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Bloed and Regina hurriedly left the bath and put on their clothes. After Bloed grabbed his saber, the pair walked towards the living room.

The invaders had not attacked yet. They were surrounding the house and waiting for the signal to attack. Bloed and Regina also made their preparations and knocked on Liu Ying's door.

When Liu Ying opened the door, Bloed informed her of the situation.

"They are here."

"… Huh?"

"Get ready, the battle can start at any time."

"Wait wait wait, were you not joking when you told me that we could be attacked tonight?"

"Of course not." Bloed shook his head. "I told you, the city lord doesn't have good intentions, and there is a small possibility of we receiving an attack tonight."

Liu Ying looked at Bloed and sighed. "Well, being with you is always entertaining." She then changed her clothes for something more suited for combat.

In less than one minute, the group of three plus two mechanic pets was in the living room, waiting for the enemies' attack.

But maybe because they noticed the strangeness of the situation, the enemies took longer than expected to attack.

"… Bloed, are you sure they are here?" Liu Ying could not help but ask.
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"Demon, are you doubting my master?"

"Of course not." Liu Ying shrugged. "I'm just a bit curious. Besides, I don't understand why the city lord sent people to attack us… By the way, Bloed, why did you accept Gerald's invitation If you already knew the city lord has ill intentions?"

"… I want to know his motive. Think about it, we have only met the city lord twice, however, for some reason, he already sent people to attack us."

That was Bloed's main doubt. When he was in the dinner with the city lord, he noticed that he was strangely interested in his background. Moreover, more than once, Bloed saw traces of greed in his eyes.

Although the city lord tried to hide it very well, Bloed's sight was very sharp. So, since the moment he found the first trace of greed, he raised his guard.

"Whatever the reason is, it was enough to provoke the greed of a city lord. Fortunately, we can deal with this kind of situation this time, but what if we provoke the greed of someone much more powerful? What if we provoke the greed of the king or a demiG.o.d? By then, we will truly be in danger.

"So, I need to know his motive to create countermeasures and stop something like this from happening again."

Liu Ying thought for a moment and nodded. "I understand."

At the same time, she was once more in admiration towards Bloed. Not only he realized the city's lord's plans after a simple conversation, but he also started to think about the reason and how to avoid something like this.

Liu Ying had to admit that she could not compare to Bloed when it comes to intelligence.

'Fortunately, he is my friend…' For some reason, Liu Ying sighed in relief inwardly.

At that moment, Bloed finally felt the enemies making a move.

"They are coming." He warned the group. At the same time, he called upon his connection with turned into metallic particles that wrapped around Bloed, becoming a beautiful bluish futurist armor.

At the same time, part of Leto flew towards his hand. The next second, two elegant-looking energy guns were in his grasp. Bloed held them with a serious expression and looked outside.

"Let's go!"

As soon as he spoke, the group of three charged towards the courtyard.


A sound of surprise came from the courtyard. The group of black-dressed men was surprised when they saw tonight's targets appear suddenly in front of them.

But before they could react, the guns in Bloed's hands lit up.

*Bam!* *Bam!* *Bam!* *Bam!* *Bam!* *Bam!* *Bam!*

Seven bullets were shot consecutively, each one directed to one enemy.

The energy bullets covered the distance between Bloed and the black-dressed men in an instant, hitting their chests!

"Agh!" Five of the enemies fell instantly in the ground, dead. As for the other two, they managed to barely avoid the bullets, but one of them was injured in the arm.

"Dammit, what is this!?" The injured black-dressed man shouted in fear. The next second, though, a rain of bullets was coming towards them.

"Marcus!" One of the men managed to jump away from the bullets, but the injured one was unable to evade them was impacted in the head.

Another killed.

But before Bloed and the others could celebrate, more people jumped out from the shadows.

Bloed counted a total of eighteen people, all powerhouses of the C-Rank or higher. Counting the seven of before, a total of twenty-five people had been sent, and three of them were B-Rank!

Normally, such a line-up would be more than enough to kill three C-Rank youngsters easily, but incredibly, Bloed had killed six of them as soon as they appeared, one of them a B-Rank!

"Careful with the artifact in his hands!" The only survivor of the first wave shouted at his companions. He was one of the B-Ranks, and that was the reason he managed to survive the rain of bullets.

In Humanity Confederation, firearms were considered as the kings below Grade. It meant that no B-Grade ESPer and below could escape unscathed from a firearm impact in his body.

Of course, some ESPers with especial talents were different. Furthermore, B-Grade and even some powerful C-Grade ESPers could avoid bullets if they were careful.

In the same way, no B-Rank magic pract.i.tioner could defend against the attack of a bullet, with very few exceptions, they could only evade.

And the people in front of Bloed were not different.

Bloed remained confident against the group of enemies. Calmly, he pulled the trigger, once, and again, and again, and again.

At the same time, Liu Ying and Regina jumped into the fray.

Strangely, Bloed's bullets seemed to predict the enemy's movements and avoid the girls' path. Bright blue bullets of supercharged energy flew in the courtyard honing into the black-dressed men and killing them one after another.

Even with the B-Rank black-dressed man's warning, five men were killed by Bloed's bullets. At the same time, Regina and Liu Ying killed another three.

In seconds, the group had been reduced from eighteen to eleven!

"Dammit! Josh, stop him or all of us are going to die here!"

"I know!" One of the B-Ranks snorted. He kicked the ground and rushed towards Bloed with a dagger in each hand.

Regina's frowned. She twisted her energy blades and beheaded a man. Then, she charged towards the B-Rank man going towards Bloed.

But the other B-Rank was not going to allow it!

"Where are you going, little missy!?"

With a swing of his sword, he blocked Regina's path.


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