Kill That Man Chapter 11

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Kill That Man

Chapter 11 Sharing a Carriage With the Enemy

Yu Qing Yao, carrying a small blue cloth bag, walks out of the door, smiling: "Senior brother, you and Master didn't walk, right?"

"How is that possible?" He says with a laugh.

"Then how did you get here? Did you fly?"

"No, when we came, Master made a paper horse, and we rode the paper horse."

Yu Qing Yao remembered that they were indeed riding a white horse, and she wondered why she had not seen the two white horses these past two days. "How come Master doesn't use it when he goes back?" She asks.

"I can ride a horse, but you can't ride." Li Huaide laughs.

Yu Qing Yao is speechless.

They arrive at the Li house.

Master Daoist w.a.n.g motions for her to follow.

Following Master Daoist w.a.n.g out the door, the Zhao family led her to a carriage.

Yu Qing Yao has never seen a carriage, looking curiously inside the carriage.

The back wall of the carriage is a seat, pulling it down it can be a temporarily bench, people can sit down. A small window is opened on each side of the carriage walls, with bamboo curtains hanging down.

This carriage is the Zhao family's, the Zhao family allowed Zhao Xiuzhen to use it and her two sisters to accompany her.

Seeing Zhao Xiuzhen in the carriage, Yu Qing Yao is a little hesitant.

Zhao Xiuzhen pats the seat next to her, smiling she says: "Miss Yu, please sit down!"

After thinking about it, Yu Qing Yao realizes that the most suitable to accompany her in the Zhao family, only Zhao Xiuzhen no one else. There is no reason for the married woman to accompany her, and the other girls ident.i.ties are insufficient.

"Excuse me!" Yu Qing Yao sits down.

Yu Qing Yao and Zhao Xiuzhen are sitting side by side, with Zhao Xiuzhen's two maidservants.

Zhao Xiuzhen is very kind to Yu Qing Yao, asking her what she usually plays, what she likes to eat and so on.

Yu Qing Yao rummages through the original's memory, dealing with it by saying a few words.

After a while, the carriage starts moving and they are outside the village.

Yu Qing Yao looks at the time on the system, its 2:30 in the afternoon.

She hasn't been in a carriage before and doesn't know how long it would take. She asks: "How long does it take to get to Baishan City?"

Zhao Xiuzhen says: "It takes over an hour."

Yu Qing Yao understands that it would take two to three hours. Its spring now, they should arrive in the city at about evening time. To calculate, this carriage is not fast, its about twenty miles per hour.

The carriage is a little shaky, the road is not smooth. Yu Qing Yao is sitting on the side, constantly holding the handrail.

"The Li family is so far away that taking a carriage is extremely exhausting." Zhao Xiuzhen's maidservant complains.

"It's a little far away." The other maidservant says.

Yu Qing Yao secretly laughs inside. In ancient times, riding a carriage long-distance was truly a physical workout. In order not to fall down, and not hurt your b.u.t.t, you must to use strength in both your hands and feet.

At first, Zhao Xiuzhen had nothing to talk about, trying to find a topic to chat with Yu Qing Yao.

She asked about the village and Yu Qing Yao's living conditions.

Yu Qing Yao answers according to the original's memory.

Zhao Xiuzhen pretends to inadvertently mention her daily life. What snacks she ate yesterday, the silk dress she had custom made, how she attended a poem gathering for a government official the day before and so on.

Yu Qing Yao heard her meaning, she is implying that I am rich and you are poor, I am a thousand gold Miss. You don't deserve to fight for Li Huaide with me.

Yu Qing Yao understands this set. She's good at this kind of girl fight, attacking by innuendo.

She thought about her future life in a Daoist Sect, naively pretending to talk about killing demons and eliminating evil.

This is a hint that I am a Daoist, rich and honorable like the clouds in the sky.

Zhao Xiuzhen is truly a little depressed, this is you telling me: You and Li Huaide are just brother and sister? Or are you a like-minded couple?

After a while, Zhao Xiuzhen asked about what Li Huaide liked to eat and play.

Yu Qing Yao, "hehe" laughs, hey is it my turn to show off?

So she talks about how good Li Huaide was to her when she was a little girl. How he gave her rice cakes one day, another day he gave her some corn cakes, and sometimes he would steal sugar cakes from his house for her.

She is also showing off, telling Zhao Xiuzhen, Li Huaide and I are very close, we grew up together, we're childhood friends. You have nothing to be proud of.

Zhao Xiuzhen is so angry that she secretly gnashes her teeth.

After a while, everyone is out of energy to chat, just holding on to the armrest. In ancient times, riding a carriage was truly a physical workout.

At dusk, they arrive in Baishan City.

After entering the city gate, pa.s.sing by three streets, the carriage stops.

Master Daoist w.a.n.g shouts out: "Qing Yao, get off!"

Yu Qing Yao says goodbye to Miss Zhao, jumps out of the carriage, and walks to Master Daoist w.a.n.g's side, and asks, "Master, are we here?"

She looks at the shops on both sides, not like a Daoist look.

Master Daoist w.a.n.g says with a smile: "Not yet, we are still a street away from the Daoist temple. I'll take you to buy something."

Yu Qing Yao smiles and asks, "What does Master want to buy?"

"It's for you." Master Daoist w.a.n.g says with a smile.

Yu Qing Yao asks in surprise: "What to buy?"

Master Daoist w.a.n.g calmly says, "Your clothes need to be remade, and then buy some things that girls usually use. You're my apprentice, you always need to look decent when you go out."

Yu Qing Yao sweats, saying: "Master will pay."

Master Daoist w.a.n.g nods, taking her to a ready-made clothing store, bought two fitted silk dresses, then took her to a rouge store, bought her a set of toiletries, and then a jewelry store, he bought her two sets of silver jewelry. Finally, he led her to a tailor shop, let the proprietor make her tailor-made clothing, four sets of robes, four inner garments, and four sets of martial arts clothing.

Yu Qing Yao sweats profusely, she quietly calculated, this trip down, Master spent more than three hundred silver taels on her.

Yu Qing Yao feels that meeting such a Master is great!

After shopping, Yu Qing Yao follows Master to Feiyun Sect in the city. The front is a tall red building.

A Daoist temple with red walls and green roof tiles, carved beams, a richly decorated building. Yu Qing Yao walks forward, looking around at everything.

As soon as Master Daoist w.a.n.g appears, the gatekeepers step forward to salute him.

Master Daoist w.a.n.g leads Yu Qing Yao to the dining room, and all the daoists come forward to salute him.

Everyone looks curiously at Yu Qing Yao. They don't know why the Lord led this small village girl here, but they don't dare ask.

Master Daoist w.a.n.g faces the leading Daoist, a middle-aged man in his thirties saying, "Xiao Wei, this is your Junior disciple Yu Qing Yao. Take more care of her in the future."

Xiao Wei hurriedly smiles and says: "Master, will do!"

Master Daoist w.a.n.g turns to Yu Qing Yao and says: "This is your twelfth Senior brother, Xiao Wei. Just look for him if you want to eat something."

Yu Qing Yao hurriedly greets him, saying: "I've meet Senior brother Xiao."

"s.h.i.+mei, if there is something you need done, just look for me, and I'll make sure you are satisfied." Xiao Wei turns to Master Daoist w.a.n.g and asks, "Master, you have accepted a new Junior disciple. Would you like to prepare a banquet?"

Master Daoist w.a.n.g hesitates, saying: "Not here, wait till we get back to the mountain to invite your several Master Uncles for a drink."


"Where's your Uncle Ding?" Master Daoist w.a.n.g asks.

Feiyun Sect is divided into two representative houses up and down the mountain, here is the lower house in the city, managed by Ding Jin, Master Daoist w.a.n.g's younger disciple. Responsible for dealing with the official court and handling ordinary affairs.

"Master Uncle Ding followed Feng Jiedu for a drink."

Feng Jiedu is a state prince.

Master Daoist w.a.n.g nods, allowing Xiao Wei to prepare the meal. He takes Yu Qing Yao to a private room, and the other Daoists disperse.

Xiao Wei calls his subordinate and urges him to pour tea while he accompanies the Master and Junior Sister, speaking with them.

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Kill That Man Chapter 11

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