Loved By Her Sister's Former Fiancée Chapter 3

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Anastasia was 20 years old when the marriage was decided. Our family consisted of only me, our younger brother and her.

Our father is a poor baron that still somehow maintains the appearance of n.o.bility.

Before our younger brother takes over, he wants to marry our sister to a wealthy aristocrat to build relations.h.i.+ps and restore our family.

My birthday party was just an excuse. Both my parents were only interested in showing off Anastasia from the beginning.

I knew it already, that's true.

I gently got out of the party hall. Of course, no one noticed.


As I walked in the garden and pa.s.sed by the pond, my figure was reflected in the water.

Under the moonlight, my face still looked really ugly.

I sighed…

I look like a man with thin chin and cold eyes. It's ugly no matter who I look at it.

Anastasia took the good genes of my parents, while I took the bad parts.

A tanned and dry skin, broken nails and a stubborn red hair.

I grasp the sides of my dress.

I wonder why I was born so ugly.

"I'm sorry to interrupt your thoughts. Cute little lady."

I jump up at the comment, and turn around.

There was a man standing near. I can't see his face… he's wearing a strange attire.

He walked up to me while I was silent.

"Do you serve in the family? I've been called by Miss Marie to her birthday party."

Ahh… Someone who got lost.

The entrance is far from the birthday hall and there're many paths leading to different places. This place is large.

I kept silent and pointed at the hall's direction. Although it can't be seen because of the roses arches, the party venue is right behind it.

As I led him, the man shouted with relief.

"Thank you very much, miss servant."

"You're welcome…"

"Dear, that person is not a servant."

A voice sounded from behind the man. A woman appeared out of nowhere. 

She must know him.

"They don't have young servants. All this place is managed by themselves, and the servants at the party are old women contracted for today. The guests are all young men…"

"Is that so… so this woman…"

"She must be the sister. The baron's family has two daughters and one son."

"I see… please forgive me…"

The man bowed at me. 

His black hair dropped covering his face.

He had mysterious eyes. Bright green eyes, like a jewel. I can even see the starlight's reflected in his eyes.

I loudly screamed…

"Maybe.. are you a foreigner? From Ipsus?"

He opened his eyes.

That's right. No doubt. Bright green eyes with silk black hair and clear golden skin.

Those features only are on our neighbor country as far as I know.

Oh!, what language did I speak in?

I turned around and asked the woman

" I had inadvertently speaking in Ipsus language?"

Denied it by her, I turned back again.

"Oh, I'm a mixed breed child. My mother was an immigrant from Ipsus, but it's the first time someone recognizes my origins."

He answered in the official language of Ipsus. It's very different from the empire's language. I also switched to it.

"Your eyes must be a gift from your mother…"

"Oh, can you talk?"

"Only a little, as you can hear, I only speak the general folk tongue. The merchant and n.o.ble languages are unknown to me."

"No, it's wonderful. Never imagined I would encounter someone who speaks it here. n.o.bles and merchants understand the folk language, and your p.r.o.nunciation is very beautiful when hearing it."

"Is that true? I'm happy. It's my first time speaking with someone native to the tongue."

"It's also my first time speaking it with someone other than my mother. But, why do you know it?"

"I chose to learn it because of the free school policy your mother's country has. It's self-taught…"

"oh, But. People always said that my country is undeveloped.. and that our gaze is dreadful.. Do you not mind it?"

I laughed and shook my head.

"It's because they don't know it. Some legends, pa.s.sed down in our empire made people fear your country. It's not undeveloped. Its culture is rich and they value history and nature. The technology is more advanced than those here."

"Oh.. I know what you're talking about. My clothes are all from there. Underwear made of silk is the absolute best. I can't give it up."

"Hahaha, it's fas.h.i.+onable"

Unexpectedly, I couldn't help laughing hard at his words. 

He narrows his eyes, and a smile surfaced on his face.

"I love Ipsus histories, do you know? About Zutaboro… the cat that was picked by a wandering traveler across the country. They always ate new and delicious things, wearied local clothes, got into trouble and funnily always solved it together, gently taking care of each other… becoming stronger.."

After talking a long time, I hurriedly took distance and bowed at him.

"I'm sorry, I took so much of your time…"

I spoke in my language this time, but he answered in Ipsus.

"Why the change? It's very interesting talking with you. Let's talk more."

I shook my head at him. This was forbidden by my parents.

I shouldn't have contact with anyone. Much less a young aristocrat.

Loved By Her Sister's Former Fiancée Chapter 3

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