Most Powerful Sect System 50 Legacy Ground

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Standing as one with the crowd at the edge of the wilderness, there was a patch of dirt in front of the couple hundred people that had gathered.

Supposedly from the rumors that little patch of dirt, once you stepped on it; you would be transported into the pocket dimension.

After having the system explain it a bit more, it seems that the inheritance trials that cultivators leave behind are extremely advanced the higher Tier they are!

Some may even have instanced dimensions, which means that each cultivator that goes inside would be unable to contact each other until the trial was over. However, every single person that wishes to grab the legacy can do it at the same time.

The system then started to explain how it would require you to be quite high Tiered in order to create a multiverse formation for a pocket dimension. I didn't exactly understand all of it so now I just sat staring at the patch of dirt like everyone else.

I could recognize a few faces from the Martial Hall, except now their faces were not fake smiles and pleasantries. Their faces said that they were going to grab this legacy no matter what!

No one spoke.

It lasted nearly half an hour while even more people gathered until someone willingly stepped inside on the patch of dirt!

In a flash of green light, it seemed as if the world itself sucked him into a small liquid ball!

Just as quickly as it happened it faded it away. Some people started to scramble once they realized it was true and ran towards the patch of dirt!

I waited back a bit because undoubtedly there were most likely people above the 5th Tier here. I don't want to make enemies quite yet; what would waiting a few more seconds hurt?

I watched people get shoved to the ground, their faces smashed I saw a poor small guy even break dislocate his shoulder!

From the chaos, a few fights broke out, and it seemed nearly none of them were mages. They all flung Body-type Martial Skills arts at each other due to the conflict!

"Do you dare to try and trample me again worm? Take my hidden weapon!"

The shouting resounded out, and I finally found a chance!

Running quickly through, I reached the patch of dirt and immediately felt encompa.s.sed in a green ocean.

'h.e.l.lo young one, in order to grab the legacy you wish to obtain you must pa.s.s through the 5 trials.'

An old, sickly voice resounded in my head the moment I felt my feet touch a damp and slick rocky floor.

As I thought I was about to drown from the ocean that surrounded me, I realized I was now in a cave!

Looking around, the cave walls had large mancrystals embedded in them that were growing with wind elementals; and gave off a green l.u.s.ter.

Looking behind me, I saw that the entrance to the cave was sealed off by more rocks…

My only way was the green-lit tunnel ahead of me.

As soon as I started walking I started wondering if that voice was actually the legacy owner, if it was, to be able to leave behind such long-lasting magic was incredible! Or, he may even be a Manatech; an engineer of magic itself!

Manatechs invented the transparent door as well as many of the ways of construction. Although magic could be used to construct large buildings; how would you power them, how would you create nice things to go inside them?

Everything from the glittering floors, air humidifier, temperature control, sewage, defensive barriers, and even right down to the toilets! Everything was invented by a manatect.
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 It wouldn't be wrong to say that if manatechs didn't exist, we would be living much more low-cla.s.s than we are now.

Walking past one of the mancrystals I felt something happen to my body like a giant weight was pressed onto my chest and the way forward start to sway back and forth…

'The Trial of the Heart'

The old voice said this once again in my head, hehe so this is the first trial?

Once I looked up from the ground, I could see the old cave was actually riddled with side pa.s.sages!

I could still feel the heavy feeling on my chest as if it were trying to force me to the ground.

Pus.h.i.+ng forward, I looked down into one of the tunnels, and saw glittering specks of white!

Those… Those are all pills!

In the room ahead Keleman saw thousands upon thousands of pills stacked on top of each other like it were a pile of gold!

Hoho, this is a nasty first trial. Those people with greedy expressions on their faces won't be able to hold back from the temptation of an endless supply of high-quality pills!

Hehe, I wonder what would happen if you were to fail at this stage, that old voice would surely punish you for being so thick-skinned.

I turned my head away from the side pa.s.sage and decided to walk forward without delay, I wouldn't even turn my head to look through those halls at all!

As I made my way forward the feeling on my chest got much heavier until I thought I would actually be pushed to the ground!

It wasn't a physical weight, but it was extremely stressful!

On my left, I could hear the sounds of laughing girls and splas.h.i.+ng water. On my right, you would be able to ear the click-clacking of coins being pushed around.

Money of the left and women on the right… This would be a deadly trap!

With my mind whirring at full capacity to keep my body in check, I moved past another mancrystal and the walls seemed to fade to normal.

'You have pa.s.sed the First Trial, Grade: 10'

d.a.m.n this guy would even grade people on how well they did? I guess it doesn't matter if you pa.s.s… The final score is what matters the most! d.a.m.n, it's like trying to get into a good college!

It seemed as if the mancrystals on the wall were the signature of a checkpoint; the start and end of a trial.

At least I know when to be prepared…

{Phorbes View}

"The Sect Leader has already left to partic.i.p.ate in the trial, I am not sure how long it will last and for how long the legacy will stay intact. Alrun you must come with me to take it!"

Standing in the Outer Ring in the commons area I was standing straight in front of Alrun, he had a strange expression on his face.

Alrun: "How would I even be able to get inside? It is most likely being guarded by the City now…"

Idiot! Even the city guards would jump at a chance like this!

"Alrun, I know how you've felt lately… Because of this, I am asking you to come! If you really refuse I might really beg you to come with me!"

I shouted in his face with a hint of anxiety in my voice.

Alrun: "Even if I were to come, would I still be the strongest? Would I be able to catch up to Yves who is the strongest mage in the entire sect?"

Alrun: "I heard that she even managed to reach Tier 3 already and was having no problem reaching the next one. Phorb, I haven't even reached the first Tier yet… Not even a miracle would make me the strongest!"

This guy… even after all this time he still dreams of being the strongest.

"Alrun, if you miss this chance, you really will be stuck at the bottom. I'm not going to try and coerce you anymore. If you come, you can at least say that you tried. Even the Sect Leader himself has gone. There is no reason not to try!"

I turned around and started to head out of the sect, behind me I heard nothing.

d.a.m.n if this guy really doesn't come your going to miss out! Just because of your pride doesn't mean you need to miss this once in a lifetime opportunity! You might even be the one to gain the inheritance!

As I was about to leave I heard a familiar voice to the right of me.

"Greetings Sect Sister!"

It was actually Yves and her sisters! Even they were going to try a chance at the legacy inheritance!

Yves: "Hi, Phorbes! We wish you good luck on your attempt. It would be nice if one of the Rising Sun disciples were to gain the inheritance and bring fame and glory to the sect!"

She said this while twirling her emerald hair around, I felt my face get a bit hot as I remembered what happened in the main hall…

I exchanged a few pleasantries with the sisters and they left, while I was talking I heard more footsteps and turned around.

Alrun: "Hey Phorb, I never thought I would see your face flush so red before hehe. Are you ready to go?"

Most Powerful Sect System 50 Legacy Ground

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