My Doomsday Territory Chapter 24

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With the increase of population in the shelter, the scene in the resort is becoming increasingly livelier. In particular, the survivors who witnessed the rise of the city wall were all shocked. As members of the shelter, they also felt a sense of pride and belonging.

In the future, a new shelter will stand here as more and more survivors flock to join in. They are proud of being the first batch of survivors and gave a helping hand in constructing the shelter.

"Here it is. This place actually looks like a shelter."

Outside the resort, several figures have appeared. Dressed in rags, they looked like refugee survivors. But what has been revealed in the group conversation is completely different from their appearances.

The leader was carrying an M4 a.s.sault rifle with a type 54 pistol pinned to his waist. He looked up at the resort and said: "The boss tasked us with investigate the missing team. According to the initial investigation, the route this team had taken pa.s.sed through this shelter. From the information we have been provided, Tree Shade Shelter has already been destroyed. But so far, this doesn't seem to be the case…"

He squatted down and looked around for further clues: "There are obvious traces of activity from the survivors around here. Maybe we can find the clues we want within this shelter."

"The boss is right. But how can we investigate and directly capture important figures among the survivors for questioning without being noticed?"

Someone made this suggestion, but they soon denied this plan of action.

There are four of them, and they aren't masters. There are only two awakened ones in their team. In order to arrive here from Lindong, two teammates were also lost along the way. In contrast, the missing team members were strong, included among them are even third order awakened masters.

Such a team had inexplicably disappeared. With this being the case, they felt as though they couldn't be too careful in their movements.

Although they don't believe their team's disappearance is related to the survivors from Tree Shade…

Everyone looked towards Brother Third. Third's thinking has always been more flexible as he has been the brains of the team. He should've found a way to proceed.

Sure enough, Third, a bespectacled man chuckled and said: "Our goal is to find clues for our missing team. In fact, there is no conflict with the survivors from Tree Shade Shelter, and we are also survivors ourselves."

Looking around and seeing some people still not understanding what he said. Third shook his head, threw down his rifle and pointed to his tattered clothes: "Look at me and my clothes, don't I look like a refugee survivor?"

Refugee survivors will naturally enter a shelter when they see one. Since they want to enter this one. Once they enter the shelter, it won't be difficult to capture important figures within the shelter or gather clues from the other survivors.

There is no risk in searching for clues in this way.

Several team members smiled and seemed to see the dawn of completing this task.

When they entered the shelter, they saw ruins everywhere. Indeed, this place was attacked by a demon wave which proved the news they learned before was true. As a result, they felt even more a.s.surance in finding some clues.

Everything that followed seemed to be within Third's expectation.

They disguised themselves as survivors with a backstory of accidentally stumbling upon this shelter. After discovering there were other "survivors", they showed expressions of joy and vigilance and were soon escorted inside by another survivor from the shelter.

The person in charge of leading the foreign survivors is w.a.n.g Zhou, who has seen the ma.s.s extermination of demonized beasts and the miraculous construction of the city wall. He is also regarded as an old senior figure in the shelter, all of which shows his strong sense of belonging to the shelter.

Considering that increasingly more survivors are coming into the shelter, Tang Yu estimates that someone needs to act as a guide. This person will introduce the rules of the shelter to the foreign survivors and display the strength of the shelter. In addition, they need to register the foreign survivors, and so on.

Of course, it isn't so complicated right now, since they can do simple guided tours to introduce the shelter to the foreign survivors. Later on, however, with the increase in the scale of the shelter. A series of rules and regulations need to be implemented. Such as personnel registration, talent and abilities, work arrangement and so on… With just all this, it has already caused Tang Yu's head to go numb just thinking about it. If he wants to work out a specific framework, he still needs professional help. He can only hope there will be a couple of true professionals with talent among the future survivors.

Among the earliest survivors rescued together with Chen Haiping, w.a.n.g Zhou was smarter, bolder and more… Able to kiss b.u.t.t.

This was how he was a.s.signed to his current position as a guide.

Now he led several foreign survivors with a smile on his face.

The rich food these days has gradually made his belly round, which, in his own words, is the vogue for the era.

w.a.n.g Zhou pointed to the surrounding buildings and said: "You see, many of the buildings here have been damaged. What does this mean? It means our shelter has experienced fierce battles! This represents our achievements! Just as scars on a soldier's body represent glory, the scars on our shelter represent our strength."

"You know, we went through a demon wave, ah! The demonized beasts were everywhere. You may not believe it when I say it, but our shelter recently completely blocked a demon wave. At that time, several of our shelter's great masters killed the demonized beasts from every corner of the shelter. Remembering that scene again, heh, really makes me excited. If I were an awakened one, I certainly wouldn't be able to resist rus.h.i.+ng up and helping out."

w.a.n.g Zhou spoke a mouthful of nonsense very fluently.

Behind him, several survivors looked at each other and felt a little confused.

The difference in information is a bit too much compared to the information provided by the organization. Wasn't the shelter here destroyed by a demon wave? And didn't their leader w.a.n.g Tai flee with his men? But now, how are they hearing about great masters completely stopping a demon wave? Stop teasing us by providing such false information. Even though this team doesn't know how many strong men exist in Lindong, they've never seen a master fight and kill a group of demonized beasts before! This can never happen!

However, what they don't know is that although what w.a.n.g Zhou says is basically nonsense. w.a.n.g Zhou truly does believe it's possible for the shelter to stop another demon wave if they were to be attacked again. He felt that if Leader Tang, the other masters and the majestic city wall are still standing, there'd be no problems in blocking a demon wave.

The whole resort wasn't too big. After a short rest, they toured through the whole resort area. w.a.n.g Zhou is like a guide introducing all the tourist attractions. Soon, they walked on the path leading to the villa area. From here on out, they can already see the majestic city wall, like a giant beast prostrating on the earth.

"This is the strongest line of defence for our whole shelter, the 10-meter-high city wall! The city wall completely encircles the whole villa area! No matter from which direction the demonized beast comes from, they will be completely blocked by the wall without exception. Even a demon wave has no chance of breaking through. It's no exaggeration to say that what our shelter fears least is a demon wave!"

At this moment, w.a.n.g Zhou's arrogance soared to heavens.

The most terrifying thing about a demon wave lies in the number of demonized beasts attacking. Even if the guns can deal with some of the demonized beasts, these weapons cannot stop the overall momentum of the demon wave. A general line of defence wouldn't last long and the shelter will eventually be flooded by the demon wave.

The ten-meter wall is higher than most three-story buildings. In the case where a demonized beast is unable to burrow, the vast majority of demonized beasts cannot climb this towering height. Even if a few of the scarier demonized beasts can jump over the city wall, the overall threat will still be far lower with the city wall than without it.

As long as the demon wave is blocked by the city wall. The remaining survivors can stand on the wall and shoot from a high vantage point. Thus facing the demon wave becomes much easier.

At first, the four team members disguised as survivors felt a sense of superiority from being from a large shelter. But they were soon shocked when they saw this city wall. They only stood still, staring wide-eyed at the towering city wall, moving with a twinkle in their eye and confusion in their hearts.

As a shelter with a population of hundreds of thousands, Lindong Shelter naturally built their own city wall. But how much manpower and material resources were spent during the process? But here, even if the scale of the city wall is small, they cannot imagine how it was built. Even this shelter was able to build such a tall city wall…

When the four team members glanced at each other, they looked even more confused.

With such a city wall, coupled with a strong defence force. It's not impossible for this shelter to resist a demon wave…

Moreover, looking at the appearance of the city wall, it couldn't have been built in a short period. Thus, the information provided a few days ago about Tree Shade Shelter being destroyed by the demonized beasts seems very suspect.

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 24

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