My Doomsday Territory Chapter 23

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Rubbing his swollen temple, Tang Yu breathes out a sigh of relief.

The construction of the city wall was much more troublesome than he originally imagined.

In the past, all of the buildings built at designated locations had only consumed materials while the system constructed the buildings automatically.

The city wall is different. A whole city wall is made up of countless "units of the city wall", and the cost of building a city wall is also determined by the number of "units of the city wall."

This cost is the source crystal in his inventory as well as the consumption of stone gathered, which is quite significant. If it wasn't for the basic puppets which are responsible for the demolition work and if he were to rely solely on the survivors. It might not be possible to build up such a city wall even if given another week in the absence of tools.

However, the troublesome part isn't the consumption resources, but the designated location.

During normal construction, Tang Yu usually stood aside from the construction site and didn't feel any strain. But when the city wall was being built, the scope was so wide and the range so far that no matter where he stood. There was always an area beyond his vision… Tang Yu simply stood on the balcony on the top floor of the castle and controlled the construction of the city wall "remotely."

This kind of feeling is wonderful as if viewing the world from a higher perspective while overlooking the whole territory.

As a result… Tang Yu felt a bit dizzy.

Is this from a lack of mental strength? It seems that he should take it easy in the future.

Tang Yu was building the city wall while Roger killed the invading demonized beasts.

Elaine also looked solemn at this time.

She was holding a kitchen knife in hand while her eyes were fixed firmly on the ingredients in front of her.

These ingredients aren't from w.a.n.g Tai's hidden stash, but top-quality ingredients from Tang Yu's resource bundle. These ingredients are rich in variety. Whether caught from the skies, swimming in the water or running on the ground. These meats are included together with all kinds of fruits and vegetables.

Elaine was stunned when she first came into contact with these ingredients.

Such ingredients, let alone seeing them, many of which she has never even heard of before. She once overheard that the n.o.bles in the inner city served abundant amounts of food during their banquets. But even at the banquets, they wouldn't have such a rich variety of ingredients.

She was a little nervous that the lord decided to hand over such precious ingredients to her hands.

This is her task. Elaine takes this task even more seriously than when dealing with the demonized beasts.

She opens a cookbook to the side. The lord gave her books for cooking these ingredients. She looked back and forth and flipped these books several times in this past two days, only feeling how broad and profound cooking truly is.

Although she used to be self-sufficient and never used any variety of ingredients for cooking… For her, she takes this study very seriously.

In the kitchen, Elaine followed the cooking recipe steps outlined in the book. Although it was her first time, she wasn't slow on the uptake.

Soon, she brought out plates of dishes to be served on the dining table.

When Tang Yu came downstairs, he saw Elaine dressed in a plain white T-s.h.i.+rt and shorts with a blue ap.r.o.n wrapped around her chest. Standing at the dining table, she looked like a girl next door.

Compared with their first meeting, Elaine was more lively and cheerful at this time. She also smiled from time to time. But she was still a little stiff while waiting for him to sit down before she was willing to sit down and eat at the dining table.

The variety of dishes on the dining table is very rich. Although it looks just like common home-cooked dishes. The dishes are full of rich colour, smell and taste. Before he approaches the table, a fragrant aroma fills the air and wraps around the tip of his nose.

This is the best meal Tang Yu has seen since the advent of the doomsday. He's a little surprised that Elaine, who has only studied cooking for two days and is a first-time cook, can make such beautiful dishes.

This talent… She can head to the battlefield, handle the kitchen and occasionally be an air conditioner cooling down the room. By contrast, he can only cook instant noodles. Tang Yu feels greatly ashamed at this difference in talent.

"Ah, this braised pork tastes good…"

Tang Yu ate one piece, looked at Elaine's thin lone figure, and grabbed several more pieces with his chopsticks.

In fact, he also wanted to call Roger over to enjoy this meal. But Roger is probably the busiest person in the shelter. After his physical recovery, he completely devoted himself to the territory. Rising up early to fight with the demonized beasts and coming home late every day. Although Tang Yu also asked some people to deliver food to Roger, it probably didn't matter to him what he ate.

Before the doomsday, this man was probably a workaholic who forgot to eat and sleep.

Both of them are awakened ones and he knows an awakened one needs to consume more food than ordinary people. Usually, it's fine not consuming as much food during peacetime. But once a fierce battle takes place, an awakened one needs to take in more energy to supplement their consumption.

The whole table of food was soon wiped out.

Elaine looked very happy. Even if she cooked the food herself, she couldn't describe the taste before she actually tasted it. She never imagined that one day she would be able to experience such delicacies on her taste buds.

She felt very lucky to be here.

Tang Yu also felt very happy eating this meal.

In the doomsday, being able to live in a safe castle and eat such delicious food, is treatment not enjoyed by many of the leaders from the small-sized shelters.

After the meal, both had their own tasks and went back to work.

Not needing to go out and explore at night, Elaine also makes full use of her time by improving her strength. Apart from cultivating refined spirit power, what she does every day is continuing to read her broken spell book.

Tang Yu has also read this book. To him, however, this book is no different from a heavenly book. It's not as though he doesn't know how to read it. The fact is, this kind of magic book doesn't use ordinary characters but letters that can carry special forces.

This kind of text is unique and difficult to copy, which leads to the scarcity of spell books. Similarly, reading the books with this type of language doesn't require knowing the text. The key lies in whether one can understand it or not.

Obviously, Tang Yu doesn't have this talent.

He never expected to have this talent anyway. If talent isn't enough, he can use the system as a plug-in. This thing called talent, can he eat it?

Recently, Tang Yu has stopped hunting demonized beast. Anyway, his fighting capacity in a team is average. So, thinking about it, he felt going out hunting was a waste of his time. In contrast, the territory is still in ruins and there are more things left for him to do.

For example, to enhance the foundation of the shelter…

At present, the territory already has a city wall with a height of 10 meters. This is enough to block most demonized beasts. In addition, the hardness of the city wall is strong enough, making its resistance to many demonized beasts and even demon waves increase significantly. The shelter has now formed a basic line of defence.

Now what Tang Yu is preparing is the awakening device.

This thing can be said to be something standard for a shelter. On the one hand, the awakening device improves the awakening probability for survivors, giving the shelter more awakened ones. On the other hand, the production of the awakening device may not be too difficult for a shelter, but this device is extremely difficult for ordinary survivors to produce.

Tang Yu also knows the production method for this device since it's no secret.

In the early days of the doomsday, before communication was completely cut off. Scientists developed a method to promote the awakening of ordinary people. This method was also officially announced soon after, and it's precisely because of the existence of the awakening device that many small-sized shelters with weak defence forces have survived receiving continuous attacks from the demonized beasts.

This simple awakening device is a headring.

Tang Yu took out ten source crystals with similar energy values, which is the first step of materials required for the awakening headring. With only these ten source crystals, the first step can stop many ordinary survivors from proceeding forward.

In order to improve the quality of the headring, he uses source crystals with an energy value of two, which can only possibly be condensed by second order awakened demonized beasts.

There is also demonized beast's blood, bones and other materials which he has also taken from the high-cla.s.s demonized beasts.

Tang Yu soaked the source crystals in the blood for at least three hours, then he selected the appropriate bone and began carving it into the shape of the headring. After, he dug out ten holes… This will be used for inlaying the source crystals.

He can just carve an ugly headring, it doesn't have to end up looking beautiful anyway. Tang Yu has been busily carving for most of the day. Looking at the bone in hand, which can be barely seen as a headring, he felt very satisfied with his result.

It's just that the finis.h.i.+ng process is a little bit like a cult ceremony… Tang Yu also understands that human scientists' research on the demonized beasts and source crystal is still very superficial. If it can be properly used, this is already a very remarkable feat. Does he have to pay attention to its image at this point? Never.

Although such a crude awakening device is flawed, but unawakened people can definitely be awakened with the help of an awakening headring. Now, it's only a probability problem, but this is a relatively high probability.

According to Tang Yu's own understanding. Only people with high enough talent can naturally awaken without the use of external devices. Perhaps with the pa.s.sage of time, more survivors will awaken. But obviously, most people can't wait until then. The awakening headring uses some kind of stimulation mechanism to achieve the goal of awakening.

"This headring can be handed over to Brother Chen, I'll let him deal with it. The rules of use will follow the shelter's rules. In the end, this device will consume source crystal energy. So, survivors can't possibly use this device for free."

For survivors the conditions for use of an awakening headring are either paying with source crystals or signing a contract with shelter. These survivors also know about these conditions. If there is no awakening device, then these survivors will just stay as bottom level survivors. But once they awaken with this device, they will have to unconditionally serve the shelter.

Even with these conditions, survivors are still flocking to use this device. Compared with the temptation of becoming an awakened one, serving the shelter is nothing.

In order to become stronger, since they can't afford to pay with money, then they can only sell their bodies…

After completing the awakening heading production, Tang Yu was preparing to create a map which covers the entire territory. But suddenly, on the territorial map, he found something amiss. Looking carefully, he sees several red dots appear in the territory.

These red dots are slowly moving…

Before coming to the entrance of the resort.

These dots have already mixed in with the other green dots.

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 23

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