Kill That Man Chapter 12

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Kill That Man

Chapter 12 A Quiet Beautiful Girl

Master Daoist w.a.n.g asks questions about his work, and Xiao Wei respectfully answers.

Yu Qing Yao listens quietly on the side. She roughly understands what this lower house is for. Feiyun Sect seems to be a Daoist Sect, in fact, they are behind the emperor, secretly controlling the government.

The lower representative house controls the government, collects money from all parties that pay tribute, purchases items for cultivation, collects disciples from outside, monitors and prevents other Daoist forces from invading, deals with demon incidents in the local area, and manages Feiyun Sects huge industries in Baishan City.

The lower representative house is very complicated, has great power, and deals with a lot of money.

The upper house is also called the inner house, outside the city in Yuntai Mountain. That place is a mountain with reiki, and the Daoists there are mainly responsible for cultivation.

Now she understands why the Li family is highly respected in the village as soon as Li Huaide wors.h.i.+ped Master Daoist w.a.n.g.

Frankly, this is the same as a carp leaping into a dragon, entering Feiyun Sect is like becoming a government official, live well.

When the people in Feiyun Sect come out, the government don't dare control them, they are respectful.

Thinking that she is now a member of Feiyun Sect, Yu Qing Yao is secretly happy in her heart.

I feel like I've got a very thick thigh.

After a while, Yu Qing Yao looks at the exquisite wine and dishes, and feels that they are no worse than eating in a large hotel in her previous life, and several times better than the food and drink at the family dinner in the Li house.

Yu Qing Yao replaces wine with tea, toasting Master and Senior brother Xiao first.

w.a.n.g and Xiao, two people continue to talk about the affairs in the Sect. Yu Qing Yao is on the side acting as a quiet, beautiful young girl, obediently eating her meal.

Xiao Wei is Master Daoist w.a.n.g's apprentice, and he fixes the problems in the lower house. Xiao Wei is responsible for helping Master stare at the movements in the lower house.

After a while, two more middle-aged Daoists arrive.

They are Seventh Senior brother Lu Ziqing and the Third Senior brother Zhang Enzhi. Lu Ziqing is the Elder of the outer courtyard. He teaches the disciples in the outer court. Zhang Enzhi is the Elder of the accounts, he manages the money.

They've greeted Master, had a drink, and then sit down to report on their work.

The Third Senior brother is very curious. Why did Master who never accepts female disciples suddenly accept a Junior sister?

Seeing this Junior sister dressed up as a village girl, he guessed that she might have an excellent spirit root. Otherwise, Master wouldn't be willing to accept her as a female disciple.

Feiyun Sect has few female disciples, most of whom are outer disciples. There are only a handful of female disciples in the inner courtyard. Most of the girls come from n.o.ble backgrounds.

The female disciples of the inner courtyard are all daughters of the Feiyun Sect Elders. Those in the outer court are all wealthy and respectable young ladies.

Originally, Master Daoist w.a.n.g had another Fourth disciple here. Xiao Wei said that Senior brother Peng Yi had led his team out to kill demons. The Eldest Senior brother is an Elder on the mountain, and several other Senior brothers are Masters in other field branches.

Including Li Huaide, there are four other disciples on the mountain who are cultivating with Master. They haven't been out yet.

Master Daoist w.a.n.g's rule is that if he has reached the seventh layer of Refinement, then he has finished his apprentices.h.i.+p. He can start working in the Sect.

The inner disciples of the other Elders can start working when they reach the fifth layer of Refinement.

The outer disciples begin working on their missions when they reach the third layer of Refinement.

The disciples who come to the Daoist Sect to learn martial arts, generally study for three years, if they are wealthy outside, then they can study for five years. After three years of studying, those who are willing to join will begin working after five years of studying.

After dinner, Master Daoist w.a.n.g arranges for Yu Qing Yao to stay in his yard. He's going to keep looking after the affairs of the lower house.

Yu Qing Yao, led by a young Daoist boy, comes to an elegant courtyard behind the Daoist Temple.

Yu Heng courtyard, is the place where Master Daoist w.a.n.g usually comes to stay.

Although the courtyard is usually vacant, the rooms are cleaned by Daoist children everyday, so its very tidy.

Yu Qing Yao choses to stay in the room on the right, she asks for hot water, takes a bath, and changes into new clothes.

After a rest, she goes to bed. It was really tiring traveling in a carriage today.

The next day, Yu Qing Yao is awakened by the morning bell. She gets out of bed and fetches water from the tea room to wash her face.

At just this moment the door opens, and Master Daoist w.a.n.g comes out with his hair draped over his shoulders.

Yu Qing Yao smiles and greets him, then hurriedly fetches water to wash Master's face.

Then, Master Daoist w.a.n.g orders her to comb his hair. Yu Qing Yao rummages through her memory before finally finding a mens hair bun combing method. Gathering Masters hair on his head and tying his hair properly.

Master Daoist w.a.n.g takes out a sword and hands it to her, "This is the Qing Yun Sword, practice with this first."

Yu Qing Yao thanks him first, then receives the sword and carefully looks at it.

The hilt is made of mahogany, and deer leather is wrapped around the handle. The sword sheath is made out of green shark skin, once the sword is drawn out, you can see that the sword blade is a cyan color decorated with cloud patterns, the sword handle also has cyan ta.s.sels on the end, very beautiful.

Yu Qing Yao goes to the courtyard, first practicing the White Crane Long Fist three times, after that, she takes out the Qing Yun sword, and begins to practice the White Crane Sword method.

She practices with meticulous attention to detail, not the slightest mistake, on the side Master Daoist w.a.n.g who is watching, nods.

After finis.h.i.+ng practicing the sword, two Daoist children deliver breakfast.

Yu Qing Yao eats breakfast with her Master.

Master Daoist w.a.n.g says: "You did a good job in the courtyard today, if you have nothing to do, you can go to my room to read the *Dao Jing. By the way, can you read?"

Yu Qing Yao vaguely says: "Know some."

When they were shopping yesterday, she saw the name of the store, and she knew that the characters were all traditional. It took her a little guessing to recognize some parts.

Master Daoist w.a.n.g is not surprised, he has a general understanding of the situation in the Yu family. The Yu family had a modest family background. Yu Qing Yao may have learned some words in her early years, but then her family suffered a reversal of fortune, so she must not have learned much.

"Tomorrow, I'll arrange for a female disciple to come and teach you how to read and write."

"Thank you, Master!" Yu Qing Yao thanks him, but in her heart shes in tears. It's truly sad, you've gone college and all but now your suddenly illiterate.

After Master Daoist w.a.n.g left, Yu Qing Yao walks into his study, takes out the Daoist scriptures and sits down at the table. She finds that she really doesn't understand most of the words in it.

She sighs, she really has to re-learn reading.

Putting down the book, Yu Qing Yao decides to continue playing the curse spell.

Who does she curse?

Yu Qing Yao thinks of Li Shuanggen again, theres not many bad people in Li Jia Village. To say, Li Shuanggen is the worst.

Yu Qing Yao curses Li Shuanggen to trip and fall.

The curse bar brightens and then darkens. Then, Yu Qing Yao sees Li Shuanggen coming out of his kitchen holding a bowl of noodles.

Li Shuanggen doesn't pay attention, one foot steps in the ditch outside the kitchen. He falls forward, like a *dog eating s.h.i.+t. His face just hit the bowl of noodles. Noodles are just out of the pot, that's called burning hot.

His face turns burning red immediately, his eyes can't open, and he screams on the ground, rolling. He twisted his foot badly yesterday and today he hurt his other foot. Both palms are also sc.r.a.ped.

Li Shuanggen is pained and angry, a belly full of fire don't know where to put.

Yu Qing Yao is sweating, and in her mind she thinks: How can it be so coincidental? Why are you so unlucky? Its clear that he does too many bad things everyday, and this is his deserved retribution.

From this, Yu Qing Yao thinks that if the curse is used cleverly, there will be a wonderful and unexpected effect.

If Li Shuanggen just fell flat on the ground, he wouldn't be so miserable. Coincidentally, he had a bowl of hot noodles in hand, which was a tragedy.

Thinking again, if he was next to a hot pot, his fall would've been even worse.

If he was desperately fighting with someone and fell down, maybe the other guy would take the opportunity and stab him with his knife.

Yu Qing Yao unfolds her imagination, and many strange, wonderful and clever ideas come to mind.


(1*) Dao Jing- Daoist Cla.s.sics or scriptures. A book about the Dao. I searched it up and it might be referring to the Dao De Jing aka the Tao Te Ching, but I'm not sure.

(2*) Dog eating s.h.i.+t -狗吃屎 gǒu chī shǐ- To fall flat on one's face (vulgar)

Kill That Man Chapter 12

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