Loved By Her Sister's Former Fiancée Chapter 4

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My school is not intended for aristocratic children. Moreover, it's usual for aristocrats to hire female tutors for their daughters so a n.o.ble lady going to school is strange. My family doesn't have the money, and I'm ugly, so there was no need. I never went out into the social world.

I was told I can be useful with knowledge, rather than socializing and learning the aristocrat culture and manners.

This is an embarra.s.sment to my family. I was strictly forbidden to talk with anyone from the aristocracy. Even less, letting someone know about me going to school and learning commoner's knowledge.

If they know that Anastasia has such an embarra.s.sing younger sister, her reputation could drop.

"What is your name? I had a wonderful time today, let's talk more.."

"Please… excuse me!!!"

I ran away but was caught by him that grabbed my arm.

He had big hands. I looked up at him and stared at his face.

He's surprisingly tall. One head ahead of mine, he looked like a giant from my perspective.

Earlier, I was only interested in the tales of his mother country, but now that I see his face from up close, he's extremely handsome. His eyes are beautifully carved, with sharpness, and he has a high nose on his delicate face. 

He stares straight at me. 

… A gentle person…

Did this person come for Anastasia? Is he attracted to her?

My sister is amazing… Awesome… how can she attract so many beautiful and special people.

If I have to compare myself with that…

I knew that I'm lacking, however my heart is hurting for some reason today.

I suffered a great pain in my chest while thinking that and tears started to fall from my eyes.

The man alarmed, started to worry over me.

"What's wrong??? Are you hurt anywhere?? Did I hurt your arm??"

"No… It's nothing… I'm sorry…"

"Was I rude? If I made a mistake, you should make me apologize. Hit me!. Be angry but not cry."

"Sir, you're a good person. "

"Girl, let me ask you one thing… why are you dressed so shabby?... I've never seen a Baron daughter so poorly dressed before. Even less, thinking that it's a party today. Is the Baron's life so hard that he can't call a tailor for her daughter party dress?"

"No.. it's not the dress… I'm not cute… that's the problem…"

When I said it like that, I, myself, thought that the situation started to get funny. I wiped my tears and pasted a lady's polite smile over my face.

"Don't worry about those things. It was fun talking with you tonight."

I bowed and turned around to leave, but again, he grabbed my arm before I was able to take a step.

The man had a scary superhuman strength.

I exhale and turning back, look at his face.

"You're beautiful" was the only sentence I could hear coming from him.

That sentence petrified me, so I threw his hand away and started running at full speed.

"Tonight's party host is in the salon. I hope you have an enjoyable night!"

And the worst birthday party came to an end.

A month pa.s.sed after that… My family was in a fuss…

"Anastasia! Anastasia! We were lucky! He choose you!"

Next to father, my mother was happily dancing around. Anastasia, meanwhile, looked puzzled and started at the letter received.

"But I don't remember this person. I'm sure I didn't see him at the party."

"You must be confused. You greeted so many people dear."

"There's nothing wrong, maybe he just saw you at the salon and it was love at first sight. You're really charming my daughter."


Father turned around with a smile all over his face and looked at me while spreading his arms like inviting me to a hug.

"Mary! Be happy! Anastasia's marriage has been decided! We can finally leave behind our life of poverty! Look at this!"

There was a simple sentence on the parchment.

"The eldest daughter of the Baron, Anastasia, has been seen as the most beautiful lady and invited to become the wife of the Earl Cyrus Granado. As early as possible, please proceed with the union."

"How wonderful!! An earl!! It's no good that we don't have time to prepare… Daughter! How happy we are for you! The letter emphasizes that you'll become the earl's family's lady."

"…I understand mother…"

It's not surprise for me that my sister's marriage has been decided to soon. She's extremely beautiful.

My parents have been searching a partner for her since the social debut.

For me, an Earl infatuated with her is an expected occurrence. I thought she would receive a marriage proposal from a Marquis or a foreign prince… why are they so happy?

"Cyrus Granado is the successor of the Duke and he's very wealthy. He has a more solid and luxurious life than the king of a small country!"

"Look Mary, look at the list of all the presents sent… Look at all the dresses… what fine fabrics… I've never seen those before…"

My mother's eyes were s.h.i.+ning.

Indeed, others have lost the compet.i.tion for her hand. 

I understand now why they are so happy.

Loved By Her Sister's Former Fiancée Chapter 4

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