure. As fast as they could, the tanks fired their cannon at the mage thus killing him and his escort in the process.

Although of the number of casualties, they kept pus.h.i.+ng into the town and they finally arrived at the town hall. There was a statue of the king in the plaza and the soldiers decided to bring it down in the same manner as Saddam Hussein statue and just like Saddam's statue, the civilian watched the procedure with a bunch of shout and clap. As the Abrams pulled the statue and brought it down with a chain, the crowd went mad and started to step their feet on the statue and threw a bunch of stuff at the statue itself.
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Meanwhile, Mikhail and his tank crews were sitting while watching the toppling of the statue, one of his subordinates asked, "Sir, is this mean that our journey is over?"

"Well Son," He paused. "Looks like it just started," He paused again. "We still have a long way to go. May G.o.d bless us," he said as he got inside the tank again. The town was burned by the Soulisphate kingdom, but the soldiers felt pride and honor to liberate the town from the oppression of the kingdom.

Modern Weapon System 28 Still Pre-Emptive Attack

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