Kill That Man Chapter 10

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Kill That Man

Chapter 10 Testing the First Curse

Today, the Li family has spent their hard earned savings, the food and drinks are quite rich. People in the village have never had such a sumptuous feast. They all eat, their mouths full of oil and their praises never cease.

The Zhao family felt that the Li family attached great importance to this marriage and were very satisfied, they all had smiles on their faces.

Yu Qing Yao left her seat in the main hall. She doesn't want to sit with the married women of Li Huaide's family for dinner, it would be too awkward.

She runs to the yard and looks for her old friends to sit together.

The young girls are very enthusiastic when they see her. The original was pretty popular in the village. The girls are curious and ask her about Feiyun Sect, did she learn any spells, and what kind of spells can her Master do.

Yu Qing Yao says some things about Feiyun Sect, tells them about the spells Master showed her and about the story of the corpse possession, hearing it the young girls repeatedly gasp in astonishment.

Li Cuilian, who lives next door to the Yu family, who had found Yu Qing Yao hanging, says enviously: "Qing Yao, you're good now, you can move to Baishan City and live in the city."

"Yeah, I would die to live in the city." A little girl interjects.

For the girls in the village, the city is like heaven, and when you get there you can live a good life.

Yu Qing Yao laughs without saying a word, and in her mind she says: You only see that I live well, you don't know about the horrors of practicing Daoism. It's about fighting demons, and guarding against those who live in the same sect with you. The exterior seems s.h.i.+ny, but within danger lurks in every corner.

However she wouldn't like to live in the village.

In ancient villages, there is no entertainment, during the day she would tend sheep, at night she would sleep when it became dark. Used to modern urban life, Yu Qing Yao wouldn't be able to endure it.

The villagers have little knowledge and no experience, when they chat about their days, they just talk about their parents, short stories, gossip or some absurd strange stories.

In her heart, Yu Qing Yao looks down on these people and she doesn't want to have a deep relations.h.i.+p with them.

"Will you go with your Master? When do you leave?" Li Cuilian asks.

"En, when to leave depends on Master's decision." Yu Qing Yao smiles.

"Oh, I can't bear to let you go." Li Cuilian says in low spirits.

She and the original tend the sheep together everyday, play together, she can be regarded as the original's best friend.

Yu Qing Yao calmly says, "It'll be alright, but I won't be able to see you later on. One day when you come to the city, I'll invite you to dinner and take you out to play."

"Okay!" Li Cuilian says in an expectant manner.

Yu Qing Yao nods with a smile. Baishan City is dozens of miles away. If there is no accident, I am afraid that Li Cuilian will not have the opportunity to enter the city in her lifetime.

Many villagers, especially women, don't leave the village in their whole lifetime. They've been staying in the fields and at home their whole lives.

Yu Qing Yao eats quickly. Seeing that Master is still drinking, it seems that he won't be able to leave the scene for a while.

She quietly walks over, in Masters ear she says: "Master, I'm going home, if theres something call me."

Master Daoist w.a.n.g knows that she is a little embarra.s.sed at Li's house, he whispers: "Don't go far."

Yu Qing Yao says "en!" nodding, then she smiles at the other guests at the table, and walks out.

Out of Li's house, Yu Qing Yao walks home, on the road she encounters a rogue. The mans name is Li Shuanggen, he dallies with women, drinks and gambles money. He would often say some provocative words to the original.

"Yo, isn't this Qing Yao girl? Just came out of Li's house? Is Li's wine so bad you can't drink it?"

Yu Qing Yao's face turns cold, too lazy to deal with him, she ignores him.

"How? Wors.h.i.+p a Master, you even look down on your fellow villagers? Don't want to talk to big brother?" Li Shuanggen catches up and keeps rambling.

"Get lost!" As he wishes Yu Qing Yao scolds him, then quickly walks forward.

Although a white lotus should not be rude, and should not easily offend people, but to a rogue, Yu Qing Yao is too lazy to bother.

Li Shuanggen is depressed. He has a mind to follow, but afraid that she would complain to her Master, he had to stop.

Yu Qing Yao returns home, lays down on her bed, idle, she begins to ponder the system in her body.

Curse, its not the one I'm thinking of, is it? Don't know how to use it, if this can be used, perhaps it will be my strongest undercard.

She stares at the curse and starts thinking.

This time, she clearly perceives what the curse can do. The first-level curse is not very powerful and can only cause small damage to people. Basically, it can only cause some minor illnesses and small disasters.

The curse bar is lit up, and she felt that it was activated, but she saw no effect.

Yu Qing Yao thinks, this spell may need a target. Who should I choose?

She can't help but think of Li Shuanggen, she thinks: Its him, I curse him to sprain his left ankle.

The curse bar turns dark.

The value on the side bar becomes 110.

Yu Qing Yao suddenly feels tired, like she ran a a hundred meter sprint.

Li Shuanggen's image suddenly appears in her mind, as clear as watching a high-definition video.

Li Shuanggen is walking on a slate road in the village, careless, he misses a step, nearly face planting on the ground.

Fortunately, there is a low wall on the side, he holds it firmly.

Yu Qing Yao stares at his feet. Sure enough, his left foot is a little swollen, he doesn't dare walk on it.

After a few seconds, the image in her mind disappears.

Yu Qing Yao thinks: Just now, is what I saw true, or false? If its true, he should be in the west end of the village, just go see and I'll know the truth.

She gets up and walks out of the door, running to the west side of the village to find Li Shuanggen as she had seen in her head. Soon, at the western end of the village, she sees Li Shuanggen limping, scolding and swearing while walking.

Yu Qing Yao is surprised and happy, sneering and hiding, she walks home from another road.

Back home, Yu Qing Yao rests for a while, feeling her strength recover, she goes to the yard to practice her swordsmans.h.i.+p.

In the initial stage Daoist spells are not lethal, body protection mainly relies on martial arts. Practicing martial arts, you can strengthen the body and build up one's health.

Yu Qing Yao cursed Li Shuanggen once, she a.s.sumes that when the curse starts, it consumes her blood essence or physical strength.

Practice martial arts, then the body's blood essence will be sufficient. For example, the curse is a gun, and the blood essence is a bullet.

If you have poor health, curse others, you will end yourself.

By practicing the White Crane Long Fist well, you can increase internal strength and train your body.

Practice the White Crane Sword Method, you can kill enemies and save your life.

In Yu Qing Yao's view, on the road to cultivation, in the future there will inevitably be fights, how can she not practice?

If you learn more skills, you will have more chances to save your life.

If you usually sweat more, you will shed less blood in battle.

Yu Qing Yao is practicing hard, then Li Huaide came.

He knocks on the door and shouts, "Qing Yao, Master is calling for you!"

Yu Qing Yao opens the gate of the courtyard and asks with a smile, "What is Master calling me for?"

Li Huaide says, "Master is going to take you back to the Sect. If you have anything to pack, hurry up. He wants to take the carriage of the Zhao family and return to the city with the Zhao family."

"Oh, what about you?"

"I'm staying at home for two days and going back the day after tomorrow." Li Huaide said. He hasn't been home for most of the year and now he is taking the opportunity to stay for a few more days.

Yu Qing Yao nods and walks back to the house to pack up.

She doesn't have anything to pack up, so she packs up some clothes and throws everything else at home.

Kill That Man Chapter 10

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