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"Get lost!" Regina bellowed. Psychic energy flowed out of her body in the form of a shockwave.

However, the current her was limiting her strength to C-Grade. Against a B-Rank opponent, her shockwave was almost useless.

The black-dressed man endured the shockwave and smirked. He rotated the edge of his sword and slashed towards Regina!

But Regina just snorted. An energy s.h.i.+eld materialized around her. At the same time, her two short blades danced under the night sky, creating a net of sword energy that engulfed her opponent.

While Regina was busy fighting the B-Rank swordsman, the dagger-wielding black-dressed man closed the distance between him and Bloed and crisscrossed his daggers to create a sharp attack.

Bloed wrinkled his brows. He was forced to stop his suppressive fire and focused on the man coming towards him.

One of his guns aimed at the black-dressed man, shooting an energy bullet and forcing him to jump aside. Almost instantly, Bloed discarded his other gun and unsheathed his saber.

With a crazy fast movement, his saber left the sheath and cut towards the black-dressed man's neck.

However, the black-dressed man just scoffed. He twisted his body weirdly and avoided the slash, at the same time, his left foot kicked the ground launching himself towards Bloed's back.

Seeing the dagger coming towards him, Bloed pressed the finger of his gun, shooting four energy bullets, one towards him and the other three towards his possible routes of escape.

'This kid…!' The's expression turned serious. He realized how cunning this attack was and became warier. An attack like this was enough to injure some B-Ranks.

However, the also had some tricks under his sleeve.

All of sudden, a stream of mana left his body and wrapped around the's feet. Then, he jumped up and stepped in the air, evading the attack completely!

"That is!" Bloed was surprised, he was not expecting something like that.

It was [Air Step], a technique to use mana as foothold and step in the air. It could only allow the user to step in the air.

The could only use it twice in normal circ.u.mstances, but it was more than enough to add many more variables to his battle style.

Once he had avoided Bloed bullets. The stepped in the air again, but this time, shooting himself in direction Bloed.

But suddenly, a saber appeared in his path.

'Dammit!' He had heard about this saber from his employer and he knew he could not afford to block it.

But in his current circ.u.mstances, avoiding was not an option!

The gritted his teeth. He hurriedly put his daggers forward and filled them with mana, using them to block the saber.


The saber and the daggers clashed. A sharp sound was produced when [Molecular Disintegration] clashed against the mana, but it disappeared quickly.

And the saber cut through the daggers.

But the expected scene of the saber bisecting the did not happen. Instead, the managed to use the instant when the saber and the daggers clashed to force himself to step in the air again and avoid the saber by a hairbreadth.

Cold sweat filled the's back, but he realized that Bloed was preparing another attack.

Gritting his teeth, the jumped back and created a bit of distance between them.

'Dammit, how are we supposed to steal it without hurting them? That is impossible!' The swore inwardly. Looking around him, he saw that the other B-Rank was fighting evenly against the silver-haired girl. Meanwhile, the other girl was taking care of the remaining C-Ranks for herself.

"It looks like I can't expect help, huh." The mumbled and looked at the blue-haired boy wielding a saber and a gun in his two hands. "I just need to be wary of his attacks and everything will be fine."

The problem was, although Bloed's movements were slower than his, he got the feeling that Bloed was always a step ahead of him. As though each one of his movements was being read.

Besides, he could not afford to receive even one attack of Bloed. If not that the's strength was an entire rank higher than Bloed, he would have lost long ago.

Bloed, on the other hand, was rather relaxed. When he realized that Regina and Liu Ying could take care of the remaining enemies, he decided to use this as a sparring partner. Bloed even ordered Leto to not interfere in the fight, otherwise, he would have won long ago.

His blue-eyes glinted with electric light, while countless data flashed through them. Bloed stared at the while calculating his next move and how to counter it.

After looking at each other for five seconds, the finally moved.

A dagger flew through the air, straight to Bloed's throat. Bloed calmly raised his gun and shot it down, at the same time, he leaned his body aside and evaded the blow of the that suddenly appeared in front of him.

The's eyes narrowed. He kicked the ground again and wielded his dagger in an upward slash. When Bloed evaded that attack, he kicked the air this time and used his other hand in a downward slash.

The's tridimensional movements surprised Bloed, but he reacted accordingly. His saber suddenly was raised, stabbing towards the place the was going to be an instant later.

"!!!" The reacted quickly. He leaned his body aside and evaded the saber, only to see an energy bullet coming towards his face. Helpless, he raised his remaining dagger to block it.


Unfortunately, it meant he lost his last weapon.

Seeing that another bullet was coming towards him, the jumped back. But he immediately realized that more bullets were flying towards him, blocking all his routes of escape. This time, not even stepping in the air would be enough to escape.

The did not panic. He took off his coat and filled it with mana to use it as a s.h.i.+eld. The improvised s.h.i.+eld was not enough to block the bullets, but it stopped them for a tenth of a second, enough time for him to escape.

But at that moment–


With a tragic noise, Regina's short blades pierced the other B-Rank throat and heart, killing him instantly. At the same time, Liu Ying struck the last two C-Rank, creating an enormous crater and blowing their bodies into bits.

"s.h.i.+t!" The's expression turned ugly. Without hesitation, he kicked the ground and jumped away to escape.

But when he looked towards Bloed, he saw a smirk on his face.

A terrifying chill ran through his spine.

Suddenly, the saw a shadow above him.


Leto's enormous metallic body jumped out of the shadows. It looked at the with its ice-cold eyes and raised its claws.

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An enormous mechanic claw hit his back.

Before falling unconscious, the heard Bloed's ice-cold voice.

"Search for survivors, perhaps we can make them spit out useful information."


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Science/Magic 65 Night Battle 2

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