Most Powerful Sect System 53 Green Bird

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My first real experience in fighting…

Although it is not as thrilling as I thought it would be, my rapid heartbeat and the deep thrill inside of my stomach gave me a newfound interest.

With each purple boy that sprouted up, I replied in tune with my own attacks; most of which were just projectile Martial Skills.

With each pa.s.sing moment, I could feel new ideas sprouting in my head, along with different attack patterns and strategies to take out my opponents in a quick fas.h.i.+on.

Instead of throwing the ice at them randomly and randomly predicting where they would go. I could simply shoot in the direction of their escape routes.

The moment that they realized they will be doomed, they find salvation with an exit that I kept open on purpose. And, just as they start to move towards it… they perish.

Although it takes a bit of mana to create all of the ice needed to cut off their escape routes, it still takes less than if I were to fire them off haphazardly.

I would use this technique until it stopped working, but my mind didn't stop calculating different strategies in order to win.

Fighting is really thrilling! Similar to a board game; there may be quite a large number of moves you can make.

But, when battling, you can make endless choices in a second! You can make even more depending on how fast you are!

I started to see it as an arcade game from the old world and even had a smile on my face while gleefully shooting towards them.

After using the same old technique, the purple boy that just sprouted out of the ground like a weed ran towards me with a speed that was as fast as myself!

After fighting them it was easy to notice how strong their muscle structures have become if they were capable of running that fast then their strength must not be too far behind.

"No matter what, I cannot get hit by them."

I mumbled this while backpedaling and throwing at shards of ice towards them, I might need to use a different skill soon.

Although the ice-trigram is good with manefficiency it lacks the punch and speed to devastate the opponent completely.

As I confirmed its speed in my head, I quickly started to transform my mana into a new skill; Tier 4 Martial Skill: Spatial Wave.

I quickly formed the mana in front of me, clearly taking longer than the ice-trigram…

A 2-dimensional line that seemed nearly invisible grew from my fingertip to my other fingertip. It worked as a slicing projectile that would cut matter in half, the second it touched it.

My guess is that in order to stop it, you would need to have a strong enough manheart to dissipate it with your own mana. Or, your body would need to be fast enough to dodge it, or, resilient enough to withstand it.

It made no sound as it left my grasp and hurdled toward the purple boy like an elongated invisible bullet.

It was incredibly fast and quickly reached the mark while the purple boy was still running towards me. He didn't even see it and kept running…

As he kept running it had already sliced him in half, and almost comically; fell to the ground split in two. Dissipating back into the ground.

I kept using this technique while using my movement skills to maneuver around in the air and fly above them.

They were unable to fly and simply jumped upwards at a frightening speed, but were swiftly cut down by the Spatial Wave.

In order to maximize my chances of pa.s.sing, I need to defeat as many as possible. I started to use my mansense in order to search around me using my tendrils as feelers.

In this way, I could sense the enemy before I even saw him, and start forming the spatial wave even before they got up from the ground.

I didn't realize it, but my mind started to turn into a killing machine. Trying to find the quickest route to killing the target was my goal at that moment.

It kept going on for an unknown amount of time, I didn't even have the time to process that my left leg had been cleanly separated from my body.

Even more surprising to me, was that I didn't feel any pain from it. Tier 4 Yawning Mind was working in its full effect to keep me focused.

I wanted to keep fighting, but quickly realized I was back inside the cave with the ground under my feet again.


It felt as if I were in a trace for such a long time! As if I were zoned out staring at a wall except, I still felt my rapid heartbeat and a deep sense of thrill…

'You have pa.s.sed the Honor Legacy Disciple Test, Grade: 10'

Just as I was about to respond I felt the familiar spatial s.h.i.+ft and felt my feet touch a new surface.

I was in a large… s.h.i.+p?

Looking around it seemed as if I had been transported to a pirate s.h.i.+p!

"Welcome, Honored Legacy Disciple."

Looking down towards the voice, it was actually a small green bird!
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 "I have been watching you throughout the trials, and have seen your results!"

"Most surprisingly, your soul is quite unique! I have no records of anything like this!"

I was quite confused as to how a bird was speaking, just another thing this world has I guess…

"Can I ask who you are… green bird?"

I said this with a bit of caution, this little green birdy might just be an unfathomable existence! I must always be cautious.

"My master called me Kex, I am an automaton placed here by our master Kalphra. Who is also my creator."

"Master Kalphra was a revered Manatech Engineer of the Rhupestine Empire!"

d.a.m.n it's actually an advanced AI? To think you could even do this kind of thing…

"Please hurry with me Legacy Disciple, you must first pay your respects to Master Kalphra as your master in order to receive his teachings!"

I watched the little bird toddle towards the backend of the s.h.i.+p, looking around a bit more I saw that it looked like an ordinary pirate s.h.i.+p.

I figured I would worry about it later as I followed after the bird as he was toddling towards a giant door.

When we reached it, the engravings on the surface of the door was surprisingly readable!

'Soaring Heavenly Kingdom"

It seemed as if I could read any language in this world, a nice bonus from the system I am guessing…

[Host, this was to ensure your time was spent cultivating instead of spending time learning languages!]

How out of character for you to be so helpful!

Following 'Kex' inside, I found the walls to be glowing slightly. It seemed as if it were a barrier but this type of glow I have never seen before.

"You must Kowtow thrice in order to receive the master's teachings!"

[Host I must remind you that you may not Kowtow towards any other being! As the Most Powerful-]

F*ck if you really have to worry about specifics now, I'm going to be unable to get stronger!

[Host please follow the rules, if you were to do this there will be a punishment!]

System, we've known each other for quite a while now. In order to become the Most Powerful‌ Sect Leader, I must be sufficiently strong. If I were to kowtow to this guy who is no longer alive in order to grow stronger; would you really stop me?

[. . .]

This is all for the greater good system! We must all learn how to make sacrifices! I am sure that if Lord Supreme Being was here; he would undoubtedly say that my choice was correct!

[If the host is unable to become stronger through this, the host will be punished accordingly which is termination!]

I had rarely ever seen an exclamation point at the end of one of its sentences…

Very well system, I will accept your challenge!

[Mission Issued]

[Side Mission: Become stronger from the Legacy Inheritance]

[Time Limit: 1 Month]

[Failure: Termination]

As I saw the mission popup I silently rejoiced! My bulls.h.i.+t tongue could even get to the system!

I quickly looked back up and saw an urn, before the urn was a bright red mat along with a few places to burn incense.

Kex was still looking towards me expectedly, so I quickly got on the mat and kowtowed three times towards the urn.

"Greetings Teacher!"

"Very good! You are now the master's first and last Legacy Disciple! You will learn all that he has left for you."

"You will be unable to leave until you have completed the basic course."

While I was thinking about how I have tricked the system, the little bird's voice that was pleasant at first now seemed so vicious.

"I am sorry, could you repeat that?"

Most Powerful Sect System 53 Green Bird

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